Welcome to the IIA No-Hype Zone! – Day 1

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Personal Message From Curtis:

Welcome to the Internet Income Academy’s “No-Hype Zone” -where you can learn the truth about making money online. This is Curtis Andrew and I am here to give you my Video Coaching Series FOR FREE. Some of the videos in this series are currently being sold for up to $197 – and you get it all free right here just for being a new subscriber -Congrats!

curt_hawaii2You will soon see that I am different than most other Internet Marketing “Gurus” out there. I truly care about you – and helping you to succeed online.

Also, as a new email subscriber, you will enjoy many great gifts and cutting-edge strategies for making money online – right to your email inbox. You will see that I don’t bombard your email box with offer after offer just to try to make a fast buck from you. Instead, I take our email correspondence very seriously, and only give you stuff that I know can help you and bring you value. This is probably why so many people that join me here end up unsubscribing from other marketers emails – because you now have a true coach that actually cares about your success!

My company, Curtis Andrew International, is the secret weapon for many businesses and individuals that want to increase their profits online. Our mission is to help improve people’s lives by providing the absolute best Internet Marketing training and education available.

Our number one priority is to provide value to this crazy world of ours by sincerely helping people to make more money.

We do not believe that money is the answer to happiness, but we do believe that financial literacy (being able to make money) is an essential skill that everyone should have since all our needs and wants are traded with some form of currency.

It seems that a good financial education is lacking in our society and we want to change that. It also seems that many people in the Internet Marketing and “make money” space seem to care more about themselves than really helping people. We want to change that too.

As you get to know Curtis Andrew International and our people, products, and services you will see that our priorities are the opposite of many of the other companies you are familiar with. While many companies have their priorities in this order:

1. Profit
2. Value

Our priorities are in this order:

1. Value
2. Profit

We truly believe that if we add value first and foremost than we will get rewarded from it in more ways than one.
The world is vast and abundant.
There is enough here for everyone (animals and plants too). It’s time to move away from exploitation and towards collaboration.

My hope is to bring you more abundance as well and to help you make some serious money on the Internet. So stick around, enjoy the free stuff, watch your email inbox for updates, and hit us up if you have any questions or comments.


Your Free Video Coaching Series Day 1:

Over this next week, there will be videos to watch, knowledge to be gained, and awesome prizes to be won. Many of the resources we will provide will not be available after this week (at least not for free) so make sure to watch for updates and grab the goods while they are here…

We will also be giving away some prizes (like $1,000 in cash) so pay attention and make sure you don’t miss anything.

First, watch this intro video so Curtis can explain the number one reason why people fail to make money online and what you can do about it… Enjoy!

Day 1 Introduction Video
With Your Host: Curtis Andrew


While helping people to make more money online, we have found that there are 3 pillars to Internet Marketing success. We want to help you with each of these pillars so that you also can achieve your business goals and dreams.

The 3 Pillars of Internet Marketing Success:

  1. Be focused. What is your overall business strategy? What is your vision of success? Why are you in business? What do you really want?
  2. Get ongoing training and coaching. How will you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be? Who can provide you with the training you need?
  3. Take action. When you know where you want to go and you have the tools to get you there—then it’s time to take action!

Take Action Now.

First we want to get you focused. Here how we plan to do that today:

  1. Watch this quick video where Curtis talks about business strategy.
  2. Download the one page business strategy.
  3. Fill out the one page business strategy for your business.
  4. Leave a comment here on what your business goals are.


Your Profit Compass: What Is Your Business Model Really?
With Your Host: Curtis Andrew


- Your One Page Strategic Plan Download -

Right Click and Save Link As..
If you don’t have Adobe Reader, get it here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are completely new to making money online, then you will not have enough knowledge to create a detailed strategy. No Worries! You will be able to develop a true strategy as you gain more knowledge. For now, just write down the vision for what you want your life to be like and write down the major income goals you want to achieve in the next year…

Let’s get inspired up in here! Let us know what your business goals are for the future. Please keep it to under 5 (we want the major goals).

One luckily participant will win an Amazon Kindle!!! We will announce the winner in 2 days. Let the fun begin!

Also keep watch for an email in 2 days when we release the next video that will break down how thousands of people are making money online right now as well as show you the first thing you need to do in your business… Carpe Diem!


Comments posted (868)

Great lessons here Curtis! I liked very mich! What you are saying is very much truth. Please remember. I was only just starting out when I met you before and now I am doing so well. You are very caring and give so much. I know it will all come back for you!!!

I want the Kindle! Pick me Pick me Pick me!

What can I do to win this now?

Hi Curtis,

Thank you very much for these videos. It is very nice to see someone lose the hype and actually provide some real lessons. Here are my goals:

1. I want to make enough money online to quit my job and semi-retire by the end of this year.
2. I want spend my time traveling around (I am getting older and I have always wanted to do this).
3. I want to help my family also make money online (once I learn)

I am a complete beginner at all this stuff, but I know I am at the right place to learn how to really make something work.
I’m guilty of jumping from program to program and most of them haven’t even given me the quality of what I already have received from you for free. It is so nice to find someone that is genuine. Thanks for your time.


Sharon Lenor

Curt – videos rock as usual!

People People People
This guy is the real deal take it from me.
I knew nothing about this crap before joining up with Mr. Andrew.
I have finally been able to start making money online!!!
This guy is a giver and he will help you!
My goals are
to make $500 per day by August
to get a new car
to learn more about traffic

This is pretty cool.

Do I need a business to do this? Can you help me if I am complete newbie?

Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone!

@Oleg: You do not need to already have a business to start making money online. You just need to know that by doing anything for yourself to make money online, you are actually starting a business whether you call it that or not. But don’t be scared of the word “business” – it just means that you don’t work for anyone else – and that is a good thing!

We can most definitely help you if you are a complete newbie. Since most people have not yet made a dime online, a large majority of our students start off as beginners. We are very good at showing a complete beginner how to make money online step by step from A-Z. You will really like the next video in the series, it will explain a lot of details to help you.

I have worked with people at all levels and watched them succeed online! It is my passion to teach and help people, and I hope that I can help you as well…

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Keep the posts coming and remember to tell us your goals. The Kindle is still up for grabs!

need money
good way to be not poor
need to help others by joining u
please make it fast
please send it

Focus Points:
My biz strategy is to develop a path that works and create a process flow that can be duplicated.

Vision of success would include independent wealth so that I can be a blessing to others. Move from a model of working to help a few (my family) to helping people all over. Local service opportunities can provide a venue, but I want to go beyond my community.

I’m actually starting over in business. I’ve had past success and a disaster. I’m moving on to a new place of success and doing it differently. I’m in business because I default to leadership roles and I like the autonomy to respond to a market, set up the operation and leading a team though vision casting.

Oh, there’s a fourth focus point, but I’m seeing triple here: Kindle, iPad, $1k


Thanks for the videos and information. You seem genuine and I am sure you will do amazingly well given the presentation. A+

VISION: I am new so my goals may seem small or naive but I would like to understand and be able to recreate a process that generates 10$ a day, requires no inventory, and is autonomous other than updates/maintenance/content creation. My goals are like all others to gain financial freedom. I am as you described in the video… very driven but not focused. I keep spending money and not making any. I want to be involved in a online business that is successful and exciting but sustainable and diverse. I am in it just as much for the experience as the money. The money just means no more cubicles!

I am not interested in the Kindle but good luck all!

I’ve had my website up for a few months now but the only income I’ve earned is a few dollars from adsense
Having retired after 51years helping to make others rich am still living just above the breadline
I too am guilty of jumping from programme to programme and wasting money on rubbish which either doesn’t work or is too complex to do (or maybe it’s just me being too impatient)
I’m looking forward to the videos and will do my best to stay focussed on what I want to acheive.

My goal is to build a recurring income of at least £1000 per month without a lot of investment

I look forward to your help in the future and the $1000 prize would be very useful.


This is a great resource for anyone who wants more out of life: focus, money, happiness, time.

My goals are all of the above! I know that with the right focus and coaching I can definitely get there. Thank you for your time and commitment to assisting all of us.

(Please enter me in the Kindle contest)

Hello Curtis and everybody else,

I have tried so many things online and work them all very hard but nothing seems to work even if you pay attention to detail and stay focused. Seems there is always something they forget to tell you to make you a success so you have to spend more money.
Everybody has the next best thing they lead people down a one way dead end street just to get all the money they can out of them never giving anything of value.
I want to make a difference in this world and have the ability to help others.
I would like to teach others how to become profitable online and avoid getting ripped off
I would really like to fill my car with gas without having to check the balance of my back account first!

Just recently I quit doing everything online to observe and see what make people a success and how they con people out of their money and they all seem to be selling dreams and the product could be anything does not seem to matter
false hope fake dreams and worthless products.

I am a very hard worker and pay attention to detail just need someone that is honest
and willing to show me the path without ripping me off.

Thank You for being straight to the point with no hype
I want to learn more heck if I could make 100$ a week
it would be awesome!

Have a great day

This is a great resource for anyone who wants more out of life: focus, money and time. With more focus, I can concentrate on important things other than how to earn more each year. With more time, I can mindfully enjoy life and help others, too.

My goals are all of the above! I know that with the right focus and coaching I can definitely get there. Thank you for your time and commitment to assisting all of us.

(Please enter me in the Kindle contest)

Hi Curtis

I am so glad I opened your email today. You are absolutely right, I am overloaded with information and the load keeps on coming to me (result is that my bankaccount gets smaller and smaller everytime I purchase a new product). I made a commitment right here right now not to buy any other products until I have a clearly defined strategy and clear goals.

Here are some of my goals:
Make $100 per day on autopilot within the next 60 days
Make $ 500 per day on Autopilot within the next 120 days
Start spending some quality time with my family right now.

I look forward to your next videos and of course I would love the Kindle of iPad or the $1000.

Talk to you soon


Kindle Contest Answer: My future business goals

My future business goals are simply to determine how I am going to successfully earn money online. I feel that once I am given a good way to do this, I will be able to start earning right away.

Future Business Goals are to start earning a full time income from my living room. By the end of 2010!

Ok here is my short and sweet future business goal.

Fire my boss!

I write that now as I sit here in my cubicle. I’m tired and I’m not sure how much longer how I can handle my boss.

Curtis- Thanks for the great free lesson. I am inspired that I can do this. I like your teaching style. It is easy for me to follow and not over my head.

1)Bring my dad home from the low job he’s working miles away from home
2)Help poor or children without parents to get basic education and change their life for good..

Nice short and achievable goal

Hey Curtis, I agree with John. Thank you for the no hype. I myself am sick of all the programs that I bought thinking I would be rich the next day. Well at least these other programs taught me 1 thing. Hype doesn’t make money. I think I learned more from your free lesson today than I did in a year of other programs :-) . Really thank you.

Here is my future business goals:
To actually make my first $100 online. Once I break that barrier, I know I will have found the key and I know you will help me find that key. You speak to me in a way that actually makes sense. How refreshing!

Your newest student,

Thanks for the Info.

Here is where I am going in the near future.
1. Develop a consistent online income stream of 10k per month, in the next 12 months.
2. Help 1000 others do the same.
3. Develop and follow a system using online publishing (articles, blog, affiliate, social networks) to create the above income. Repeat it, over and over.
4. Find a mentor to guide/ assist me along the way

Hi Curtis-

I think you are hitting on a very important step that most people fail to see. Your strategic business plan is letting people know that the key to success online is to know your business strategy plain and simple. The profit compass truly will lead people in the direction of success and I am following your profit compass. I appreciate that you are not telling me I will make a million dollars tomorrow. My goals are to just earn a comfortable living on my own. I am making some money online but I really hope to step that up and I have a gut feeling after seeing your video that you are the teacher that is going to lead me to that goal.

being a newbie it is refreshing to know that someone is actually attempting to help versus just trying to rip us off. Thanks again curtis

Hello Curtis,

A friend of mine was permitted to enter your internet income academy early and is very happy. She has already earned money for the first time. I wish I could enter also. Please let me know when you are open for more students. My goal is to earn money for the first time. I already completed this first free lesson and I am ready for more. I wish to move forward quickly.

Hi Curtis!

What a great introduction. You made so many excellent points. I have been overwhelmed with the paralysis of analysis too. There are just so many people offering so many programs and it is really hard to know where to start. I like your no nonsense straightforward teaching style and you make a lot of sense. I think it would be really important to totally just focus in like a laser on what you want to accomplish. It is so easy to get side tracked and distracted. Really looking forward to the next video.

Thanks so much!!


Oh!! Forgot my business goals!

1. Start making money online!! Even if it is just a few hundred dollars at first.
2. Figure out the best strategies to bring in consistent money.
3. Develop multiple streams of income making money even if it is small amounts.
4. Repeat again and again and hopefully expand and grow.
5. Share what I have learned so others can do the same. I believe it is much more blessed to give than receive.

I am one of three promotors of a person called Aliki, a recluse living on a far far away island. His vision is to help interneteers in succeeding by supplying relevant material and products (at a price – of course).

Aliki has a few ideas up his sleeve. He just concluded a namegiving competition for his new puppy. His blog is spewing out daily articles discussing relevant methods of making money.

Did I mention we created him about three months ago?

Our goal is for him to make a success of his business (and fill his bank account in doing so) while helping others.

Accepting the Kindle on Aliki’s behalf, will be a great honour for me and I am confident this device will enable him to creat more and more relevant articles and products.

Thanks for your information so far.

This is just what I need right now. Thank you!

My goals:

1. Find a good coach (got this done now – Thanks Curtis!)
2. Start making $300 per week
3. Quit my job and work full time online
4. Buy my wife a new car
5. Take a one month vacation to Europe!

I really have a good feeling about you guys. I can’t wait to here more from “IIA”. Thanks again!
I look forward to hearing more (and getting the Kindle – but I want the Ipad even more)!

I wanted to say Thanks.
my goals are to have a sucessful online business. be able to quit my job and be financially free.

i am a newbie here. i have been guilty of buying into programs that never work and i know my focus has been pretty bad. so what you were saying really made a lot of sense to me. so i will keep my focus on one thing at a time and with your help i hope i will be able to get something going so i can start making money at home which i have wanted for a long time

my goals are i want to quit my job so i can work at home full time
and even if could start making 3 to 500 a week i would be happy
i want to buy a house and a new car
spend more time with family

Hi Curtis,
I am thankful to you for sending me your email.I have a online powerful business that I just got involved in.
If you take a look at my Website, you will see there is nothing like it out there. I would love to know if you could
help me to get traffic to my website. This business is taking the world by storm, and I am so excited about it.
Please fill out the survey form on the right side of the first web page, so you could get the most important information on the second web page. Since I just started I am doing word of mouth right now and getting alot og good response.

The Zoom Bus is going to be here intown on Saturday. I can`t wait!
Thanks again!

Hi Curtis,

Love your material. My business goals are to use internet marketing techniques to advance my consulting business by growing a list of raving fans, provide quality information products for them so I can leverage and repurpose my materials in an easy to access form and to create five figure consulting engagements so that I can make a real difference on the planet.

I want to create the freedom to explore what is really possible for an internet grandma!

Cheers to you!

Hi Curtis

The video’s above are very true, I have spent nearly $10.000 on programs over the last 2 years
and not made a single dollar, I have learnt alot in the last 2 years and my main goals are

To Be focused!

To stop thinking about how much money I want to make online and instead think of ways I can help others online
(“Spread Your Bread And It Will Come Back Buttered”)

Thanks Lee

Dale sign me up as one of the 1000 :o )

I need a mentor to stay focused!

My focused goals:

1. Change my belief system to a millionaire mindset.
2. Develop a multiple income stream of 20k per month, in the next 8 months.
3. Get a six pack


this is so cool. get to learn while having a chance for prize!

i had my first internet surfing experience in 1993. from then, i knew that there is huge market to be tapped for making money online. but i did not know how. then i came to know internet marketing in 2007 attending a workshop. i am amazed and excited that people actually making millions. and now 2010, after 18 years, i have not even started any online business yet! i hate to give excuses of no action. but honestly, i am having problem finding a product!

come to think again, if i found this academy back then, i am pretty sure that i am now at least a modestly successful online marketer. and today’s intro really awakened me, lack of focus and information overload had me running around in a circle for all these years.

eagerly awaiting day 2 lesson, thanks.

I’ve had a web site for awhile. BUT, I’ve never tried to make money online by internet marketing. SO, that’s what I want to learn now. If you can help me, I would be your biggest fan!!!!!!

I’m currently involved with several different businesses. This information you talked about is great. That’s my #1 problem, FOCUS! I just started focusing on just 2 of my businesses, and have decided to just work on them until I get them up and running on autopolit. I’m looking forward to your upcoming videos. If they are anything like these two, then I know I’m going to gain very valuable knowledge from them. I thank God for people that have made a successful living online that’s willing to give back to the ones in need of guidance, coaching and mentorship. It’s great that you are low keyed, and leaving out all the hype. May God Bless you in all of your future endeavors. We appreciated what you’re doing here for us. The One Page Strategic Plan is a great tool to keep me focused. Once again thanks for everything!

Great Stuff!

John Williams

Hi Curtis!

Excellent video. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying this new approach or that new approach. If you have no set vision for your business, then often the tactics and programs you purchase are all peripheral to Internet success. And they generally end up lost somewhere on your hard drive.

