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    January Community Contest: Win A Web Design Package!!!

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in | Posted on 14-01-2011


    Happy_people_1_by_alivepixelOne of the most requested prize packages here at IIA is the web design package. With a real world value of a few hundred bucks, it’s a great prize indeed! Get involved and win it for yourself!

    Check out the contest here. Good luck to all!

    IIA Member “sailoffwithme” Wins A Website Design Prize Package!

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in | Posted on 14-01-2011


    sailoffwithmeJohn aka “sailoffwithme” has deservingly taken the top spot in the December community points contest. Congrats John!

    Affiliate Income Blueprint Week 5 Is Live!

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in Learn To Earn | Posted on 10-01-2011


    banner_affiliateblueprintWatch over the shoulder of Curtis Andrew as he builds a profitable affiliate website from scratch…

    Week 5 is underway. Go here to get started >>>

    Live Webinar: Creating Your Game Plan – Recording Posted

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in | Posted on 07-01-2011


    curtis_suitWatch live as Curtis Andrew goes over some high level business success secrets. He is going to show you how to create a game plan for your business which will give you a distinct advantage for success. This game plan involves goals, KPIs, projects, routines, systems, and more.
    Go To Webinar Recording

    Happy New Year! What are your goals?

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in | Posted on 04-01-2011


    Canew-year-2011-collection1n you believe it’s 2011 already? I remember as a kid thinking that we’d be living in space by now, heh. Well, it is somewhat true, since we spend a lot of our time in “cyberspace” (breaking out the 90′s term for ya) – and for good reason – there are so many opportunities for us right now on the Internet. It is truly a great time to be alive.

    One thing you will always hear me talk about is the importance of freedom. The freedom to do what you want with your life. The freedom to travel, spend time with friends and family, ride your motorcycle, paint a picture, play in the rain, or whatever floats your boat! This is why we work hard and create internet businesses – to facilitate our dreams and provide us the freedom to do the things we want with life.

    I don’t really get into New Years Resolutions because I set goals throughout the whole year. The idea of the New Years Resolution is that you save it only for each new year – when in reality, true success comes from following your goals all year long.

    However, I do like the start of a new year because it feels fresh. It gives us permission to reset and do the things we have been wanting to do or change direction and do something better. It really comes down to a simple decision: we can choose to mosey on through this year and be at the same place next year – OR – we can charge out and kick some major butt! I choose the latter, and I hope you do too. Then we can look back next year with a sly smile of satisfaction, knowing that we put forth a great effort and made some significant changes in our lives.

    Don’t let this year walk over you. You are the master of your destiny. You control the actions you take or don’t take. This is the year to be FEARLESS! Be strong – stay committed – take action – Let 2011 know who’s really boss!

    A great way to start off the new year is with renewed goals and a game plan to reach those goals. Check out the webinar we just did last week for in depth details on creating your game plan for this year. Here are some of my main goals for this year:

    1. Lose 6% body fat and gain 10lbs of muscle

    2. Increase business profits by 70%

    3. Help thousands more people to make money online

    4. Continue to expand and develop IIA

    5. Increase charitable giving by 20%

    Sounds exciting, doesn’t it! So, let’s do this – together – let’s make 2011 the best year yet!

    Now tell me, what are your goals for this year? Don’t be shy, I want to hear what direction you are going toward…