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    Holiday Spending Reaches Record High and More Big Web Changes. Is This Good News?

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing | Posted on 15-12-2009


    Holiday Spending Is Up! A Sign Of A Good Things To Come?

    2009 has been an interesting year for all us. With all the news of the economy being down it was hard for many us to stay positive. Well the news has been singing a different tune lately and we’ve been hearing more and more good things about a turn around.

    I want to give you some good news about the numbers we’re seeing for this holiday season.

    According to the analytics firm comScore, online spending in the U.S. alone was up 11% over Black Friday weekend!

    Even offline “brick-and-mortar” spending is up this year from last year.

    We even had a new record where spending reached $887 million in one day just in the U.S. alone.

    The holiday spending has shown no signs of slowing down either and if the current numbers are any sign of what is to come this is going to be a great holiday season for online business owners!

    I think this is a great sign for us all as we get ready to start 2010. There is so much money already flowing back and forth online, you just need to get in front of a small percentage of it. We want to help you do that!

    Other Noteworthy News:

    Yahoo! and Facebook Are Teaming Up.

    As most of you already know, Yahoo and Bing joined forces recently to bring you a better search experience. Now they are joining forces with Facebook to provide an even better experience. We don’t know everything that will come of this yet, but we do imagine that we will see improved search results with ‘live’ Facebook and twitter updates…

    I do like the fact that Yahoo and MSN are working hard to catch up with Google. This just gives us online money makers more opportunities to advertise and get traffic. If you haven’t started using Yahoo and Bing for traffic, this may be a good time to start…

    Search Engines Now Using Real Time Twitter Results?

    Yep, now when you search Google on certain subjects that are hot like “Tiger Woods” you will see a feed box in the results showing the latest social media posts from Twitter, Google news, Stumbleupon, Facebook, etc. These “feeds” are displayed in real time and continue to scroll up like a social media news ticker.

    What does this mean for us? Well, if you are not involved in social media for your business, it’s time to get involved. And if you are involved then this is just something else that can help you – so keep on posting new information – it may just end up on the front page of the search engines.

    Google Implementing Personalized Search?

    Google is now changing how it provides search results. Rather than everyone seeing the same 10 results, now the results will be different for each person. Rather than just having your site ranking based on website results, it will also be based on your personal search history as well.

    Since no two users have the same search history then no two users will have the same search results…

    What does this mean for SEO?
    This does change your ability to rank on the first page for a keyword. It used to work that if you were the third result for the keyword “web hosting” on one persons computer you would be the third result on everyone’s computer. This has changed. So what do we do now? Well, this doesn’t mean that SEO is dead, it just means that you have to do what we’ve been saying the whole time: focus on the fundamentals. As long as you continue to build up relevant content that adds value to your prospects and customers than you will be OK. The web is changing and is becoming more and more personalized and transparent. If you understand this, you can use it to your advantage and make even more money with it…

    Let’s make 2010 the best year yet!
    I want to make sure you guys are up to date with what is going on in our industry. It will only help you to make money. If any of this stuff is over your head right now, don’t worry, we are going to teach you everything you need to start making money for yourself online.

    We have some awesome stuff coming for you so stay tuned.

    Let’s make 2010 a remarkably profitable year!

    To your unlimited and never-ending success!

    -Curtis Andrew

    Are You On An Aimless Journey?

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in Business Strategy, Goals | Posted on 08-12-2009


    It’s about that time… to start planning for the next year.

    2010 already! Can you believe it? That date sounded so futuristic when I was young and now here it is. Time truly does fly and that’s why we want to plan ahead – so that we can make the best use of our time.

    One of the most important things you can do in your life is to figure out what you are aiming towards. I do believe that the journey is more important than the actual destination, but an aimless journey is fruitless and leads to frustration.

    Without a destination, we make the journey much harder for ourselves. Imagine that your life is like driving in your car. If you have no destination and no time limits, you will just end up driving around lost ALL THE TIME. Eventually you won’t want to drive at all because you have no place to go and no set time to be there. Humans are motivated by moving towards something specific, so we want to make sure we decide on where we want to go as soon as possible.