I’m just starting off with a new business. My goals are:

- To provide new fiction writers with a solid training program that will teach them the craft of writing and speed up their journey to publication.

- To provide them with a safe, supportive learning environment.

- To build a list of 3,000 eager new writers.

- To create a recurring monthly income of at least $6,000

Thanks again for the video!


Iv always dreamed of earning my living from home but havnt found anything that worked for me.
Curtis are you sure you can help me, I feel so incompetant when confronted with internet jargon( I dont even know what a kindle is). Im willing to learn tho and am keen to begin generating income online.
My business goal would be to replace my income and allow me to drop my current business that takes up so much of my time.

sounds good

Hi Curtis

Thanks for the information. I;ve been looking for ways to make money online but i am skeptical. My partner always condems me saying i’m not good. I want to prove to him that i can make money online and you have said to be fokus. I want to learn and give my two boys the best. Please help me Curtis fto fullfill my dreams. I would love to earn about $1500 a month.

Thank you

Dear curtis thanks for our videos My goals are to earn enough to supplement my income from home io help my son who has Aspergers,to choose to work hard when I feel like it so that I can create a successful income but to maximise time for my family as well and to learn enough to mentor someone else and to help them once I am successful thanks

I like to find out if is true or not Iam tired of bs

Hi Curtis,

I enjoyed the videos and agree that I have lost focus by trying all the programs around and have spent a fortune that I don’t have.

My goals are simple:
To make enough money online to live comfortably without having to worry about the bills coming in or the rent to go out.
To eventually earn enough to buy a car and a house for my disabled son and myself.
And then to be able to help my family and friends to be able to do the same. Spread the love, in effect.

I look forward to your next video with bated breath.



Your video is okay. But there is many things to starting an online business. And I don’t know Curtis what do IIA cover? Finding a niche? Making a ebook? Starting a consult business? Or just creating a business plan?

1. Getting a mentor who I can afford
2. Earning enough money to finish an education
3. Getting a job that is meaningful
4. Help young people in the age of 15 – 18 realize their ideas
5. Raising money to charity


My goal is to earn enough per month with my internet business, which gives me more time with my family and no more money worries.



well you nailed it curtis-

focus is the main issue for me. oddly enough even though i have yet to make my first real dollar online i was just offered $500 a month by a friend of mine to handle his SEO for him. meanwhile i have never built a website. but i do know i could do a great job for him and i plan on doing so. i have learned so much in the past 2 years that i actually feel like an expert in some parts of internet marketing. i have just yet to take any kind of real action… so it all comes back to focus….

anyway as far as my business goals and vision i dont have a specific dollar amount in mind primarily because i plan to give away the majority of whatever i make… see i only want to be comfortable and make sure my family is secure. other than that i dont need millions. when i do make millions i want to give those millions away. i dont see the point of having zero’s in a bank account when 1 billion people in this world dont won a pair of shoes and the majority of those billion people might not be eating today. the bottom line is money just gives us more options in life. my vision is to use that money to help others who need it most. that’s what life really should be about i think…. how much can i make so i can put it to good use, because the governments of this world who seemingly spend trillions of dollars per year cant seem to get together to feed and clothe all the homeless starving people out there so rather than complain about the government’s ineptitude i would rather just do my part to make a difference and encourage others to do the same.

either way i love marketing and i am having a blast learning. hopefully some day in the not too distant future all this learning will translate into some steady income streams so i can start making a significant impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

my goal is to own and operate a succesful online company and make thousands of dollars. i am eager to learn
thank you anthony

pick me i want my own online buisness that works , getting tired of working for other people,and barely making ends meat

i need some help thanks, so whats next

Wow! I’ve heard myself in so many of the comments. And like most of you, I’ve spent so much money that I didn’t have. I actually started out to try and earn $1500/month, to pay my personal debts. I own a Special Care Home, and I’d like to not have to take money from it.

I would have given up many times but I believe there is money to be made and I believe I am teachable. I hear the same thing from some of the other posters. Good for you!

I also have bought things that were no good. It took me awhile to learn to research each thing before hitting the “Pay” button. So I’ve wasted some, but I also have some good ones saved in my “favorites” for when I get this thing down. One lady I had joined a program under said she was concerned earlier in her career because of spending money that didn’t earn. She told me something that has helped me a lot. She said her husband told her to look at it as education. Education costs, and how much would it take to go to college and learn what she had. So I tell myself that when I’m discouraged.

I agree, too, that it is so hard to stay focused. I’ve had people tell me this before and I’ve been trying. To hear it again today just makes me that much more determined. I’ve been online several months now and this morning, I decided to cancel some subscriptions or programs that aren’t making me money. (I actually haven’t made any yet, but I’m starting to get leads and sign-ups. Starting to listen to what my mentors say.)

My first goal is to make $10.
My long-term goal is to pay my bills and be financially independent. I’d like to travel and spend some money on my property. (I could spend a few thousand in my gardens!)

To do this I’m going to begin by focusing.

I’m working on a proofreading site, recommended by a mentor. But I’ve been sidetracked from it so much. My goal is to get that set up and off the ground. I’d like to do that in the next couple of weeks.

I have a few affiliate sites that I want to establish. I’d like to do that in the next 8 months.

Once I know how to actually make some money, I want to help a few others do the same. Like the lady above, I have
a son who is disabled. He fell from a tree and is paralyzed but he is determined and is great on the computer. An online business would be ideal for him. I’d love to be able to show him how to do it.


Best of luck to all of you
Rhonda Tardif

Hi Curtis,

Thank you for the video, being a business owner for 8 years I was able to relate to the “Focus” part of your video. There are so many things to do when running a business that you tend to loose focus of what is most important and needs to be done to move your business forward.

My goals are to grow our business to a level where it can run on its own. We want to bring in more internet sales and do less shows.
We want to pay off our debt both personal and business.
Also want to find new ways to get in front of our clients.

Thanks, Jillian

Curtis you da man! I always enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work. Solid!

This is amazing. I came at the right time now. I have been struggling to find a good opportunity so that I can start making money online. I know I can do it with the right training. And of course I need to focus and take action! I can’t wait for the internet academy. This means a lot to me. Thank you for doing this! I have one major goal to make $100 per day in my own business. This will change my life and I am ready for it! -Mel

Yes, I liked the video.
I agree that we need to take an action, after training etc.
I also receive some lessons and news letters which guide me, inspire me and urge to get internnet income.
I have to still make a list and get some traffic.
If there are advanced strategies, well, I learn in due course of time.
But I am acting now.
I have my blogs too.
What next?
Hope you will send me the necessary mails.

Vickie Soctt Says… On 28-05-2010

I am so excited about starting this program. As you said, I am one of those people who tries every program that comes along and they are either too expensive, to complicated or just in the business of selling their program. I fully expect to make enough money with this program to care for my elderly parents, buy cars for my three children and my husband, and help my husband set up his business for his new practice. I would like to make enough money to buy a nice house so we can get out of this tiny little apartment. Oh, and I’d like a new car too!

This is the first time I have seen some one place so much importance on planning and strategy. It makes a lot of sense to me. I will be interested to see what the next video reveals.

Boy your description of how I have been going from one program to another, never really focusing or setting goals. Thinking the next program would be the one…if tired it, and be ready to get down to business. Yep – you nailed me! Made me face myself and what a waste trying all these programs, and not making a dime. All of it my own fault.

My first goal is to get a good solid foundation. Stop and follow your advice and videos to the end. The big step will be to follow your each and every bit of advice.

Thank you so very much for your assistance in advance. It is greatly appreciated. Hopefully you won’t have me on every day to see how foolish I’ve been, especially since I need the work. Again, thank you and I am ready to stay on track with your help.

Stay focused – To receive as much training as possible. Get busy on what I learn and lay a solid foundation to work and run my business. Continue to learn as much as possible – stay focused. Start applying what I have learned – stay focused – gather all the tools needed to accomplish the work at hand – stay focused. Continue to watch videos so that my ideas are fresh – stay focused.

You hit the nail right on my head. Lack of focus. I used to be so focused my friends
said I had tunnel vision, but lately I can’t seem to focus on anything for more than a
few minutes at a time. I’ve been jumping all over the Internet, signing up for dozens
of “Make Money This Instant” programs that I forgot about the next day. Any one
of them might have been the ONE, but I never focused on any of them. I’ve started
researching and writing two books, neither finished. I’ve built a dozen websites, even
published a few, but haven’t really promoted any of them. I know it is time to buckle
down and concentrate on just ONE THING until I make it work for me.

Thanks for the wake up call. I’ll start right now on your One Page Strategic Plan. By
the way, it is 3 pages. I look forward to your next lesson.

Joy and abundance,
P.S. I would like to give you a lesson in grammar on the use of myself and other self
words, but I’ll PM you on that mañana.

I’ve always struggled s a single Mother and live week to week..sometimes not always having enough food to put on the table. I want financial freedom and have something left over to have fun with..

Hi, Curtis,

I just finished my One Page Strategic Plan which ended up one-and-a-half pages after I’d removed
the sample plan and the directions.

Now I have a solid plan for accomplishing my mission and will begin work on it immediately.

With written goals and step-by-step milestones identified, it will be easier to pull myself back to
reality when I am tempted to try the next get rich quick offer that hits my inbox.

Thanks again for getting me focused and taking action.

Joy and abundance,

Cim Layne

My site has been recently set up. I have not made a penny yet.

I need help with driving traffic to it. I am on a shoe-string budget as a result of unemployment. I aim to make my first $100 and go on to make lots more. In two to three weeks, I will have another site with a score of products (PLR) set up, too.

My number one task is how to get buying customers to my site. I am clear about my objectives and what to do with my life and time because I have worked it out already- financial freedom and free time!!

I want a business I can operate from anywhere, initially, but gradually I want it automated: I want my business to work for me!!!!!!
My goals are : free time, live life on my terms, do the things I want to do and travel the world. I like to involve myself with the less fortunate than I am.

I’ve tried several programs that sounded promising, but all I’ve gotten so far is credit card bills. I’d really like to find an actual income producing opportunity that doesn’t devour my full days. I’m 68, so I don’t have a whole lot of time to make of pile of money to leave to my girls!

Hi Curtis,

I am glad I recieved and opened your email today… having just been suckered in to buying a programme that requires more money and promised the world, im feeling like making money online is just a dream. I was writing a letter to get my money back when I found your mail….

My goals are to be making 3-500 per week online, freeing me up to pursue my passions in life. Photograpy and Art.

Im willing to put in hours, so im PRAYING I can find a way to make money online before I go ‘completley’ broke.


My business goals are to have a business that is genuine with good morals that work toward success for all.

You make perfect sense of what I’ve been doing. Working out of desperation makes you lose sight of your goals.
I’ve been trying to put a temporary fix on my life instead of focusing on the big picture and planning, working, sustaining and growing a business.
I have a few ideas of what I want to do and starting now I’m going to take a deep breath, concentrate on what I really want to persue and focus my energies in that direction. I will use your work sheet as a template to help guide me in the right direction.

Please let this not be a scam,
Thank you

What I like here is that you are actually giving me valuable knowledge upfront before asking for any money. You’re showing me the value instead of just talking about it! In both the short-run and the long-run, that’s going to save us both time AND money!


I am looking for a way to start a business that will allow me to get out of the 9 to 5. I have been doing it for almost 40 years. I don’t want to “have” to work until I am to old to enjoy the rest of my life.
I have been looking for a while. You are explaining things in a different way than others do. I seem to understand you more.
I guess it doesn’t matter what business you get into, if you write a set of goals and a way to aproach them (business plan) all you have to do is start.
I hope, in listening to you, I can learn what not to do. I am a firm believer in not making the same mistakes that others have done. Why waste time.
I look forward to your next video.

Thank you


I would just like to make eneough money so I don’t sweat about having enough $$ to pay the rent and utilities

Video didn’t work. Will try it again later.

thanks for the videos and information .You seem to be genuine and i am sure you will do amazingy well given the presntation A+.Vision:I amnew at this so my goals may seem small or naive. But i would like to understaned and able
to recreate a proces that generates20.00 $ a day requires no inventory and is automous other then updates intonance/
content creation. My goals are like all others to gain financial freedom i am as you described in the video a am very
driven.But not facused .I keep spending money and not making any .I want to be involved in a online business that
is successful and exciting. But sustainable and divedse. I am in it just as for the experance as the money the money just means no more worrys.
Fred Patz.

Wow!! I have to say that I was very impressed. I could relate to your video all too well. I have lost so much money trying to figure out what direction I should go and wanting badly to believe in the false promises made by the so called gurus.
I am very exicted to hear what you have to say next. I would dearly love to retire early, help out my family, travel and be free.
Thanks for being such a genuine person. I feel luck to have found you

I need to straighten out a few details that are crippling my site (NVU not accepting java script, for instance), so that my site will enable people to follow their interests and receive Chapter One of my prize-winning book as a gift. The website has improved in the number of visitors it attracts, I have expanded my interactive media (articles, blogs, Ezines, etc.,) presence, and will be turning my keywords into domain names soon. I welcome interested partners as affiliates, am willing to learn but most of all I feel a grand sense of progress as my focus develops. What I want from money online is freedom for my family!

Best wishes,
Thomas Mueller

hi how are you

I like the idea of formulating what I want. It makes sense to articulate exactly what it is I want, for myself and for all those with whom I relate. To know what I want is also to know what I have to offer others…

i would like to make enough money,also assist people making money.cheers.

I have watched the internet grow, and seen so much about how people are useing it to make money.
My mind has still not clicked on to how. Maybe it will soon. My goals now are to improve the life of my family.

Make enough extra income :
1. So I won’t have to tell my son I can’t afford to give him better than basic medical help.
2. be able to pay for my Grandson to have a better education.
3. Buy a larger home so I will have room for family & friends to stay if they want or need to.
4. Be able to go out with friends and not be concerned about how I will be able to pay my way.
5. Be able to help others whenever I see a need.


WOW… I needed help and I’m definitly found it. My goals are quit my 50+ hours a week job and be able to make money to help my family to have a better quality of life. Also my primary goal is WORK TO LIVE and not LIVE TO WORK. I do want and I WILL be successful in 2 years from today. If I believe YES I CAN!!!

Yeah, its worth giving a try.


Your video hit the nail on the head. I have gotten to the point that I just don’t
know what to next. I usually just buy another course; hoping to find another peace of the puzzle


Phil Blair

Curtis, I’m having a difficult time watching the videos. The speakers have a short and it plays and stops with a bad sound quality. Is there anyway I can read what’s being said? I have alot to learn. These obstacles are one’ that handicapped and non handicapped have to deal with. I want to incorporate these tools into a successful; win-win business. When the student is ready; so. the teacher shall appear. Here I am.
As Always,

hey the vedio is really vry awesum………. i think it will help me alot

So far so good. Keep those instructional videos coming.

i would like to make money and assist persons making money

it all for money and to provde your self

Your ability to teach is incredible. You’re so well spoken and the words you speak truly hit home. Money has been an issure throughout my entire married life (35yrs)! Three years ago I had to quite a lucrative job and join the ranks of permanent disibility. My son’s goal was to help out financially until 2 months after I stopped working, he amputated 3 fingers on his right hand.

The guilt we both have being home. My husband’s salary barely covers the mortgage. Money is no longer tight…it’s just not there. He has already suffered a heart attack and has diabetes. I had to help out but how? I knew there had to be a way on the internet…AFFILIATE MARKETING!!! But you must have been looking into my computer…Info Overload, program after program. Every program I purchased with money I did not have, the owner then proceeded to try and sell me every other program under the sun. Now my inbox is completed filled except for You’ve made a sale!

My goal is to finally live a little. Maybe see some sights other than Stop n Shop! My husband dispises his job. He’s pushing an unhealthy 60 and deserves a break. Now I’m totally trying to figure out why I’m such an idiot and can’t help this great guy who is exhausted.

Sounds like a pity party I know but you asked for it!!!
I will NEVER give up and when I see people like you trying to help us average Joe’s, my appreciation goes a tremendously loooong way!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to vent.

verry true… i’m excited to see next video

Staying focused is truly a struggle for internet entrepreneurs with so many opportunities for more information overload and multiple money-making models thrown into our faces all the time. I have 20 or more new options in my email box every single day.

So “staying focused” being one of your pillar statements is awesome. It’s a message that simply can’t be understated. I’m glad you chose to make that the first one to share with us.

My business goals at this point include adding a new training component to it to provide a more stable and ongoing income. Delivered via a membership website.

Great stuff! I’m so sick of jumping from one opportunity program to the next! Like you said … “focus.” Thanks Curtis.

I am very impressed with Mr. Curtis Andrews’ business strategy that has been built to assist all who want to accomplish a business in internet marketing with this academy and wealth of information provision. My business goals are to envision myself being debt free, with a healthy retirement, and the ability to assist my family, friends and others to find their comfort zone of success from the recession weapons of proverty. My main focus now is to believe in my goal and reap the training from the success individuals under this institution so I can start on my journey of success.

Well , first all that you have sed is true. I am not so good in english language and also in computer but I wont to be beter and beter. This is one opportunity which is real and which start from the beginning. I willl learn and will go thru yours lesons , so there is big chance to make real money. As many people I am also in position to try help my and may family , because there is no real chance but something like this. And I will do my best to stay on line . Thanks.


Sound pretty cool.
I have been trying to figure out this IM Biz stuff out by myself for a year and the programs I have gotten or folks I thought would help me learn have all fell short leaving steps out or leaving me more confused and I have yet to make my first dollar. Yes, I am mostly to blame and will own that going from shinny object to the next suffering from INFO Overload and never quite figuring it out.
How about this idea – Instead of giving away a $300 Kindle how about 2-3 years paid membership fees? If I winn cool (since money is very tight with me and I owe the gov. about $100,000 in school loans) (by the way I did not receive my degree, another story for another time and testimony about why an IM Biz is the way to go)
By the way I have not decided for sure to join yet – do you offer a autoresponder with all the other goodies you have in the membership?

Thank you for being real and the refreshing content – no hype.
In a nutshell – I am 53 searching for a way to financial and time freedom with a big motivation of paying all my debts and then being able to support my 85 year old MOther and enjoy life with her and the family while we are still on this earth.
Thanks again, will look forward to your next e-mails and videos.


Hi after looking at your no nonsense video I realized that person you describe it me all of the negative ones anyway.First of all I am 59 years of age retired ex law enforcement officer injured on the job was paid one year 6 month disability then arthritic was found in the injured knee and the insurance company used that to stop paying me anything.I have been at this trying to make a living online for over a year with very limited success but have a feeling this is exactly what I have been looking for.May God bless you!

i want to win.

Totally agree with the ‘lack of focus’ theory. Many of us suffer from IM ADHD! I think the simple, one page plan is a great start. My main goals:

* Short term – convert my current info products for sale in iBookstore; put income into creating further products
* Longer term – work part time from home creating quality e- and m- learning content for businesses and training organisations.

Good Morning Gentlmen,
Noted and understood about the motto of IIA. I am in a hurry without any source to earn for others. Thinking to form a charitable Trust on my demised Father’s name in the Capecommorin district(Kanyakumari) in Tamil Nadu state in INDIA to make a Big Hospital with all facilities where such facilities are not at all available in the district. Whereas to get the best treatment people have to go to Trivandrum in Kerala. There are private hospitals available which is meant for money making finally at the last stage they are taken to Kerala in the coma stage. So in order to serve the poor the only available Govt Medical College is not enough where the maximum time we find defects, so I want to make a such type of service with mankind but have believe in God. Definitely will solve the desire in one day.Thank you for IIA.With warm Regards BS Raman Pillai, Advocate, Pathramangalam, Kappiyarai PO,KK Dist, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Hi, Thanks for sending my the information. Your giving me a challenge i love to this to start my own business. My goals are to make enough money to support my son and to get out of debt, to be able to give my son a nice home and car.To have a profitable income for the rest of my life amd also to share my success with others.

Thank you for your honesty and being straight forward. My goals are to learn the techniques to make money online, find a niche, develop a strategy to reach people, and turn those viewers into customers. Once I have made enough money online that my wife doesnt have to work, I will teach her, and share with others what I have learned. Possibly hire people to do some of the work for me so that I have multiple streams of income coming in. An ultimate goal is to buy a house, new cars for my wife and me and be able to provide completely for my family. I dont want them to go with out because we cant afford this or that. If I were to make alot of money I would like to give money to or start a charity organization that will villages in Africa get wells, toilets, and help them learn to farm by providing animals and tools necessary. my ultimate goals are basically helping people as much as I can.

First day with IIA awakened me. It’s true…I’m a hyper and get into anything that promises $$$! And it’s true, again, I haven’t made what I call “real money”. What I’ve made so far is “candy money” – cents that don’t make sense. I got that awakening slap on my head when Mr. Curtis said something about “lack of focus”. This made me realize that what I’ve been doing for months made my brain overloaded with information. Again, it’s true…I don’t know where to go anymore. My mind is full of conflicting ideas due to numerous strategies I’ve tried in the past. It’s good I learned about IIA while I’m at the cross-roads. I’m more confident now, that I know I’ll be guided in every step I’ll make. Please keep up the good work.

thanks for that as u can see i dont have even website so i hope that u will help me because i really need someone to help me
I cant do any fisical job at this moment and i want to do this for my operation and better future

Hey Curtis,

Thank you so much for these videos. I have been trying to get something going online for about 2 and a half years now and have not really made much money. I think you are absolutely right! I am suffering from information overload.
I have bought so many courses, ebooks, audios, and reports looking for that magic button. All that did for me was get me so confused. I want to quite my job and make real money online. My family deserves better than I am providing right now. I would love to travel and take long vacations with out worrying about bills at home. Curtis, I can’t wait to watch your next video, you truely seem to care about people and not just making a dollar off of them.

Hello Curtis, I am very impressed w/your lesson #1 and Ihope to be focused on your program because I have been
jumping from program to program just by couriosity and now I think I have found the right place to get on going training. I am very anxious to watch your next( lesson) video.

Great ideas thank you. I sure been lost in the muddle of stuff on the net. I’ve grown to hate opening my email. It’s still illegal in Australia to spam and I been “conned” into buying so many different programs only to loose contact with any help or even the original site I bought something from any ways thats all a bit negative and I find you very refreshing in your approach and aspirations.

1st major goal is to build enough affiliate campaigns using as many FREE methods as I can learn about, as you mentioned, “publishing”, and use to generate $4,000+ a month ASAP Xmas 2010.

2nd major goal is to clear my credit cards as I’m maxed out with nowhere to go online as thats almost impossible to build a business online without a healthy balance and one that “you’ can maintain.

3rd is part of the first really as I do have a web site that once I figure out how to get it to work properly and then use techniques that I’m trying to learn, to monetize, drive traffic by writing /submitting articles ‘every where
etc so by Xmas have a regular income from my site/s . Goal is $4,000+ income per month from it by Xmas 2010
3rd have 30 people wide with a group of 200+ in my MLM business by March 2011
4th Replace my wifes income so that she can retire .

5th.Build a web business around my Company LLC name, monetized.

Thanks for the exercise. Has given me some closer Directions to head

andrew iwant to start abussiness from today so tell me the prosija

Very informative.
My business goals are:
1. To provide products and services to buyers and sellers.
2. To provide income for the workers in the business.
3. To provide donations to charities.

You are absolutely right, the more you want to learn the more confused you get. Thank you for your advise and I can’t wait to watch your next video. Thanks!!

Videos very basic. Any case studies? I am sure we are all sceptical about training schemes.

Focus! OMG…this is such a problem for me. I go after every new shiney thing that comes along. I’ll be following your course with great anticipation. I am getting nowhere fast this way.


Hi Curtis,

This is an excellent videos I have seen, very highly informative and great invaluable content. You explain it slowly and clearly that even a slow learner like me, I guess, can follow and have enough time to process the info mentally. As you said, I am one that is jumping from one program to another hoping to find the best easy to understand program to bring me success but I realize that I am suffering from information overload and don’t know where to follow. Needless to say I have spent so much already on so many programs that I even needed to cancel some. I am getting broke. I am looking forward to your forthcoming videos to learn more. Thanks, you are awesomely one of a kind. Keep doing a good job, we need someone like you. Congrats!

Hi Curtis,
I am so impressed with your video posts, you are incredibly knowledgeable indeed. I am at the stage where you were starting at, struggling to find the magic button to make money online, spent so much already on programs that did not help me much or not much support and end up frustrated with no one to turn to for help especially on technical aspect as I am not a computer savvy. I hope I found the answer to my problem in you. I would really like to make enough money to help my son pursue his University Degree and would like to quit my job soon. I am doing this to make alternate income to keep afloat. I am hoping to be successful, with you ultimate help, of course. Thank you.

the purpose is to work on the network and make money from home and maintain long-term prosperity for serving my family and colleagues

Hi have decided to start with you.
Looking forward to everything you want to help me with
have a nice day

Hi Curtis

As I was listening to your 1st video I found myself wondering if we have met before, because you described ME! I got divorced quite recently and it is a monthly/daily struggle to rise even slightly above the breadline. With grown children whose needs are MUCH higher than those of kindergarten kids it is a constant battle. I won’t even list the monthly commitments before I can even start buying food or clothes. I have been looking at SO many different programs and signed up for so many letters that my inbox is always overflowing. So far, as you so aptly said, I have lacked FOCUS, but I have a feeling all that is going to change now.

I would like to be debt free, to be able to help my parents and my kids to enjoy a better life, to ultimately enjoy the rewards of giving to others.

My major goals:
- To earn extra $500 per month
- To be financially independent within 6 months and to quit my full-time job
- To have more free time so I can focus on becoming a fiction writer
- Be able to visit my brother and his family in Australia without worrying how I can do it (I haven’t seen them in years)
- To help other divorced, struggling moms like myself to start over and be free

At the risk of sounding overly formal – THANK YOU in advance!

ill do my best just get in.

Yes, staying focused is difficult when you see your retirement fund dwindling–sometimes collapsing. It’s like being in quicksand, the harder you struggle, it seems the faster you sink. Here’s hoping I’ve finally found solid ground.

Hi this is sherry here .I am looking so forword to this training. my husbund is 64 and im 48 his retirment is 1150 a month.the only way we survive is we manage a apt complex a very sm. one. I have been trying to start a online business for over a year with No success.everone keeps telling me its a bunch of bull Stop wasting my time.I Tell them just watch me.My goals are to beable to have a lifelong online business.to beable to help my mom @family @friends. So we can find peace of mind and to beable to enjoy our lifes and help others in our path.I am so exited for this training thank you so very much. Again thank you.

no good English speak can do it?

can no good English speak can do it?

What is a Kindle? I am an older women. I have been trying for 2 years to find a business that I can understand. Wasted ALOT of money. I’m really afraid to buy another program. I hope you are the REAL DEAL.
I want to make enough money to be comfortable in retirement & to help my husband not worry so much about money.

Don’t have a web site. I can read most everything, but there is no sound.

You caught me I’m a program jumper, jumping into everything but profits, and thanks for clearing up the fact that I’m in business, I had trouble admitting that in light of the fact I have’nt made a cent yet online. Don’t laugh but i’ve spent ungodly hours online over several month’s, correction, years if everything is added up with nothing to show for it, but tons of money lossed, and wasted. Have’nt come up with a business name yet, but you definitely brought to light that the lack of focus has bin my #1 problem all along, just hope i can hang with you long enough to change my situation. No strategy right now, and an overdrawn checking account, as a result of the numerous, opt-in’s, has me in a position right now that i my not be able to take advantage the assistance that your program is providing, but thanks for listening, this is as open as i’ve ever bin online

This is helpful and fantastic! You will be rewarded.

thank you for the video you are talking right not just trying to get in my pock. But it sounds like you are really trying to help people thank you from kentucky.

“What are my goals” is to make money, the root of my problems is MONEY. My name is Gladys Cruz, I live in a town called “Picayune”. I have an Associate Degree in Bus Administration and can work in any office w/training. I am computer literate, bilingual in SPANISH, and can do anything in the office. With this skills, I still cannot find a JOB. I live on Food Stamps, and in a program called ‘TENEF” because i am on food stamps, this progam will increase my food stamps for money by working at locations they put me at. I work in a daycare, WASHING DISHES, because I cannot find a real job in this town. What do I want. I want to be my own boss, I have been looking for an internet business of my own. I need to make money from the internet working from home. that is my dream. TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE INTERNET AND WORK FROM HOME AND LIVE ON MY TERMS. AWAY FROM THIS PLACE (call HELL). My own family won’t help me.

Curtis, I agree with what Daniel Rodriguez said. On your videos 1, focus is one of my many problems. I go from program after program looking for the one that will really help me make some money. My son and I really do need a better life then what we have now. Making money and Traveling is one of my best hobbies.

Hi everyone,

My goal is to make money to improve my own quality of life and also to help my parents who are growing older. This quality of life improvement doesn’t mean I need a crib like on MTV, or extremely fancy car (to tell the truth I would love to drive BMW X6). I just need my own place to live, a car and possibility to travel twice in a year somewhere abroad.
The problem is that I can’t afford that because my job (which actually I love) is not very well paid. And I am the young person with NEEDS. So in figures, additional 2000 Euro would be just what I need.

To tell the truth, I have know idea how this business is done, because I use internet just to watch news and to check email, well sometimes to chat with friends also. But I am a very good student. I promise :)

I hope this is not a scam like many others and you will help me reach my goals ;)

My business goal is make over 500 dollars a month without a lot of work to do…

Hi Curtis!
I,ve decided to take a risk and join the IIA,because it’s seams like you know what you are doing.Right now i’m unemployed and i was trying to get a job .Unfortunatelly no success.I’m dreaming about a job at home so i could have more time for my kids(Emilia 6,Jacob 4),wife and myself .It could be great if i’ll will achieve my goals whivh are:

1.Fredoom (more time for my family and me)

2.Get out of debt

3.Earn enought so i could buy a house and car

4.Help my family.

5.Secure the future of my family.

Curtis, this is the first time I have ever looked at anything like this, but it all sounds very exciting.
Focus I can do. I look forward to improving in life with a new and exciting new income stream. thanks

very well constructed videos i love them
my goal: make alot of money so i can donate it to women and children that are in need.

FINALLY a logical program! Everything you said was absolutely correct … it is all about focus & clear, concise business decisions… but needing to know where you’re coming from and where you’re going to.

I’m looking forward to following you through this and clearing out the cobwebs….not to mention, signing on to the right road trip for my business.

For anyone who is truly serious about building a sustainable internet business, they should be watching and participating in this program.

Thanks for setting a clear path.


For me it is easy to tell by watching your eyes, the tone and inflection of your voice. You have to be the most sincere, caring and genuine Internet Marketer alive.

“Your Profit Compass” will take some deep, concentrated introspection for me; I never considered some of the guidelines you set out.

Most of all, never has another Internet Marketer/Guru I have listened to mentioned the words…”spiritual or religion (religious).” I don’t know if they didn’t dare, or if it were more important to make everyone believe they did it all by themselves.

Thank you for such a great opportunity,

Stephen Anderson


For me it is easy to tell by watching your eyes, the tone and inflection of your voice. You have to be the most sincere, caring and genuine Internet Marketer alive.

“Your Profit Compass” will take some deep, concentrated introspection for me; I never considered some of the guidelines you set out.

Most of all, never has another Internet Marketer/Guru I have listened to mentioned the words…”spiritual or religion (religious).” I don’t know if they didn’t dare, or if it were more important to make everyone believe they did it all by themselves.

Thank you for such a great opportunity,

Stephen Anderson

I am not sure what to say here.. It seems to be a great course you have here.. I have tried many things in my life and on line so called make your fortune in on line selling or marketing, and never had any success at anything in my life. I feel that I am doomed to just be a working stiff all of my life..
I have this burning desire inside of my soul to be successfull at something..
However like I said I have never tasted the sweet taste of success..
So I sure hope this course will help me in this quest and it is not just another scam to take my hard earned money and leave me with another bad experience..

Hi Curtis, I just signed up today and when I watched those two videos, I thought ” this sounds just like me, going from program to program”.
My goals are (not necessarily in this order):
1) having financial freedom
2) have my own successful online business
3) put money away for retirement, money for my kids education and traveling
4) helping those in need
Thanks Curtis, looking forward to getting started

Oh no,

Some how I managed to lose the second video. It must be the onset of early Alzheimer’s.


(I will contact support – if I remember how)

Hey Curtis,I really enjoyed the lesson,Your easy to listen to and I can focus on what you have to say.I get tons of e-mail on the next best thing,and I believe there has to be somebody on the other side of these e-mails to give me the right path to take,its like sifting threw the creek to find that gold nugget,I know making money on the internet is much easier.And I am willing to do what it takes as long as I know I am going in the right direction.So that being said,my goal is to focus first on finding out what people need and provide that for them.I have a web site,but need more training to to give myself the best options to take so I don’t waste any time or money,because I have done enough of that!I am looking forward to the next video,can hardly wait!My main goal is to be debt free and help others get that way too!

Hey Curtis,My main goal is to learn how to get traffic that converts with pleased customers.

so is all ab this comments lol i wan act and not keep post comments see if am win someth

Hello Curtis,

After I downloaded the Strategic Plan forms, could not input my goal info. I’m extremely ready and focused to get my new life started. My present busieness is just spinning the wheels with no extra fringe benefits. Please stay in touch so I can get started….. thanks/Michael

The videoes were eye opening. I feel It is really a step by step approch to starting a successful internet business. The one page strategy has got me thinking. THINKING REAL HARD, I should say. Looking forward to more of your guidence.



Great content …

It is so important to create a strong vision for your business. The 5 P’s
Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance …

Am excited and looking forward to the programme.

Until now I was looking between hundreds of programs, one that will make from me an excellent Internet merchandiser,because like in others business if you are good and you care from your clients at the end you will win.
My general goal is to do how much money I can in each station of my development.You see my case is a little particular,because after forty years of marriage my husband wont to divorce and the first thing he did was to close all of our bank accounts, leaving me without a cent.I studied chemistry and I have a degree but in order to help my husband I was the manager of a Textile industry and after the textil went down here in Israel I become a french chef with e very fine reputation I must say.Now I count on you to walk with me in this new path.
I think my first action will be to delete my google mail.

Great and honest video presentation. Simply explained. Hopefully soon, I can execute my “paper plan” and make it a reality.

Hi Curtis.
Dare I say….. “A teacher produces a student, a Master produces another Master”

Action leads to power.

The power to be released from worldly constraints and be free to help the voiceless.

All the best to you Curtis.