    That is the point of creating goals. To give ourselves a solid time specific destination on the road map of life so that we can enjoy the journey and reap the rewards of the effort we put out. You’ve probably been told to set goals for yourself a million times and sometimes when a word is used a lot it can lose it’s value. Well, forget your past beliefs. Let’s start with a clean slate. It’s 2010 – there is no better time than right now to start doing things differently for yourself!

    When creating goals, there are several things I like to do to make them more effective.

    First, decide who you want to be.

    I like to envision my ideal day. Decide what kind of person you want to be and see it in your minds eye. You can choose to be anything you want, so what do you want to be? What activities will you do throughout your days? Who do you want to correspond with? How will people respond to you? When people describe you, what will they say? What will your life style be like? What will you being doing on a daily basis?

    Second, create S.M.A.R.T. goals
    SMART is a great acronym for creating goals that are effective. It is the “smart” way to write your goals.

    S – Specific. The more specific your goal is, the greater chance you have of achieving it. Just like when you are driving your car, if you have a specific address, you are much more likely to reach your destination than if you just know the town it’s in. For example a goal like “I want to lose weight” is not specific and doesn’t hold much power for you. However, a goal like “Lose 1 pound per week by working out at the local gym for 1 hour 4 times per week and decreasing my daily calorie input by 500 calories” is much more specific and gives you much more power to actually accomplish the goal.

    M – Measurable. This is important as well. If you can’t measure something than how will you know if you are making any progress with it? For example, how would you know your exercise program was working if you couldn’t weigh yourself or see yourself in the mirror. There has to be a way to measure your progress for each goal that you set.

    A – Attainable. It is important that you think big. Michelangelo said” The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.” I am all about thinking as big as we can. But you also don’t want to set yourself up for failure. Setting a goal to make a million dollars in the next 10 minutes might be completely unattainable for most of us. So set goals that you actually believe you can reach. You want to stretch yourself and aim high, but you also want to believe that you can acutally do it. A good way to do this is to set up long term big goals and then chunk those down into smaller shorter term goals. This will help you believe that you can achieve it.

    R – realistic. This goes along with attainable. The point is not to set yourself up for failure. A goal to be able to jump 100 feet in the air may be realistic if you are spiderman, but not so much if you are human that must obey the laws of gravity. Just be realistic with your goals and you’ll be ok.

    T – Timely. Boxing your goal within a time frame gives something even more specific to work towards. It also helps you plan your daily tasks and priorities as well. One of the keys to getting things done is proper project management and setting yourself a time frame to work within is an important part of that.

    So, when we have goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, we are separate ourselves from pack and push ourselves in the top 1% of high achievers. That’s right, only 1% of people actually take these steps to map out their lives and the ones that do end up seeing results far above the people that don’t.

    Third, write it down.
    This seems obvious, but it is still important to mention. You have got to write down your goals. For one, when you write them down it builds a stronger neural connection with them and second you want to have them available to look at whenever you want.

    Fourth, make it fun.
    This doesn’t have to be a boring task. I love creating goals that I know will shape my whole life. That’s exciting. You can also be creative with it. Use different colored pens or fonts, add pictures, add audio – whatever you want to make it more fun. Go for it!

    Fifth, review it on a regular basis.
    This is key. Many people (especially around the new year) write a bunch of goals and resolutions and then shove them a drawer never to be seen again until next new years. I think we are all guilty of that some time in our lives. Set up a system that you can review your goals. Make sure they are still in line with what you want. I have a weekly ritual that I do every Sunday called the Weekly Review. I review all my goals and then from there I plan out my week. This way my daily and weekly tasks are planned based on my goals. This will help to ensure that you are doing the important things first.

    Life is always moving forward whether we like it or not. We don’t have the option of pulling over to the side or pressing the pause button. By deciding who you want to be, setting yourself smart goals, and reviewing them on a regular basis you gain power over the direction of your life. You are able to take control and shape your life to how you want it.

    Start now and let’s not only make 2010 a monumental year, but let’s set it up so that it begins a pattern of success that lasts way beyond 2010. You are the captain of the your ship. Carpe diem!