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Thanks, enjoyed videos and if you can help me to be able and make money online I will be forever grateful. My goal is to make anywhere fron $150 a week or more to help me stay afloat and give my daughter all I would like to give her and to be able to pay for her orthodontic stuff. Looking forward to your help.

I already know what I want so I’ll just tell you.
I have a Temple of Love online.
I want to be able to support myself AND to promote the ideas (You can see them in my blog).

Hi, Curtis!

Thank you for your Introductory Video and the first video of the No Hype Zone series. I found your training helpful. I especially like the One Page Strategic Plan. I see the value of it and will spend time today to complete it, remembering that it is a work in progress. As such it will be reviewed on a regular basis.

My current top 5 goals:
Complete my book by 9/18/2010.
Successfully market it online and offline beginning 9/2010.
Financial Freedom.
2 trips in 2011: 1 special to my husband and 1 special to me.
Giving: My knowledge to enable others; my charities.

The Kindle is an exciting incentive gift. Thank you for using it. I expect to prepare my book for Kindle use.

My future business goal is to be able to teach my children, relatives and friends how to successfully create multiple income sources and stop relying on anyone else for the money they need to survive in life.

I may be selfish but I get a warm feeling all over when I can help someone get out of the job misery and help them create multiple sources of income (money)…which translates into smiles and happiness for both of us.

Getting Older & Better Everyday

Chuck S.

I have several websites in production and in various stages. If just a couple of the wealthy marketers would let us put
the website names when they are launched on their emails like this then they could REALLY help the folks that have helped them and it would cost them much at all.

I have been advertising this fantastic product for 3 years and I have not made 1 dime on. I know it works. What can I do to make money from this product. Maybe I just don’t advertise enough. I advertise a least 3 hours a day. Can you help me.

This is a very helpful vedio and I truly believe what your saying.

Guilty of everything you mentioned in the video. I have listened to the many people out there telling me what to do to make money online and yes I have bought some programmes but had the good sense to stop doing that pretty quickly.
The one thing I had not considered in a meaningful way is FOCUS. Sure, I probably knew I needed to do that but that notion got quickly lost in the myriad of information overload. I made $40 with one programmes, made about $200 on eBay, around $75 with a couple of adsense sites, but never once considered myself a content provider. That message hit home hard. So, having now listened for once here goes:

To make $1,000 per month consistently on line in 9 month’s time by being a “content provider”.
To take action but only on things that meet the above objective
To keep going and going with absolute determination until my first goal is achieved.

My key skill is I love writing and I love my topic, so I know I need to stay on a path.

Thanks for the inspiration!

that was amazing! a newbie in online business, really don’t know how to start and who are the people to trust, this video somehow help me to do the business the right way, keeep it up, hope you keep continuing helping all the struggling online marketers like me. god bless and see you at the top!

Hay this is great I am really excited about this program. Its my first time and I’m siked!!

I am excited to getting started.

This is amazing, I am 62.

This is amazing, hope I can keep up. This is all new to me.

I look forward to your teaching. This opening gives me some hope finally.
I have not a marketer nature, I am trying now this area after have been bombarded by millions
offers to copy phenomenal success of their authors, for very long time.
I think, you are the first who spoke about success in terms that make resonance in my heart – not the
yacht, corvette etc, but the freedom, for example, to help the people whom I want to help.
I really have no business direction, except strong unwilling to sell at all.

Great info for getting started. Will review and fill out the form and use as a reminder and as an ongoing process for buildiing our business. Thank you for sharing.

Hello Dear Andrew!
Thank You very much for your very kind video. I am not really the type of person who were a business man type, just
feel how important that knowledge is for exsistings, and there are really a greit numbered informatio overloads and
other facts which can affecet to us confusing.
The aim is very important. I also would like to be free, though one part I am already free as a retirement woman, but not financially. So I,d like to be financially free in order to be quite free indeed. I think my week point is advertisings. That kind of behaviour where needs some exhibicionism and many are exceeding it by reklams.
I hope I,ll learn a lot from you and will try to keep up with your teachings.
All My Bests for You and Thank You again!

Sell ebooks which helps students understand the fundamental principles of Algebra.

To make 5K- 10K per month providing information required to learn the techniques in doing Algebra ,a branch of Mathematics

Note-I dont have a website

Hey Carlton,

Sell ebooks which helps students understand the fundamental principles of Algebra.

To make 5K- 10K per month providing information required to learn the techniques in doing Algebra ,a branch of Mathematics

Note-I dont have a website

Interesting goals. “Algebra help” gets 165,000 searches per month so you can definitely make some money in this niche. To reach your 10k goal, you may have to expand your offering a bit, but let’s get you to first step and then worry about that…

You might want to look at joining us inside IIA. We have a website builder included for you to create your first website.



No comments yet…

Hi Curtis….First I would like to take this moment to thank you, I appreciate the time it took for you to share your thoughts and direction. You are very insightful and accurate in your comments. I appreciate your honesty, regarding this online marketing adventure. I do have a corporate background and your no hype approach is refreshing.

I’m looking forward to your lessons and being in the IIA. I’ve been in affiliate marketing for years and did very well initially but lost my focus somehow and lost everything. Need to build up my business again, get some income and start saving for retirement.

Sorry, Curtis

Ok I want to start do the business with you! Is it advertising! As mention in many comments it is hard to choose the business program? how to start?

We can most definitely help you if you are a complete newbie. Since most people have not yet made a dime online, a large majority of our students start off as beginners. We are very good at showing a complete beginner how to make money online step by step from A-Z. You will really like the next video in the series, it will explain a lot of details to help you.

This I need!

I like what I hear . It’s all very sane and hypeless and strangely lacking in BS!

This is SOOOOO refreshing!

What a relief not to be hit with an upsell as soon as I registered.

And nobody is promising that I will make $25,000 in my first month!

So you actually have to deliver an honest, worthwhile product in order to succeed.

What a novel idea (these days!)

Do as you would be done by!

I LOVE it!

Thanks a million!

Curtis ….

How many guys you got having working this ?

The bottom line is this will never work … All of you guys try to focus on some real time job this is all in vain … most of you must knew that already, non of these things work at all just that’s only for SE – PR ( Search Engine Page Ranking ) and that’s what I can see here.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge you need a big person to do that…

Thank you for sharing your knowledge you need a big person to do that


I found this site today, registerd and watched the video…so you can say I am new to this…have been working as an IT consultant for past years just to find me in a spot that I really lost my motivation in this area, I am done fixing problems !

The only online business I know is the poker business, and yes I say business cuz it is and I treated it accordingly.
I am someone who can put in the hours when my mind is set to it, burning lots of espresso’s down the road :-)

I am at a point of my life where I do not care anymore about making a career in the classic sense, I want to make money on my terms and time….and I know its possible and I am gonna take the time to really study this starting right now !

I am someone who can be moulded from complete newbie to hopefully and expert, and like in poker, coaching and help is the way to go, so the idea of having this in one complete site makes me confident I am at the right place.

My goal is simple, enjoy life and have the funds for it….my fun is in mountainbiking and poker and this is my goal…earn money to enjoy these things to the fullest….

and should I be able to get this thing rolling, I am someone who would want his closest friends and family to share in my profits…what are you with money when you have to spend it alone…

Let’s see if I have what it takes…

Thank you Curtis for being so real. It is nice to know there are still people out there that cares for you and not just for themselves. My goals are:
1. To travel around the world and do missionary work fot Jesus and support myself at the same time.
2. To take my girlfriend out of the everyday job system.
3. To support other missionaries
4. To go on a one year honey moon when I get married to my girlfriend
5. To get out of my job in 6 months

send me some of ur information pls

i love d network online money making.

This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting on show me how to make money writing. I’ve been doing this for 7 years and now can get paid for writing, are you serious?

i am a young guy who need access money but i do not have any.

am a young dude looking a means of making cool cash online

i just hope IIA is a real deal. i have been searching online for programs that would really delivers money thru internet. now it seems i have finally found it at IIA, but i still get to see some good results after i have gone through those trainings with internet income academy.

Make it fast if you can Curtis, am so excited to watch the next video.

I congratulate for your good works, keep up.

It’s nice to have someone that know what it takes to start an online business help others.
At this time I do not have a business idea.
I really would like to be in control of my life and having my own business is the way I want to go.
It can be really stressful to a person going to work and not knowing if your job is threaten by the economy or if someone at your job feels threaten by you, so they fired you to protect their position (been there and had this happen to me.)

My goals are to:

1. Again, have a successful business
2. Use my new freedom to actually go on a vacation, no go on an adventure
3. After my adventure, take my successful business to a higher level, a fortune 500 level
4. Use some more free time and some of the money I made to help others, and charities.
5. Purchasing the home, and car of my dreams

Thank you, Curtis.

I believe this would be very good for me, i work nights and i could do this on the side to make more money
i have alot of goals in life and one of them is to have my own business. I m so thankful to actually find this site.
Three goals i want:
1). Is to have more money to take care of family
2).Is to be more successful to learn the strategies and to study other people, and to be positive so within years i could make my bussiness more successful.
3). To be financially comfortable within years so i can start a family of my own.
These are some things i would accomplish, but it all take time and focus to be able to accomplish these goals and im willing to take my time and hard work to be successful in life.

I Hope that it’s true to many games out here

Just listened to the first video…..now I’m getting excited!!! Is this really going to be the one to give me financial freedom?? I have been a program hopper, too…..I have bought such crap….and had to fight for my money back – they just were not what they were supposed to be – such total rubbish! This one is looking really hopeful…..watch this space.

I don’t want to work at a job anymore. I’m broke and will continue to be unless I can find a way to work for myself. I’ve lost a LOT of money trying things on the internet. I’m close to retirement and I am deathly afraid of not having any security in my old age. I have a job now that I hate and want to quit ASAP.

Kathy K

Thank You
For this information It will certainly help me stay focused and reach one goal at a time.

Hi Curtis!

You’ve got really nice and genuine videos of how to help people make money on line. I’ve been trying to look for a business on-line that would really provide financial freedom for me and my family and gain a better life. However, unlike others who were able to jump from one program to another because they have enough money to spend, I can’t even start on one due to lack of it. I’ve been spending a lot for my daily dosage of medicines to contain my mild epilepsy. Now, I’m hoping that with your help, I will not encounter the errors made by the others and instead would be able to focus myself on what steps would I really need t take to be successful in the on-line business. Thank you.

Greetings Curtis~

I have been searching for almost a year for the real deal. I just found it in the person of Curtis Andrew. How many “gurus” on the Internet would one find teaching the worth of “vision” “mission” “values” and “strategy” as the foundation to learning anything else at all about Internet marketing? Only one, Curtis Andrew and his Internet Income Academy.

This is going to be fun………and very profitable I can only imagine.

In anticipation.

Wayne Olson

i want to make money

Great lessons here Curtis! I liked very mich! What you are saying is very much truth

I am very much interested in learning more from you, though I am very new to this kind of thing. I am however, teachable and open minded. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and strategies with us!

Greetings Curtis~

O.K. my goals for this go something like this:

1. I want to have my business be an online functioning presence by December 15, 2010.

2. I want to have a customer list of 50 by January 15, 2011.

3. I want to have revenues of $3000 per month by April 1st, 2011.

i ll like 2 know u more than this

Please, Thank you we need help, great website/resource

you are right, stick with 1 system. ‘ve tried several different systems and there was little money out of it. My vision is to become financially independent in 2 years.

hi im Jesse im 12yrs old i wanted to u IIA to get enough money to give to charity and to help support my family

I am completely new to making money online, i do not have enough knowledge to create a detailed strategy but i want to increase my income. i need your help………………..

hi im a man 36 year old who havnt job so i need a mony to live that’s it

im a man 36 years old who havnt job so i need some mony to live that’s all thx

I want to help my mother with her bills, and i want to be indipendid

Hi, Curtis.
Am really proud to be able to log into your website. I do not have a website but I do believe with your professional advice, I will be able to set up one. The one page strategic plan which I downloaded really puts me onto my feet to know how to set up a Business Strategic Plan and follow that up. Am waiting for Video #2. So, thumbs up for you Curtis!!!!

I am A Senior with a passion to learn how to make it in the Internet marketing World,Confession! I have what i believe is a great money makeing business,but I Failed at Implementing it, because,#1 missing pieces,2 I needed a website,3 I got frustrated and started Jumping and buying programs after programs, With no real business plan, and no focas.But now since I arrived here at IIA , read and seen the videos, good people here to guide me in the right direction.what a relieve this is. NO More Searching. MY GOALS ARE, To help others who are in need, right now I make just under $5,000 a month, This pays, mort. property Insur. Taxes, utilities, food, auto Insur, anything left goes to charities, this part makes me happy,This why I need to make a lot of money,To help children in need, unemployed parents, Our Soldiers ,Our Heros, And the HomeLess, My greatest goal,ambition, desire,is to have enough money to do all of this. This Would make me happy, that is all I need. With Curtis Training, I will make It. Thank You. S.C.

I have many things in mind, but the key is to become millionaire

i will love this site if only you will pay has you said,no lack of concentration here in this site.

wishing everybody on this site success.

Thanks to you Mr. Curtis for the awesome, inspired and motivational videos.
Its a great for us to acquired videos for free. Even am I want to have a financial freedom so that I might be functional and helping other people to uplift their lives. I want to aim even 10$/day like so many others somewhere out here. I am hoping so, its real deal.

I am a newbie

Learning new strategies, new things

To make at least $5000 – $ 10,000 per month or more

To maintain a residual/sustainable income monthly

Making money on auto pilot

Working less hours

Can you Andrew provide that with your programme

Lets our dream comes through

Who were your mentors, and what path did you take to where your are today?

Ive been searching for a very long time to figure out how to make an income online . The challenge for me is to find someone whom I can trust and genuinely cares about helping other people.I love the fact that you put value before profit (if its true?) this resonates with me and something I have yet to find.My goal is help others who have struggled with addictions (like myself)
find meaning and a have a purpose in their life,generate an income of six figures annually, without compromising mine or their integrity.

cheers Joe!

I’am very proud to see videos

i like it…i hope i can improve alot with your help

i just want typing jobs whether they r online or offline , to earn some money. the registration of the website should be free.. i wana work and want money ..plz send me free sites but no registration fees.

i love this…i want my life comfortable..i want my family have staible job and business…

i want to earn money to have my own house and lot..and to have my own business..can u help me..

pls send me a reply..


The simple fact that I’m here is to furfiil my dream, to be free and help others. Do what I want to do, not the have to rush just to haved fun doing it, and for the most having sucess doing it will be a pleasur.

Hoping will in touch soon, tks

Vision is the greatest faculty one can possess. To be given truth in this or any other business, allows one to be passionate about what they are learning. Education is training and in any training you must use the power of “FOCUS,” no magic button here, and that’s the truth. I am blessesd to have chosen the best coach, to show me the strategies of Marketing and to inspire me with glimpses of Money Making, in My On Line Business. Furthermore, Curtis always find the time to answer my questions and lead me to a good place. It is a treasure to find someone in this On Line business who is truthful in saying I am here to help you, believe me, its the truth. Thank You.

Success on the internet has evaded but I am determined to succeed.

Dear Curtis,

I do have a problem with item #1 of the 3 pillars in Internet Marketing Success. I am doing IM part-time for about a year now but I not able to see the results yet. I am stuck with getting traffic and I am about to give-up when people says that the google has change its SEO process not until I saw your blog says its the other way round ?(http://www.internetincomeacademy.com/blog/has-google-instant-killed-seo)

Help me to prove them wrong!


You really give priority to VALUE over PROFIT. You have the sincerity to help others. I want the Amazon Kindle but i need IIA to free myself from debts and to help the people around me.

I am in front of the computer most of the time and this is the ONE i am looking for a long period of time. The only thing is that i don not know how to make a PDF on line. Maybe i shall email this.

my family is what you’d call the “aussie battlers”. no much money and always struggling but we still help each other out wherever we can, and with my father about to retire and a super that isn’t the greatest, my first goal would to;
get a steady reasonable income thats allows me to put plenty of savings away so i can afford to look after my parents

my second goal is technically my first, just as important, and just as necessary.
to be able to support my new family (first child) and to just keep the bills off my back

i’m not looking for a get rich quick scheme, just away to earn what i need to survive, anything else is just gravy and would go to my kids future. I’m a simple man with simple mans dreams

Thank you Curtis,
You are helping to conquer some of my fears immediately. Your delivery in incredible as a successful instructor and leader, and I believe many students can say the same about you. I am really looking forward to your continued training for big success starting right now for me and many others. Your program has a great outline for all levels of students, and our desired achievements whatever our goals are.
May the Lord’s Big Blessings continue with you and yours daily, as you help all people around the globe with hope and a new life to live big again.
Bless you!

Is this really real.I hope it will work out for me and i can really do what i always dreamed which is going to college.Because its not fun to be cleaner because your family dont have money to send you to college.So i hope my dreams comes true.Happy holidays.

Excellent videos Curtis. I only know of one other online marketer who is as honest and straight talking as you appear to be, and he’s about to feature in three of my blogs after Christmas. My main blog isn’t intended as an income earner, more of a guide to help people to avoid wasting/losing money as they tread into the water of IM. Basically, avoiding the sharks and landmines.

I have yet to work out how to monetize my efforts, and as a (soon to be) divorcee, possible bankrupt etc., working now on a shoestring budget, I need to get going – fast! Of course, I need a list, I need a list, I need a list! If I say it enough times, I may actually do something about it.

Due to my extremely limited budget, I have to be careful where I spend. I am a member of the person mentioned above’s membership, and receive very good, straight talking, step-by-step help, without paying extra ‘mentor fees’. He also clearly advises from the outset that there is no quick way to making money online, just as you do. In my words, it needs education, dedication, motivation, patience and time.

Coincidentally, I am writing a post about focussing too, and if I honestly believe you are genuine, and CAN help my readers, will include a link back to this post. I hope that’s OK?

I have virtually run out of money – and time, and need to turn things around, fast. I live in rural England, and have three young daughters who deserve the life we planned for them. They deserve better than our current circumstances permit.
So – Security and Independence for my little family, now, and for their future. I want them to be proud of their daddy, and daddy wants to enjoy his time with them.

I am happy to start slowly, but I need to be travelling down the right road.

I will continue to watch your progress with great interest.

Best regards

Alan :-)

Excellent Information… I will follow your next videos …and try to apply all this great content on my online business thanks a lot.

Hi Curtis,
I am a Financial Planner 26 years now in the business. Although I do have a good sustaineble residual income it is link to the industry rules and regulations. Meaning that if there is no other key individual in my business my residual income will not be there for my family.
I also do know that one need to focus and that I did in the beginning of my career. I must say, the way you explain it here is so very very important and it just got me thinking again how I have lacked some focus.
But the main thing for me now is to start working on something different that will generate a sustaineable income for my wife.
Please don’t mis understand me! I really love waht I am doing althought it is a very tuff industry to work in.
But my wife will not be able to cope here.
Thank you for the opportunity
Wishing you enough!

I am interested in intenet marketing on the State level and my product is Financial Services. Is this course applicable? Please advise.


Harry Harwat

Witaj!.Jestem z Polski i nie znam angielskiego. Tekst sobie przetlumacze,ale film video juz nie.Mysle,ze dam rade przy Twojej pomocy.Mam duzo czasu,bo jestem na emeryturze i chce troche dorobic.Pozdrawiam.Michal.

I enjoy the opportunity to learn more from you. I am a beginner in SendOutCards. I sell books on ebay, but do it more as a hobby than as a money maker. I rescue books from estate sales and save them from going to the landfill. I make enough to pay expenses and have LOTS of reading material. I would like to make this profitable. I also have an idea for a blog that would have a large target market.

Hi ..very inspiring videos and talks..your words are making 100% sense to me..I have no online business yet but I am grateful for what I just heard…will take it on board a sit down for some hopefully productive thoughts and FOCUS..
kindest regards and best X-mas wishes
Andrea, Spain

I’m really glad I came across your sight. And I have to tell you, I was one of those people who kept going from opportunity to opportunity and got absolutely no where and was quite overwhelmed with all the information. I truly appreciate you saying to stay focus because on the internet it’s so easy to get off course. My main goal is just to make money to live comfortable I’m not looking to make million dollars but just enough where I can take care of my family.Again thank you so much for being honest and caring.

Thanks for the videos, Curtis!!!
I learned a lot from this and today it just sparked ito my head, I want to have freedom! I’m into music and I play drums and I want to be able to start a company/website to provide others with information on music and sell instruments and supplies. I’m currently in high school and I just want to make some spending money and save money for college and go for business and music. The only problem is being able to afford it. I’m looking forward to learning through your online program and I’ll do whatever it takes to put money in the bank!
Thanks again!
Mitch Rousseau, New Hampshire

hello,i’m from texas, very interest make high money,so i quit want join make money more alot money want buy house,vacation cruise boat e.t.c. let me know as soon as posssible.

I would just like to say how happy I am to have stumbled upon this site and how I am so excited to learn more about making a long-term income online with the help of Curtis Andrew, and of course many other knowledgeable people. My goals for the Internet Income Academy are:

1) Being able to generate a six figure income so that I can pay off all of my credit cards, student loans, etc., while still maintaining my regular full time job….I actually love it!

2) Showing my parents that this does work, that I can do anything I set my mind too, and as Curtis said: Having the FREEDOM to do what I want when I want.

I look forward to my bright future with the Internet Income Academy and you all are wonderful!

Sincerely yours,

Kathryn A Lillie

thanks very much for ypour lessons and i really enjoyed it,you are truely and encouraging teacher and you revivied me and expose me into another culture of life and business, i have heard about it but i never recognized it until i listen to you video,i hope to get the next level of directiosn from you.but i must say this that you are a perfect teacher.thanks for the exposure

all very interesting but still dont understand what it is all about

Hi A. Curtis
Greetings, and Thank you!

Elemer Erdeelyi (retired) here, from Hungary.
I would like a solid income make, But my English very hobble.Sorry!
What can id do?

Happy New Yeare Elemer E.

great video. im new to this and would love to learn to make money online to support my family. i have epilepsy so im am often losing jobs or getting laid off work because of it. so we are constantly just barely getting by and things are always tight. and its hard because i want better for my 5yr old son and 2yr old daughter. i want to stop worrying if the bills will be paid this month or not. so any help i can get on learning to do this and accomplish my goal will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks curt, it`s a great videos, you inspire me to focus.

I need IIA to free me from debt and help others!

Success, success, success! Thats my motive for making money online.

my name is marco i am from belize . i night i was checking on how to make money and i was page on how to make money i thank that was cool.i was checking it out and i think you have a point there focus is number there without that your plan is no good.so i think you are right.well i am following carfuly what you are saying and thank you for the help
see you tomaro.by………………….

its very nice
more Convincing
i think that i will try to laern this thing for the first time
my Goal is to be Successful ant not any thing els
thank u

i’m new,just a starter unexperienced who’s eager and willing to workhard but unfortunately confiined to stay indoor most of my time because of my bad health conditions that leaves me with no other choices,even i maybe weak and unexperienced i think i can still make use of myself doing something suitable,comfortable and less hectic,a kind of work which i can manage to do and run from home at my own convenient times and this one seems just perfect and right to me and even though i have the least knowledge of how this business work i’m sure with your excellent guidance and help i know this is really gonna work out right, i’m preety very much excited about this concept of yours. thanks

i’d like to know & understand more


Great intro video my friend! Looking forward to video number 2 and some more of your straight forward easy to understand mentorship. As for my goals for the next 90 days.

1. Develope a personal list of at least 500 people have about 85 now.
2. Learn how to write more effective training emails to get people to take action and connect with me.
3. Develope better time management skills so I am able to write those emails as well as by weekly blog articles
4. Create a consistant $200-$300.00/mo income to offset my online expenses and tools.

Thanks Again for your efforts and God Bless!

Dale G. Thomson

i personally is interested with you Curtis for oyur genuine personality.
Am greatly expecting a lot from this academy.
thank you in advance.

I have master degree in economics and prepared to earn extra income on line.


hi curtis lol im the victim of information over load i have been trying to find the right product instead applying the strategies what the gurs use.

Even if i wanted to, there’s no other way for me to survive but to have a home business online, where i could earn money while actually taking care of my kids at home. I am a single mom to three kids, if this is legit, i’ll go for it. Your video is catchy, you really are a persuasive and convincing businessman. I hope to learn more from you. My initial impression is that you are sincere in what you do and i like that. You got me.

Here’s hoping to hear more and learn more from you. Thank you.

Intresting speech …..and useful information ANDREW…
my goal —-is just to make money ..so that i can fulfull my dreams

I am ready for BIG bussiness

Great introduction, can’t wait for the day 2 video

thanks so much for the insights in making money. I cant wait to start making money online.

I worked in google adsence. But i dont know after some days all income go in dust as google send a email that google found invalid activity. Now i am searching something real.

my goal is make some money and find reason to stay at life

im ready as of yesterday

mr curtis andrew i m 100% interested about making money i want you carefully show me or tell me what to do so i can get more clue about it


I pray that you are the help that we all have been looking for. Bless us that we may be a blessing to others.

Hi Curtis,

I appreciate the videos and the one page strategy plan. Thank you!

Here are my 5 main business goals:

1) Work smarter not harder and focus on value adding activities.

2) Establish achieveable and realistic goals.

3) Do not be impatient, focus (there is that word again) on setting up a properly structured website and feed it with content that makes sense and is useful to others. Provide benefit to your visitors – As you are doing here Curtis :-)

4) Set up a strategy or method to test and track results. What do people actually want? I remember Gary Halbert (May God Rest His Soul) and his hamburger stand example. Find a hungry crowd.

5) More importantly – Never stop learning and growing – Take Action

Thanks Curtis,

I feel “cleansed” after typing this out – lol – No seriously

All the best

Sydney Australia

I’m exhausted chasing all the hype and deceptive promises that flood my e-mail everyday. I want something that is different than pushing “get rich quick” programs and e-books on other business oportunity seekers. If that’s the only way to make money on line, it’s not what I’m looking for… but if there is an honest and serious way to learn about legitimate on-line commerce of goods and services then I’m all in. That’s providing you can teach an old (but willing) dog new tricks.

hey curtis i don’t have a xclue how to make money on line or have any money to start out but when you send me the kindle i won maybe i can start making some money!!! thank’s BOB SCHREINER

I currently do not have an online business. That is one of my goals for this year. Your emphasis on ‘focus’ and information overload are currently what I see I am lacking and buried under. Besides the goal of an online business this year my additional goals are getting a sharp focus on that business, my financial, social and spiritual life. As far as the overload, since the beginning of the year I have begun to dump a large number of the so called guru’s I have been receiving emails from (a nice way of saying what I really ment to say.)

As for the Kindle, well even if I am half as successful accomplishing my goals I should be able to afford 2 or 3 of those by the end of the year. So, let one of those begging for it have it. Right now it is more important to get started on accomplishing the goals I have set for this year.

Help! Please help me learn how to set up an online business so I can support my family without struggling every month! There is no quality to life when every day is a struggle t survive and make ends meat! Thankful and hoping you can help!

Please help me am a poor boy i really need to know how to make money i will do my best please help

The internet is a mind boggling maze and
no matter what knowledge we think we have
it goes out of date so quickly it would be
impossible to succeed without people
like Curtis bringing up to date information and
technology before us.

I will be pleased if I get the right track.

Let’s make 2011 the year!! :)


I will try again. I get 100-150 emails a day and often delete them without opening. I don’t know why I opened yours, but I am glad that I did. Your Introductory Video was a jewel–outstanding. Perhaps it may be too late for me. I am
now just before bamkruptcy with $50K credit card debt.
I fell for too many “pie in the sky deals.” inxluding several coaching deals that left after 90 days and a tax club
offer to incorporate with all of the bells and whistles (logo, useless marketing information, business plans butno followup
to monotize my business.

Thank you for the shoulder to cry on. I could use the kindle or other prize.


1. I want to make enough money online to quit my job this year.
2. I want to have money for a new car(this one is to old to keep running)
3. I recently had a baby i need to give him what he needs

I am a complete beginner at all this stuff, but I know I am at the right place to learn how to really make something work.

-Marco Ramos

Thank you for bringing to my attention why it is important to be razor focused so that I will know what direction I am headed for .Goals in life can be reached through great teachings of a coach who knows what it takes to suceed in life .I wish to suceed to be able to help family , friends , and as equally as important to be able to reach out and be able to give to the less fortunate and charities abundantly .For those who are willing to work hard , success is earned not given .A great coach can make or break someone. When the student is ready , that coach will appear. For those who can believe the impossible Success is learned . It is not given…for those who believe ! Robert Puntervold , Miramar , Fl.

great , thanks , i am waiting for next video

If there is genuine internet money earn way, I am much interested to know the way where and how it is possible.

Thank you Curtis, I have been searching for quite some time to find someone that really teaches something other than a bunch of “who struck John” info that doesn’t mean a “hill of beans” except to sucker you into sending them your money. I am looking for a TEACHER who can genuinely TEACH me how to go about making money on line and not charge an arm and a leg for their help. I have been a student “of the mind” for a long, long, time and have tried to keep a positive outlook as opposed to a negative one. It has been a challenge to “CREATE” my life as opposed to letting things just happen. My inspiration in this field has primarily been Dr. Robert Anthony. I feel I am pretty well on the right track as far as this part of my life is concerned, but I am still looking for someone to teach me HOW to make money on line. I am a novice to the computer, but I have learned to use it and feel if I can learn one thing on the computer, then I can learn to use it to create my goals. Looking forward to LEARNING from you. You seem very sincere. Time will be the test. Thank you.

Very new to internet business, but sounds interesting.Will continue to listen and read

i think that it was good i got alot of good info from it

Major Goals:

1. To have 1st project producing income by January 20, 2011

2. To have 12 projects producing consistent income of at least $200/day by July 1, 2011

3. To be teaching others to be successful by October 1, 2011

4. To be producing at least $500/day by December 31, 2011

5. To be teaching others to teach others by March 1, 2012

Hi Curtis

Thanx for the videos im really following,,I see myself in few months driving my own new car and in my nice home since i dont have one yet. You really insired me


You have my attention. I have been an entrepneur in the past, but never online. I really like to purchase items online so why not sell them. I would like a steady income for retirement to afford frivilous things.

Thank you Curtis

Sydney Australia

am samuel oware from GHANA and a police officer.am 24years of age,5.8feet tall and with a fair complexion.i want to continue my education so i could become a senior officer but there is no money to continue my education.what do i do?can i get philantropist to help me?pls any NGO willing to help me?my email:samueloware@rocketmail.com and my cellphone number is:+233272194464/+233205575520

HULLO Andrew,iam new to this and i totally need yo guidance cos right now iam un employed and need money to take care of my family,hope it will happen here,cheers

Excellent videos Curtis.

hi ,

I’m looking forward to the videos and will do my best to stay focussed on what I want to acheive.

My goal is :

to build a recurring income of at least 1200 $ per month , to help me continue my studies in CANADA.

Note-I dont have a website

I look forward to your help in the future !

CAN You help me Curtis ???

Hello boss,I’m very happy by your site……it is wonderful,I studied e-marketing before but I need some help and ideas from you but Iam too much busy in the following two monthes I hope you will accept me as a student and as a freind in your site .I have many goals to reach ,I hope to be SEO specialist, e-mail processor,I hope to make a very very strong affiliate site, now I’m studying web design so I’m too much busy now after I finish I’ll join you if you don’t mind , please write to me soon on my email if you accept my freindship .thank u very much………..kemo

A strategy of doing business is needed to develop your procedure for doing business. This will help build your plan and be consistent. Keep it simple, but complete with every aspect of your business from advertising to buying your products or selling your service with inventory and shipping.

Dear Curtis I hope to be an email processor expert and SEO expert how you can help me ? I want a practical training on that .what’s your plan to do that ?what is the studying schedule? how much time will this take? how much total money I’ll pay? thank u
please answer me soon……..


My name is Shanae nice to meet you Curtis.

1. My goals are is to be successful business person at making money online.
2. I want to make about $5,000 by the end of the summer 2011.
3. I want to be able to have money to travel with my family and friends and to take care of them.
4. I want to be a successful Business Person.

I want to be able to make money online instead of working for the man or woman I want to be my own boss and to do what i wanna do instead of listening to someone else I want to be in control.

I am a new beginer so I want to know how this work and I want to own my own business someday instead of working for someone else.

All I wanna do is to be successful on this site.

hello… plz teach me how to make money online?
i want to quit on my work & spend my time w/ my family.

Thanks a lot for the free video, Curtis! No wonder most of the aspiring netrepreneurs are opting-out of their other memberships. Me, too! I had been surfing the net since 1997 looking for ways and opportunities to make money online. Hadn’t bought a single product since my wife won’t let me use her credit card for the purpose. My inbox got overcrowded with email offers since I was opting-in right and left. I believe my search is over, thanks to you, Curtis!

From a complete newbie, I look forward to a successful real and stable online business with your guidance, of course!
My business plan:
–to start an online business that runs on autopilot from zero knowledge and zero budget (is this really possible?)
–duplicate or create multiple streams of income (not all eggs in one basket)
–make modest income from the business, progressing to 6-, even 7-figure incomes
–help others succeed online also (not to mention, promoting a ‘value first before profit’ mindset)

This looks awesome, im so excited.

My name is Kaitlyn, im 20 years old. I live with my aunt currently, and i want to be able to get out on my own.

My Goals:
1: to make a successful online business that will run on auto pilot from no knowledge and very little income
2: generate multiple income streams
3: to make at least $100 per day to start
4: i want to be a young online entrepreneur
5: i want to be able to support my family, my sisters and my aunt

MY GOAL like you said financial freedom do any thing i want, when i want, any where i want.

GOD BLESS YOU because you helping people

I like it

vwry very good

Inspiring and wise! Thank you.

Hey Curtis, Man This is such a helpful website, and its so amazing to find someone who actually wants to help those of us who are struggling, and not give us some fake sales pitch. God Bless you for all your hard work and good heart.

1. I would like to make enough money to help my family stop struggling financially, and get my parents back on their feet
2. I would like to have a future income that I can support my wife and family with one day
3. I don’t want to struggle but help others who are struggling like me
4. I would like to get real financial results and not get a cent every month.

Hi Curtis

I joined into IIA just before Christmas and I haven’t had a lot of time up until now to tune in to the course. I have just become focused on learning as much as I can from you. I want to thank you for all the info you are giving us and thank you for making the course easy to follow.

I haven’t been in busy before as such so writing out a business strategy is all very new to me. I also haven’t been one to write out goals but always had in my head what I wanted to achieve.

My husband and I are travelling a lot now, so my goals are:-

1. To learn as much as I can about internet marketing so I can be successful earning money online.
2. Set up a number of websites in the next six months – my husband and I already have in mind a few we want to build up
3. To earn enough money at least $10.000 a month to have the freedom to do and go where we want.
4. To have enough money for our needs and to inspire others to financial freedom.

I am a young widow with 2 kids and lots of bills to pay.

I would like to be financially free.
Have a healthy bank balance.
Trust funds for my kids set up.
Travel to my favourite destination – America,
Buy houses for my kids.

hi Curtis… First think and would be as my target is I want quit from my job
of course start from this training


I am looking forward to learning the strategies to have a successful business online. I am a freshman college student currently, and I believe this will expand my business background and help me to become even more successful in the future. My business goals are:

1) To have at least 5 sources of income by 12/31/2011
2) To have earned at least $1,000 by 9/1/2011
3) To have enough money to pay off my student loans.

Thank you for providing the course.

Dear Mr. Andrew,
I thank you for explaining so clearly that there´s no magic botton and we need to focus and forget the worries we have when working hard for a good cause.
My goals are :
1. to make enough money to take back my only and lovely daughter I have in this world, she´s my only family and her dad together with his evil mom took her away from me in a different country. It´s not fair for a mom to be without her child.
2. to become a dentist and have my own office, being my own boss.
3. to have a decent and happy life with my daughter.
Thanks a lot for your attention.
best wishes !

Hi ! That all makes a sense and I will try to follow your steps. Thanks very much for giving us this information.

Hi Mr andrew. I just watched your videos, and litle lesson. And im amazed about this whole affiliate marketing. I have just started with this lesson, cause of my friend told me about, and i got alitle intrested. But after this lesson, i have become so much more intrested, and willing to try this! So thank you very much for this lesson and information. I will use this information to start my own proper buisness. And i thank you again so much, cause this may be the thing for me!

Regars Henrik


This is very much like a whole new concept. Business has always been quite illegabe to me. I hope to gain a much grater understanding through this course.

Thanks v-much



Thank you very much for this information.

It is like a whole new concept for me or like learnind the first customs on a whole new planet or continent.

Look forward to learing more.


i need more information

a lucrative style

good leason .i would like to continue teach your lecture,because i need money for family@ oppertunity to employment of our aria.

it’s a really amazing and giving a great knowledge

i like to help people who wants to kno about grahic designing and type setting. and also i hope to earn money by that vision. thank you very much and could you help me please.

freeedom….sounds like bob marley sir,haha kidd,,100% AGREED Mr Curtis..Ill try..thanks for the vision that shared to us. God bless.
Ps:why i cant download the pdf with my new conection

freeedom….. sounds like reggae icon haha kidd…!00% agreed sir,thank you for the great vision,Il try it…GB

getting job service payment from internet…EDP..etc
surveyed for product
check e mail from mr curtis
sharpened my cms knowledge

thank you for the information that you shared. May we find our opportunities in this site.
hope that I can able to gain financial freedom and to help my family. I’ll try to follow your steps to obtain my goals in life.

“Instead of looking at what they’re telling you(in those course books that you paid for),start doing what they’re doing.” You are the TRUTH sir.

Thanks for your free video.It will help us to make our self self dependable.


This is the only video that came from the heart and makes sense!
I want to start an online business, and need a guide…
You definately have got my vote!

Kind regards,


Hi Curtis,

I wrote you a nice long note only to lose it because of cookie enabling; any how I would like to pay off my debt and have the freedom to do anything I want
p.s. Has anyone actually won the kindle? Can it actually be won? Ha ha ha I think not.

Good one!

Thank you very much

thannks to your video thats really cool…i want to join your venture..thans\ks and god bless


I took 1 st loans when I was not very old and this supported my family a lot. However, I need the short term loan once again.

1.To have build a website that has made 10,000 sales by 8/31/2011
2.To have mastered my business at a level that i have person freedom by 6/20/2011
3.To be able to offer my friends jobs in a ever growing business
4.To have a 6 figure income by 12/31/2011
5.To have the ability to make my fantasies and dreams become a reality.


Your way of training is simple and straight to the point keep up the mission you have been sent to do you are touching very many lives globally.

My business goals are:

1. Keep paying my tithe but in larger amounts.
2. To earn an income of $ 64,000 per month.
3. Provide for my family’s needs.
4. Grow my investments into other areas like real estate.
5. Train and mentor individuals on career mapping.



Hi I a first time here and me here a interesting to work will,

my true goal is to make the money to care for my family without the stress we currently have now because of the lack of it and to achieve real financial freedom


Thank you for your honesty and sound guidance. I have been wanting to venture off into the Internet Business so I can create a sustainable income and achieve financial freedom. Now that I have a steady 9-5 job, I think it will be a good time to create my own empire. Being very new at this and not having a business in mind, I am looking forward to your next video in trying to start an online business.

Thank you,


I’m starting with nothing, so we’ll see what I can do…Here are my goals:

1. Start and stabilize a way to make money. (short term)
2. Ultimately earn between $2.5k and $3k per week.
3. Gain enough to get my family back in one state again (or wherever the members want to live), in decent houses.
4. To be able to pay cash-on-the-barrelhead for everything…car, house, education…such that I never have to borrow money again for any reason. Also to pay off my and my family’s existing loans.

My problem is I keeping going from program to program. I get lost in information over load.


My goal is to:
1. be healthy, buy healthy food, live longer
2. do what i want in my spair time
3. develop myself every day
4. help other people to achieve their goals
5. make a world a better place

Hey man, iv heard quite a few different schemes online but yours sounds legit. Iv just recently lost alot of cash online so im looking to come back with a bang (LOL) I completely understand your concept of helping others nd feel that if everyone would help just eachother from time to time this world would be so different.
Im really interested in this concept of yours..
Look forward to hearing more.

Business goals

Provide a product or service that everyone can use thus making it a consumer need.
Be able to spend time doing the things i love doing ie the business should be something im passionate about.
Allow me to be financially free as you and other successful business owners are.

i want to make money online & also want to enjoy life. Thank you for your guidence. I think to become successful in business you must be excellent. Success will come itself.

The Kindle is mine :)

my vision for my business is to billed it up to be on auto pilot there are a number of things i am interested in but i am not sure which one i should focus on. i would like to earn at least 10,000 a month to start earning a six figure income per year

Thank you very much. I usually try to miss such things subscribing there because the most of them give some shit stuff which doesn’t help in Internet business. You are NOT. I was interested from the first step. And after I watched your 1st day’s video… f..k )) I understood my first mistake. I have no focus one one thing. It’s a really what I need now. Thanks again. Look forward you next video.

1. I not working now and I would love to start off work online and building a business online verses jumping back in the stagnated coporate workforce.
2. I be successful and teach others
3. I would love to make 3,000 a month within the next 6 months
4. Some my earning give to charity and donate to childern programs and the community

and coloryourownshirts.com

Thank you Curtis! for a fabulous fresh look at focus in business. Straight to the point is laser beam and wow, does this feel good!

Focus is definitely the challenge living in overwhelm, the feeling of burden — too much weight of the world on our shoulders — stress levels being what causes dis-ease. Ah, all in the language! Being the massage therapist / relax your mind therapy guru (for myself) that I am, I LOVE what you’re teaching and the style, bringing results with ease.

Overwhelmed with the economics of my own products, recently I’d been looking for other’s.

ColorYourOwnTShirts is a bulk, wholesale and fund-raising wing of ColorYourOwnShirts.com, a business I’ve recently joined to help my friend raise to the next level.

For fun AND fund-raising, ColorYourOwnTShirts serves up the best fundraising product available — a creative-skills development project for special bonding time, a work of art and treasured gift for any family member — offering a 50% profit!

Thanks for helping me develop my understanding, set my focus, and lay the track for a smooth ride by reigning in the runaway train. It’s imperative! In it I’ve found new meaning for moving my feet!

Put me down for one of the 2000 for 2011 and thanks for allowing me my first CYO blog post.

Aloha and mahalo!

For the longest time, I’ve suffered from the “Shiny Object Syndrome”. I’m sure many of you know exactly what that is as Curtis touched on it. It’s when you bounce from program to program looking for the magic bullet to make it all click. I was never foolish enough to believe that I was going to make a million dollars over night ( I actually don’t mind working ) but I at least wanted to get pointed in the right direction.

The problem with all these programs is all the up-sales and affiliate products that these programs or courses offer. “This is how you do this but you have to have this piece of software for X amount of dollars to do it.” It’s utter nonsense. The programs are always around $37 but with the up-sales and affiliate promotions in the programs themselves, it turns into hundreds of $$$$.

I’m really praying that this is going to be different as I’m really running out of time and I just can not afford to be fooling around with dead end programs any more. I’m an unemployed machinist who should be making good money. Instead I’m working at a restaurant washing dishes about 25 hours a week. Not exactly a lucrative career. I have so many people I want to help but I’m finding it hard to help myself right now. OK I’m now climbing off my soap box.

God Bless :o )


Thank you for putting this together for us. It is a great blessing to have someone who actually cares and not just out to earn a quick dollar. I have been looking for a mentor for a long time to help me connect the dots. I know exactly what business I want to create, I just don’t know how to make it work. I’ve had this dream for over 10 years now and pray this is the answers to my prayers.

Thanks again!

I am a novice, you lecture I did not know the video is not really money, I did not see who is making money, can not use words to give us instruction, have not heard a lot of video in terms of the know.

Hello Curtis,
very nice video presentation
Thank you very much for these videos. It is very nice to see someone lose the hype and actually provide some real lessons. Here are my goals:
1. I want to make enough money online because im disabled veteran that not getting a pension yet and broke but with training in system i hope to be semi-retire by the end of this year
2.Get out of debt for me and my husband
3. I want spend time traveling around world me and my husband (I am getting older and I have always wanted to do this).
4. Start making $300 to $500 per week
5 if possible with traing make $1500 a month to start then go from there
6 be able to by in cash any thing we really want

look forward to your help in the future and the $1000 prize would be very useful.


Good job curtis, and really inspiring too. My desire to attain financial freedom is fueled by my past experiences, as I’m sure many others are too. I’ve been in situations when I had to depend on friends to pay my bills, and I hate that feeling. I never want to be down there again. I know how it feels for someone to be broke or to be in debt, knowing that your next paycheck will be used in clearing some of those debts, leaving you with little after that.
My desire is not just to make money online, but to get really good at it so that I will be able to reach out to others who are in the same boat with me, just as you are doing. I admire your courage and your concern for our welfare. Right now I’m extra new to this so my goals may not be too lofty for now. I just want a steady stream of income and I’m willing to put in efforts to get better at it, and make it expand later. Thanks for giving me the push I need, Curtis

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain hou this works.

My main goals are:
1. to save my mom from working 3 jobs just so she can pay the banks
2. to be able to see and photograph the world without having to worry about money
3. to earn a minimum of 20 000$ per month within a year from this point.

this is realy amazing, I always thought about foucsing on one think but now hopefully i will.
Thanks alot

My goals with internet marketing:
1. To be debt free
2. Retire from my job and be a successful internet marketer
3. Save money for my son’s future
4. Buy a new house and car
5 Take many vacations to where ever I want too.
6. To live the life that I dream about

Thank you Curtis for being the open minded person that you are!

Great vids Curtis, got me pretty excited about changing careers.I just see endless posibilities of online business.Wish I would of went this route 15 years ago.Ya tired of living payday to payday.Got dreams i want to achieve one day.Talk to you soon.

Here are some of my goals:To become debt free, Build a successful online business,and to keep building my empire and others.Yes I can’t forget to be making 5 digits with in 6 months.Can’t wait! I think the biggest reason for coming to IIA,is to meet and learn from positive successful businness owners.I think that alone would be great change in my life.

hello to you sir and good day.. I m Will E. Masong from Philippines i just read and watch your video and i was very amaze what you discuss and giving some tips how to make money online.. to tell you the truth is i was very interested.. i want to be a successful making money online..but i want to start in the fist step first and i hope you can help me.. thank you sir and god bless…

this is great! thanks so much! :D

I just lucked up on you and so happy for that. I could listen to you all day and besides I believe and trust that you
are right. Focus is everything.

Great program……
The step by step videos, strategy sheets and lessons are fantastic!
Thank you so much…

Great program……

The step by step videos, strategy sheets and lessons are fantastic!
Thank you so much…

It all sounds too good to be true! Will have to pay attention to what the gurus have to say.

hey my name is jon and i was wondering how to be put in the draw for the $1000 or the apple ipad or the amazon kindle

hey Curtis im only 16 but i wanna be able to make money i need to know how to do these things on need a mentor to teach me i cant understand this stuff on my own

ide like 2 make alot ov cash

he is realy kindhearted man. teach us to make money! I’ll do follow the tip.

My goal is to make a minimum of $500. weekly,my top priority is to put my parents in a comfortable home of their own for the rest their life,my second goal is to get a new SUV,the rest follow like bills payments and vacations.





Well the program sounds good but like everybody on this page I pray that it is as good as it sounds . I cant afford to lose any more money. I need to learn as much as i can and start making money now before i end up in the street with nothing

Thanks for the chance to dig out of this mess!!!

I thought the program was very open and to the point.

let me in please

I would like to develop a income that will support my family long after i’am gone, I am 58 years old disabled and living from one paycheck to the next no savings, So you see I really need to make a on going income for them.


Hi Curtis thanks for such an eye opening video,I have been online since 2009 with very limited success,what with joining program after programs doing exactly what you said a lack of focus has and is a major problem along with a lack of advertising funds!

We want to thank you for all your honesty. My partner and I having been pulling our hair our trying to find someone that was honest and not to expensive to help us be sucessful. Thank God we found your website!! :)
Our Goals…
1. we really want to learn as much information possible about trafficing.
2. we want to make enough money online to become debit free by sharing a personal family story that has some responsibilty as to why were in debit.
3.we want to use some of our proceeds to start a worldwide charity fund to help people with this awful addiction.
4. Have a successful website and blog were people can share there real life stories no matter if there good or bad!!
5. To know that we were apart of someone’s sucess story and apart of there support system.
6. To be the best role model we can be for our children!!


Hi Curtis,

I am complete newbie don’t know how to earn money online.

I am living in Saudi-Arabia. Is it possible to earn money online for me in Saudi-Arabia because a lot of websites are restricted here, If yes please help me I want to earn money, I don’t have any idea about business online.

I am very thankful to you for this video. You are very real and kindhearted man. God bless you. Thanks

Great information. Thank you for making it available to us…. Hope you get it all back a million fold. Thank you.

-Hector Ortiz

hi curtis,
thanks for all you doing for people.

My goal is give good education to village people……..
in our village, students can not get education so i want to make a school at my hometown and other villages also.
currently i have started one academy and i want also give some job related education for students of my schools, so they can earn while learn.but i don’t have any idea …………..

sounds like it will be fun making money

to help my family
thank you for the help

Your words have sparked quite the idea in my mind, Ill have to see how far I can run with it.

I appreciate what I have learned so far. I believe it is extremely important to have a true mentor and not simply a product.

this video is helpful i i want to do it iiii want to help my family we live in a house thats got to be payed with a lots of bills so i want to do it not for me but my family so mr. curtis god bless you becouse i belive in you and i want to do it to focus on my goal and my fam

ths is so nic n i need it

Dear:Mr.Curtis Andrew,Sir, Hello

I think You are One of the Best Mentors I Have Ever Heard.
Also Think Sir Curtis Andrew that Your First and Second Videos Are Truly Motivating.I Truly
Wished there was a to Down Load these Videos Onto My Computer!Why you ask?
Because I Believe that these Videos are Very Motivating and Encouraging to Me to Better MySelf
Even More.I Thank You, Sir.

In Near Future, Sir Curtis Andrew,

To Me,I think You Should take a Look at ALL the Videos that you Have Made Now and in the past,and
Chose the Ones that Stand Out from the Rest,and Put them ALL together and Call them Your Direct
and Motivation Videos. These Videos Will Encourage All who Need the Encouragement to Believe In ThemSelves.

Sir Curtis Andrew,Thank You For Your InCredable Honesty.and Being The Best that you Can For ALL of Us.
I Wish You,Your Staff and ALL who Is Connected to this Site. The Very Best Of what Life Can Offer You Now and Into The Future.
Sincerely:) Jack

this website is ace

WOW!!! Speechless!!!

Great videos
My goals are as follows:

1. Support myself and my fiance and live the life we want.
2. Talk care of the people that helped me become who I am today.
3. Give my children what i never had.

Thanks can’t wait to see the other photos!

It was a great inspirational video.

Thank you for your motivation.

Hope I will get the kindle!


thank i wanted to make money for my father so that he could take an early retirement

My goal is to be able to (at first) make a modest income and later to be able to teach online marketing skills to my grandsons so they will be able to make a decent living for themselves in time. There are also a few charities that I want to support – Job Corps being one. I feel is it critical to give back.

I so desperately need professional assistance. I have been struggling to bring in a few dollars online. I can get to page one on Google with few problems and I get over 100 visits per day on most of my websites and over 200 on one. It will break 300 / day soon. But, alas, I have yet to make more then $5.32 on line!!! Very, very frustrating.

So thank you for this opportunity.

My goal is to create a website that enables people to learn techniques on how to make money online,
an ensure them to financial prosperity. Many people are blinded by scams and tricks, but quality training and knowledge is detrimental to success. Im open to learn more as well as the people that want to learn more. The key is to help one another an work together, i believe true financial freedom an happiness lies within this.

sir :andrew /your video are realy motivating i can wait to see the next one.my goald is to help my family wich realy need my help athis moment .get a better future for me and my own family too.live life with no stress be able to do what i want when ever i want.

My main goal is to have a stable income thats going to help me support my family if they are in needs.

Wow Andrew, I am already kind of overwhelmed. I have no business and It’s like my first day of kintergarden watching your videos. I have no experience in any kind of internet business. Anyway, I don’t care about the kindle, I just hope I can keep up my focus being such a virgin. Thanks for the info. Greg

Hey Curtis

First let me say thank you for the information!
My Goals:
1. Secure a residual income off a online business of atleast $5,000.
2. Gain more experience of the online trade and maybe help others.

When hopefully becoming a success online i’d like to move to california and enjoy financial freedom for once!
Once again thank you Curtis

Hi Curtis,I do agree ,print FOCUS on a post it,stick it on your monitor.
Along with focus everyone needs direction.I had to make a decision to stop buying and stop filling the other guy’s pocket.
Without direction i’ve been keyboard bashing ten hours per day for four years, and not a penny to show for it.
Yes, we would all like to make a million overnight but with hind sight if i can make $100 after five months and $1000 per month after one year and i would be a happy chappi,remember Rome was’nt built in a day.
Coming back to “direction”,everyone needs a tutor and Curtis i hope you are THE man.

I’m so much excited about thses new ideas.

After reading your blog, a few things stood out to me. For example, being focus on one particular idea and creating value for your customers to be successful online. This is very insightful. It gave me plenty “food for thought”. However, there were still questions of my own. Will I be successful? Exactly what actions do I need to make now to transition from where I am today to where I want to be financially?

Get 1. rank.

Thanks for the info and Strategic Plan

i need some help thanks, so whats ne

Hey Guys,

I am really excited to begin this adventure! I am 19 and know very little about the online marketing business. Last year I ran a painting business and after a very long and busy summer I did not end up making much money, despite it being my first business ($85,000 was the revenue for the summer) and only being 18 I was still pretty upset. Hopefully I can use some of things I learned last year to help me in this!

Thanks for the opportunity Curtis,

Good luck everyone,


This is my third time back to iia. I was enthused the first time and the second time, but was unfortunately lured away by shiny objects. I must say that some of the programs I’ve joined have been worthwhile, but none provide that opportunity to ask a question, one on one, to clear up what might just be a small misunderstanding. I certainly like it that you are coming at this from a business point of view as a starting point. I would like to truly understand the workings of an internet business, I’d like to be earning $3,000 or more in 3-4 months and upwards from there, I’d love to be knowledgeable enough that I could help family get online and to be able to help them financially. I have time to devote to this, and would just like to know what DOES it take to earn $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 a month as I never hear that discussed.

As an aside, none of these postings are dated so I have no idea if they are current or are they years old. I would much prefer to see dates.

Many thanks – looking forward to this with a clearer eye this time!

hi i m prathmesh i really wanted to do this n i m doing this without telling my parents so i can’t affort the money you want i can pay the money when i will be able to earn money or if there is any way please suggest me.

Hi i am just a new bie to making money online.

My goals are 1. To overcome by educational loan debt.
2.To take care of parents.
3.To improve my financial needs.

The lessons are very useful and i need a guide like you.Thank you so much.

God Bless You! Curtis

I want to thank you for not wanting money before you give the info. I have been trying to make money online for 5 or more years. All or the money making sites that try to tell you how to make money, just take your money give you either downloads that don’t work or e-books that don’t explain the procedure very well or makes it not understanding at all. But they all give you a money back guarantee but when you try to get a hold of them there e-mail address is not valid. If you get me to make money I will gladly give you 10% of the profit.

i found the information very motivating,and i am looking forward to more meaningful advice in the next video. i feel so positive

Hello, I want to really get my family out of debt, and help them become free. Get those new games that my family wanted and to have money when we need it for emergencies. Thanks for everything..I already know this (me becoming a millionair) will never happen. I don’t have bad self of steam but thats how i feel. I Had no experience of this internet millionair stuff. AND I’m getting pretty confused.

Hi Curtis,

I spent last few years jumping between opportunities and losing a lot of money (standard model of somebody who is looking for magic way to make money online). I believe I learned a lot in my journey, but still something keeps me far from success – “luck of focus” is number one reason, the other one is luck of a good mentor. So today, I decided to try your program and see how it will go for me.

My main goals are:
- being able to work from home (no more than 4 hours a day – due to my 3 kids and forth on the way)
- make about $2000 a month netto
- improve my self esteem and have satisfaction from my work (money is NOT #1 reason I want to start a business)

@Boguslawa – I did the same thing – jumping around from program to program looking for that elusive “magic button”. Once I realized that it didn’t exist, I was able to actually get down to work and make some real money ;)

@Destinee – I’ve been there before, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it now. Remember that all things shall past. Whatever you are experiencing now is only temporary and your future is still undecided. So as long as you work towards a better future, you will be ok. Also, you don’t need to be a millionaire to experience financial freedom-as long as you can earn more than you spend while still have the free time to do what you want – that is true financial freedom. Cheers!

@dwight – good to hear!

@David – I don’t need your 10% – but it would make my day to hear that you have reached your goals. Keep going – step by step – you’ll get there…
To your success!

@sakthi – good goals! Let’s do it!

@Karyn – and you!

@Fran – Welcome back Fran! I’m glad to see you back and focused. I recommend going through the Affiliate Income Blueprint. This will help you get to the $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 mark and beyond – as well as the other training we do.

@Dillon – Hello young entrepreneur! – keep up the good work my friend and you can add some zeros to that $85,000 ;)

My strategy and goal is to only do what I love to do, with integrity, honesty and hard work…..and in the end to take care of my family and retire early to Mexico!

Thank you Curtis

I find it quite refreshing that someone is willing to offer such great advise for no financial reward.

Can’t wait to hear the other Video’s, I am retired and very passionate about having a successful Internet business, when I achieve this goal I will then give it to my son & his wife.

I am still struggling with what kind of internet business will suit me, I am hoping your information will help me come to a decision, at the moment I am selling on E-Bay…

my goal is to win money online from this website

Hi Curtis, First of all thank your for your powerful and realistic video tutorials,

My name is Tonny Sun, a sophomore from WuHan University in China。

Some days ago , I visited your site by chance, I learned too much from you ! Thank you again.

warmly !

Hi Curtis,

Thanks for awesome intro about goals to make money online.
My goal this year was to earn enough money to sustain myself
family atleast $5,000 per month. I have my website running right
now but not enough money coming in. So, I need help to make
this happen and at the same time I will help others too.

Take care and God Bless,
Julius Orias

Hello, thank you very much for the opportunity to be part of IIA. I have never done business online but I have been researching to see how to get started.

These are my goals for my online business:
1. To offer Life Coaching Services via the internet. (I have not decided on a niche yet)

2. To be making $275,000.00 yearly in the next year and increasing year after year.

3. To get training in my desired field and master the skills necessary to succeed.

4. To get involved in affiliate marketing as another income stream.

5. To provide low income housing opportunities for people in my country.

Powerful inspiration. Never understood why someone could quit his job but have nothing to show he earns money. yet he pays rent and lives with his four siblings. Let me set my goals and follow suit.

1. Listen, digest and synthesize Curtis Ideas in the next one week.
2. Start off under his advise to venture into online business immediately thereafter and make at least $ 60,000 per month.
3. Quit my job in the next six months to concentrate fully on the online business
4. Diversify investments to increase my wealth
5. Give back to the community by inspiring others the same way

hello curtis

this is what i really need write now

and my goals are
1. being able to work on my own , and build my own business.
2. earning aroung 2000$ a month .
3. this last goal is my dream ( being able to invest in kids education ) , I want to help in building a generation of mental healthy and well educated generation , I want to convince people to use their minds , and to believe that it is a treasure that can lead them to success and happiness , wich i believe that humam brain has a great power ready to get unleashed if we start thinking right.

thank you.

Hey Curtis

- thanks for your valuable information to start this kind of business.
- i like electronics business but i have not enough money to start . allot of business ideas in my mind but its all need enough money to start so am looking for internet income for long term so that i have time to do what i like
- am waiting your video to start.


I am ready to start making real money and prove to every person that ever doubted me, that I am not living in a fantasy world!! For a while I was doubting myself and I lost hope in internet marketing, but Curtis is a dude just like me and if he can make millions, why can’t I make a few G’s a month at least?

My 3 main goals :

1. Generate a sustainable income to replace my job.
2. Become financially free.
3. Have a career that I enjoy for the rest of my life!

I really want to make money to
1. clear my debts.
2. buy a house and car
3. give good education for my children
4. visit beautiful places.
5. help my family and friends once i overcome my problem.

I stumble you link from another site, i opened it to see what is all about, but deep down in my heart i just said is another once those internet making rubbish but am actually happy that i did open your link, you sound very genuine, to be honest am sick and tired of this internet make money from home story, i have spent loads of money in much more difficult time just buying this programmes to work from home and make money but none of this programmes have ever work, for the fact you talk about learning how to make money and writing out once business objective is what all this other make money online will never tell you about, thank for the wonderful video, please take me to the next level

Hey there….wow, I have been through so many making money sites and gave them money for courses and things and ended up nowhere and no money out of it.
Listening to Curtis, its like he knows exactly where im coming from and he seems guinuine and not just some money making airhead making promises he cant keep.
Look forward to the next video and see how it goes. I have my strategic goals and ready for my new business and future!

I simply just want to pay for college since my mom is going through a large amount of payments. It would be nice to pay for myself and make sure my mom does not worry about even more payments, so that is what I am hoping to get out of this.

thanks sir,
i want to join this coz i want full time job here online,i will quit being a housemaid,i will only leave this with ur help..thanks and hope u pick me up as a winner..thanks so much and more power..God bless u guy…

Thank you so much for what you do Curtis. My goal is to be like yourself as well as gain the patience and mentality required to succeed online.

i really appreciate, its encouraging especially for some one who is lost like i am.
there is so much out there in the net that really make you sick for ex. been scamed all the time :( .
-need to make money.
-stop working for others
-and be free in the end
anyway that was nice videos and thanks.


i truly i am on alow income its so hard to pay bills buy food things i want or need i only get 1188$ every month i truly would like to make more money to do all these things your truly sound like u know what you r taking about. the 1000$ prize i truly can use it to pay my bills off. thanks you very much for the info and My goal is to be like yourself as well as gain the patience and mentality required to succeed online.

Yes, I one those who also have tried this and that program.Often still leaving me not knowing how to get things set up, or wanted me to upgrade to this or that or the program wasn’t going to work at its fullest, and eating my wallet faster than I could get started. I hear many of you saying…” Yeah been there done that.”

So the wake up to saying enough is enough…. My Gold is too take a step at time, learn the right way to run a business, that I am proud to place my Name on it and provides me an income that allows me live the life I want and will also provide a means to give back to others, community and the world.

My Vision is to have a business that provides high quality informational resources to others , that will allow them to be able to excel their life in a positive way,solves problems and gives back. My business will not reward those who would have access to the informational resources but would also provide me and them a means of financially reward to meet our desired life style in the form of a residual income.

Looking forward to next video!

Hey I would like to start my own business so I can be financially stable also to help people that’s struggling. Also it has to feel good to be able to provide the consumers a quality products

pls. am interesting how do i join

My goals are to:
-make enough money to have the freedom to be me and live me life to the fullest with “no” financial restraints
-be completely out of debt
-do something to make money that I enjoy doing on my own time

Although I am a complete newbie, I feel that these videos are really going to help. I finally feel like there is finally somone out there with a bank account and a heart to help the little people :) Not somone who just wants to make there bank account bigger with money from the little people. I really look forward to your help and the future. Thank you so much for what you are doing!

your video was dead on on the lack of focus i tried a few internet programs a few years back and i see now that i made the mistake you talked about of overloading . hopefully i can learn something from you this time

My business goals are as such:
1) To launch a pilot program for my new business which will simply work as both a functioning, purposeful, valuable product and at the same time create enough revenue to address and cover my immediate bills.
2) To relax a little knowing that I am afloat for the time being and utilise the window of time to improve my initial pilot, or change it completely, and study more ways to do so.
3) To expand my new customer base.
3) To expand my business into either more aspects of the pilot and/or other venues of opportunity that may be beneficial, purposeful, valuable products for my existing customers or both.
4) To learn more ways to attract new clients and/or customers to my expanding business.
5) To become proficient enough at what I am doing with my business to be able to take some the time for my personal needs, wants and interests without slowing the growth of my business and be able to afford to do so.

Thank you so much :) and great video, you explain so mcuh

My goals are:

1. To earn lots of money online and to start a business.
2. Help my family financially.
3. Earn enough money to move to the States to work.

Love you videos their very helpful.


My goals are:
- Learn about internet marketing from now
- Earning $100 by 31/07/2011
- Earning $500 by 30/09/2011
- Earning $500 per month by 30/11/2011
- Earning $2000 per month by 31/03/2011

Hope you will teach me how to do it….

My goals:
1)create a series of videos tutorials on how to create a website
2)drive traffic to it using video marketing
3)set up squeeze page and start to build a list
4)Add further valuable content to the website, such as interview with experts
5)free gifts to bond with subscribers
6)Monetize the list.
7)Grow the list
8) repeat goal 4 to goal 7

I’m doing the last video tutorials of my first goal now.
Already prepare most of the skills and resources to accomplish first 4 goals.
Working hard to change my life because the magic button does not exist.

Thanks for video above. It is very informative. In fact, I would say it’s life-changing quality video.

i really want to make money to help my family

i just wanted to ask how a newbie who doesnt have the knowledge about computer stuff can earn in six figures???but after some browsing i think u can help me out making money in six figures so looking forward to ur new video.

nice lesson i need money to pay bills and how the ecomony is is harder have money to waste

My only goal is to be able spend more time with family and not worry so much about money in the bank. If somebody could show me then great.
I have always told people ” If someone borrowed a million dollars to me for 2 years, then I could become rich enough to live without worries.”

Hello, thanks for the video and interesting article. I must say when I first visited I expected another get rich quick scam. However so far I am impressed with the site. A good solid page of information, a video tutorial, and not one try to get into my pockets. Anyways I’m just starting this whole internet stuff after having lost my job so my goals are kinda small.

Major Goals; 1: make enough monthly income to get my phone turned back on
2: Make enough to get my car fixed
3: Generate enough monthly income to get a new apartment.

thanks for this video….i am a student and i want to make money for my studies i hope i will get this

I’ve been interested in on-line marketing for over two years now but have never felt confident enough to actualy do anything. I’ve been jumping from program to program trying to learn how to get started!!

Your video was frank and to the point, it hit home.

My goal is to: 1. Supplement my retirement. 2.Help family menbers financially as needed. 3. Teach other people to earn money on-line (without the Hype).

My major Goal: To see results by the end of 2011.

We are just looking into, starting an online business. Thank you for infomation looking forward to tthe next lesson

i so happy to see my self start to make mony i have a trust
to you curtis andrw iand i hope we can work toghter.
we trust in god

Hi Curtis,
Thank you for the tips and techniques that you want to share with us, I personally want to make money online for the following reasons:
1. To get enough time to do what I want in life as I am currently limited with what to do
2. I like to work at my own pace and be my own boss and mostly from the comfort of my own home
3. I love working online.

My goal is to be able to make at least $2000 in 30 days and increase my income goals from there on.
I have created a website to start on my way to my goal, have already selected my niche and researched to find it that its profitable and has little competition that can be easily managed and rank high, i just hope to learn more tips and be on my way to my goal.
I hope in your program, I can learn all that I have to do to get there.
Thank you very much

this is very interesting

I’ve been ripped off and jumped for program to program looking for someone who would help me make money online. I really liked your approach. I didn’t feel like you were feeding me a line or trying to sell me something. I’m excited to get started!

I don’t have a business model yet, but by working online I would like to be able to:

- have a portable career that I can take with me wherever I may have to go and not have a lapse between jobs
- help provide for my family so that we can afford the things that we need and expand when we’re ready
- travel to see my family whenever I want or need to without worrying about how I’m going to pay for it

I don’t even want the Kindle or the $1000.00 bucks. The best thing I can get from you is your knowledge. I have been trying to make money Online for a couple of years now with very little success and your two short videos has given me more incite than any course I have taken. I have filled out my business strategies and I am ready to stay focused and take actions. I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks for the free info. I can see anything you have to offer would be worth investing in.

I loved the enthusiasm shown by Curtis. I am very new to trying to make money online. Hopefully I can learn enough to start making some money online. Thanks Curtis!

hi great very much interested to register and earn money, to sustain everyday needs…..

I want to make money from home since i am single mother

i like your plans lets see what you do further.

hope to be able to make comfortable life for myself and familly

i watched your video with interest i have never done anything like this before

hi;thanks for this lesson
Major Goals
Generate enough monthly income to get a new apartment.
Help my family financially.
To be financially comfortable within years so i can start a family of my own.
help others
own and operate a succesful online company

Curtis You are the best. Finally I have someone I trust to teach me how to create a brighter future. I hope You will take care of me and help me escape from this slavery dictated by the leaders of the world like presidents and other Organizations. So my goals are :
1.To have a brighter future by having money into my account.
2.To have a secured future for me and my family and to stop living my life in depression thanks to this economic crisis.

This is great stuff this what i have been looking for. I am new to online business. I am convinced that this will give me the freedom i’ve been looking for.

Learned alot of new and interesting facts by watching your video, looking forward towards your next one.

Hello Curtis:

thanx for giving your the insight about internet business..certaintly a eye opener for me..appreciate!

Thank Curtis

I really want to make money online.
My goal is making about 200 USD per day to feeding 2 my kids.
I hope to success on the working online.
I will try my best to get my goal.

hello mr curtis .i wont you to know that i dont have eny specific knoledge about making money by internet but im realy entousiastique to learn . my goals are to know pout in practice make money and why not if its possible try to expend . thank you

Hi! My goals are to make better money so that I can get permanent teeth. My back teeth are gone. And i’m trying to better myself. To get off of my check I recieve once a month. I was in an accident a few years ago,but now i’m fine.I know that nobody makes a million dollars in a day. But it is possible to make at least $5,000,$10,000,and possibly$20,000.And that’s what I would like to try and accomplish.

Good Day

Very inspirational words that has encouraged me to move forward in becoming successful in my own business which im constructing at this very moment. A few goals I like to achieve in a very short time would be to have a stable home, financially structured with no worries and to promote a better life without having to wonder how to pay something or live paycheck by paycheck

How refreshing, someone prepared to set out a routemap to internet success wiothout trying to sell you something before you even know what you want or need. Likewise, takes the trouble to focus you on your motives, needs and goals. This looks very much like the right way to begin the process of winning the reward of and internet business that will actually work. So far, everyone else has tried to sell me a programme.

Well Curtis – if I never get another positive thing out of stumbling across your video today – I will at least always have the gift of the sense of empowerment your presentation instilled in me today. Long story short – I’ve been trying to start an online business and have started to get lost and disillusioned in trying to digest all that there is to know. And after watching your videos I’ve gained – for the first time in this process – a much more defined sense of exactly what it is I’m trying to do – concretely. Just leading me to the realization that I am indeed trying to start a business was a major epiphany for me; and an extremely valuable one. As I worked through the Strategic Plan I realized that this was the beginning point I’d been searching for for some time now. Concreteness (if that’s a word) was coming to ideas and dreams in a way that finally – connected – felt real.
So thank you for that.
I think the main thing I discovered in doing the Strategic Plan is that my long term goal isn’t to make a living online. I now see that my real goal is to be able to dig deeply within myself to find – and develop the me that can contribute to life. I mean, to be able to really strive for self-actualization and fulfillment; the fulfillment that comes from sharing the best you can really be. I also see that building an online business is really a vehicle – not a destination. It’s a vehicle that can take you to independence and freedom; and that is where our real selves exist.
Hope I didn’t over-share there – but seriously – thanks.

thanks a lot…the info is worth it..wow I’m a newbie for this line and hoping you will continue to guide people like me to stand same as you and all the others who already success in making money online…

my goal is money freedom…that will settle down everything that I am facing every day which is lack of money…OR..

Hello Curtis,
My goal is to make my life up to next level, and i can help and support the people around me in everthing that i can do for them

to make me and my family free from financial problem. learn to make extra long lasting income, and help the other people who just like me..

Hello Curtis pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me man am all the time get fu…?up in my life am such a looooooser

please mr curtis just help me and tell me step by step how to make money from the internet because i dont have eny knoledge about making money by internet.
thank you sir

Hello Curtis

I want to secure the studies of my two son by making money online please help me
I want to Live like the way you live.

I’m begging you pls help me
my sallary here in the philippines wont even buy me a glass of Beer
Pls help me i’m really Focus about this

Curtis! what you are doing is a great job..Appreciate you work..
To be honest what I need is to reach the next level of my life.. hope I can get assistance for that…

Hi Curtis,
I found your lessons very mush beneficial and I think that you are doing a great job.I totally agree with the comments you made in this video.But, let me tell you that I am still eager to earn a lot of cash without waiting as I’ve already spent a lot of time in searching websites relating the moneymaking procedures but with no satisfaction at all.I have completed my O Level’s and want to study abroad in UK for my A Level’s but I’ve been caught in financial problems which are hindering my further education.So,I want to release financial burdens from over my family by getting myself independent financially which couldn’t be possible without your assistance.Please help me in getting out of these tensions as these are disturbing my future plans.
Looking for your assistance.

My goal is to serve humanity by helping the poor with my self-earned money.

I want to change the face of this world by providing employment to everyone and making them independent.

i think that this insight will be very useful for me although im totally new to this internet business im really excited to learn more information and to use these tips for starting my new online business thanks alot for your insight im looking foward to being a sucess with you help!!!!

Just starting and I want to be able to understand all that the internet has to offer

I want to thank you for your professinal videos and “Your Profit Compass” was very Important for me.
I want also to thank you for don´t had a “special offer” befor your information

I like very much information and I want wright Information PDF:s and sell/give away the info products I make.
But I don´t known how I can do this. Iwant a good price to people that will buy my product.

I wish I could use videos for advertise my affiliate products ( I work as affiliate without success.)

I like write Articles.

Curtis, Will you help me?
Best regards

My goals:
- have 3000 subscribers to my blog by 12/31/2011
- have 20000 subscribers to my blog by 12/31/2012
- have 3 major business sponsors to my blog by 12/31/2012
- have income of $5000 per month by 12/31/2012


Terrific information you are teaching! I am one of the people who didn’t know where she was going and only to make a fast buck because that is what I’m told the internet was…a way to make money fast! I would like to know what if a person does’t have a business goal but would like to ride on the back of google, msn, yahoo, etc.? I’m sure you will have an answer for me when I see your next video(s) and once again, thank you so much for placing me back on track!!!

i want to be a millionaire within 2015 by hook or by the crook.



my name is sean and i have spent roughly$600 dollars on internet scams, i hope to do the following with this program: make money to help my dad out who has cancer and the rest of my family and simpy also to fund my adventurous spirit cause i still want to climb mount everest, visit israel, etc.

need money

This is good stuff. It’s great to see someone with the right attitude and willingness to be honest. I hope to be able to implement these things so I can spend more time with my family. Thanks a bunch.

Thnx to Recommand me this site

My goals are basically like everyone else who has been scammed so many times,by giving out money and having nothing in return to show for it. I have so many things going on online that I can’t keep up with them. And it’s getting to the point where I just want to give up. I know their are ways to make money online,it is finding something that will really work like it says it will. I need money coming in because I am currently living on unemployment. It has not been good finding a job yet as I was let go from my last job after 8 years of working with them they change up the system and decide I was not keeping up to the estimated times they had set for getting things done in. But long story short I need to make some kind of money somehow and soon. Maybe my life would be much happier than it is now. Tani

need help

This is exactly what I was looking for and I can’t thank you enough for your honest and straight forward approach. As a single mom on the brink of losing everything my goal is to gain that “financial freedom” so I may be able to take care of my family with no worries. I’m a newbie, so I’m not really sure how to begin, but I’m willing to learn even if that means starting out small. Thanks again..you are a breath of fresh air!

Dear Curtis,

i am working full time hopefully i can achieve my dream of working fully online close to my family. having you as my totur? i think it will be great, i am waiting your next lesson. thanks

am this one gal how always does not think about myself alone but my parents too and all my life am looking on how i can earn money with desency, and now am more than willing to try this so that i can give them agood life that they can enjoy before there time on earth is over.

love ur tips… i failed over and over and now im really making some money wow

really need a secure way to provide for my family.week to week is not geting it for me,i love everything you said on the site.

Hi Curtis

Thanks for sharing. I am new at this so need more guidance and info to move along.

My goals are:
1) Short-term – to manage all my debts and be able to keep my house
2) Long term – to be debt free and have a little extra to enjoy trips with my family and pay for college fees for my children
3) Long term – to be able to help others who are struggling as I am now

I sincerely hope you can help me as I am living on loans which are building up very quickly and I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel at this point yet.

well ,I want to learn

im really new one in this….. i’m in this bcoz i need to support my family my education.. i really need ur help.

thank you mrs curti. i,m really newbie… i havent got any experience. i,m not having any websites blogs etc. i do need your help in getting starte

I really want to be working from home enough for $ 300 a month

I really do not know anything and I hope to learn from all my heart and needed a steady income and also do not have work I hope to become a successful

my gole is 1000& in the first month

The knowledge you provive is very good, I regret why am I late to hear this? Thanks very much for opening me, I beleave that this will drow me from the pond of poors!! keep educating people and I promise to be the messenger of the information as we know that MOST PEOPLE LACK INFORMATIONS, AND INFORMATION IS POWER!!

I’m new at trying to find work on the internet and so far its been hard..i cant seem to find something that works for me but Ive been watching your videos and what your saying is true but I’m wondering are you going to tell us where to go to be successful online?

Im a beginner at this I have know clue what I’m doing

1.I want to make enough money to work part time I am 58 and raised 6 children and now for the last
14 years I have been raising 6 grand children rangeing from 4 months to 14 years old so I would
like to find some time for my self.
2.I what to be sure my house is paid for for the grands so the don’t have be taken away in my absent

So wish me luck

i want make $500 per day

i want buy acar

Great coaching,very powerful and motivating! Can’t wait for next video from Curtis.

I really need you to help me. Thanks in advance

Hi Curtis, I’m new to the world of making money online. I’m one of those people that you talk about who suffer from info overload. Yes I would like to make money with affilate marketing (probally a combination of information products as well as physical product). My goal would be to help people change their lives. In a world of uncertain economic conditions, I would like to become as financially secure, and debt free as possible. To get out of the rat race (sorta speak). To do what I want, when I want and go when I want to go. Not wondering whether this check will get me to the next (pay day to pay day).

Thanks for your integrity. One thing I learned from my Dad, “Integrity, we are all born with it. Only we can give it away. Once gone it can never be recovered”

With my bad situation in Life and that meaning that 5 southand will help some life …..and i hope to work hard to get it this money hope it will work…and i will help for 1 person…..that so important in my life…..

Wait for your next video!! Excellent coaching!!

hello i want to learn more how to make my own bussnis cant you please help me thx

Was thinking of marketing Indian textile marketing thru web. Anywayz NICE video.



Your advice on operating an internet business is very clear and informative. Continue to help people out there to own their own business.


Hi John
Your earnest approach to the business gives me hope. Your advice to focus is one of the best things I’ve heard on line.

It’s great information for starters.

i hope to get something out of this training

1. Be one of the leading business enterprise in my environment
2. Deliver the best service to my immediate customers
3. Get the mind of all the customers in my immediate vicinity by providing the best service for them.

good strategy,good stuff

this is so cool i would love to win this

Hi Curtis, Thank you for the information, I am new to internet marketing and hoped that I can make some progress with you as I am prepared to do what it takes to achieve my goals which is to become financially free which will enable me to enjoy my life and better support my family. Your help is well appreciated.

Very clear, no b/s information, am looking forward to more of the same. I think this might be a terrific guide to the path one must take to establish a successful business but the problem for myself, and I am sure many others, is to find the business itself. I think there are too many people doing the same type of Internet Marketing business so without an idea that really stands out I wonder at the chance of real success. Curtis seems to be able to provide the path but it is the idea to focus on that is preventing me from going ahead.

Hi Curtis,

I am so very interested and can’t wait to see your next video., My goal is to be able to help my family and friends, To be able to earn money in a legal way, to have a freedom and financially stable. Thank you very much for sharing this things. God bless.

this is great!!

Hi what you say is so true I have just got two refunds this month for rubbish info so folks don’t be afraid to ask for your money back, like Curtis says only buy what you really need and only if it will help you 100% I am unemployed so I need every penny my goal is to get of the social in the next four weeks can’t be that hard I only get £60 per week!!

Actually i want to be self-dependable.

Thank you Curtis, You shoot straight into the root…., lack of focus, jumper-man, and magic button, it’s very me. i’ve been poisoning too long with that, Now my mind feel like a brand new, please teach me how to make money online

You are a great person for sharing your knowledge about making money online and your one program focus strategy.

Great lessons here Curtis! I liked very mich! What you are saying is very much truth. Please remember. I was only just starting out when I met you before and now I am doing so well. You are very caring and give so much. I know it will all come back for you!!!

I am in need of a minimum income of $500/month

Thanks, for a great video. Its so hard to believe that its possible to make money and have a great business using the

internet. A lot of overload information being delivered on the internet, who do I trust. Lot of scams being delivered,

Most newbies, myself included would like a program that would be successful and grow from that and succeed.

Thank You, Gene

Greetings from Malaysia. In add 2 USD27 per month, what costs do i have to fork out. I want 2 master how 2 build my own website. Will your academy hlp me.Hosting is inclusive, what about autoresponder n domain. Pls highlight. CU.

Great job Curtis! I noticed the sincerity as I listened to you. You are exactlyt right about the No. 1 reason why many failed the first time they tried..Lack of focus. I was there a couple of weeks ago and through prayer now I am receiving training and mentoring and guidance in setting up my internet business focused only in what I am doing with the exception of your site.
I believe God led me to you. I totally believed in all your profitable teachings which I intend to follow, thanks to you.

I believe also that He will abundantly bless your honesty and kindness in reaching out to those who are groping and jumping from one opportunity to another. Your abundant blessings will come not only to you but your family also, not only in terms of financial security but in knowing that your compassion to others is actually changing the world for the better.

I want to make a difference in this world and like what you’re doing have the ability to help others especially the poor.
I would like to teach others how to become profitable online and avoid getting ripped off.
I praise and thank God for your honesty and generous heart.
Thank you so much. Keep up the good work !!!!

Just recently I quit doing everything online to observe and see what make people a success and how they con people out of their money and they all seem to be selling dreams and the product could be anything does not seem to matter
false hope fake dreams and worthless products.

I am a very hard worker and pay attention to detail just need someone that is honest
and willing to show me the path without ripping me off.

Thank You for being straight to the point with no hype
I want to learn more heck if I could make 100$ a week
it would be awesome!

I have been trying different programs and keep getting into what people call scams, I don’t beleive their all scams, I just think I lack the knowledge of Marketing. The info that you have provided is going to help me to understand a lot about online business. Trying to work from home, I have 3 daughters, a wife, and another child on the way. I am struggling so bad with debt right now I just don’t know how I am going to make it. I just don’t make enough money at my job and I am always stressed out at work. Learning how to make money online is a great opportunity for me to make a lot of money but I feel that I am just too dumb to understand any of this. I am looking forward to your next video to learn more about marketing.

My goals for the future are:
1.To be able to have a family and be able to support them
2.HAve enough money so I dont have to struggle or worring about not haveing enough
3.TO help people that are in need

Hi Curtis, As I stumble on your website and videos tonight it has really woke me up to the reality that I put all this focus into work my 9-5 but not into my own hopes and dreams. I am a single mother and I am missing my children grow. I see them early in the morning and late at night and I have always wanted to be able to bemore flexible with my life that I can be with them more. Today I realized that I can be more and I can have a home and not just a rental I could open my self to more. I can’t wait to see more that you have to offer. Thank you fortaking the time to do something like this, it was very eye opening. I just can’t wait to see more. My dreams are about to become reality and I am bringing myslef out of dream mode into this can really happen for me. Your were right onthe money and it was clear. Clarity is what is missing in this world. Awesome job and agian thank you from myself and children. You have just begun to change our lives!!!!!! :)

Thank you for your honesty. When you said people lack focus, you were talking to me. I am a pastor of a small church and I also work full time as a supervisor at a steel factory. With all of the work that I try to do, I never seem to be able to see the fruit of my labor. I want to be able to reach the young people in my community with the love of Jesus, that is my first mission. After people come to know the Lord they still need to be able to make a living.

People have made poor choices in life and all they want is a second chance. There are young men and women who know they made mistakes but can’t seem to get beyond their past failures. Some have criminal records or abusive relationships, I want to be able to help them.

I don’t know about anywhere else but the area that I live in struggles with unemployment. I want to be able to make enough money online and replace my full time income so that I could do full time ministry. Then my vision for myself and my community will come to pass.


I just stumbled on your website and honestly i like what i hear. My sub line goal is obviously to be able to live comfortable with my family and i look forward to listening to your teachings. My initial goal is to be able to leave the military in two years and be able to provide for my family a better life in these tough time and stay at home with my son. being in the military keeps me away a lot so i look forward to learning all i can.

This was a great starter for what is to come. I’m pretty excited to see what you send me next and I know you’re content is going to help me take my blog to the next level.

Thanks for the valuable advice Curtis.

Great videos , we are starting now a project , it’s a website that me and my team will teach people how to design and program websites and desktop applications , the only problem we have is that we are from Egypt , English language is not our native language but still we are trying to learn English as good as , we can we still also need to learn conversations to make video tutorials ,,,,
two days ago i said this project won’t work let’s focus on my job instead , but after this videos i guess we are capable of making that project and earning enough money from it , thanks for getting enthusiasm back to me , and waiting for your next videos :)

I have a website company , I just started,which is selling hippie clothes, and accessories, and my main goal is to receive the mentoring I need to be a successful, professional, business, that willl have long-term residual income… I desperately need help getting this off the ground and I feel your company is the one I’ve been looking for… My husband died from cancer in 3wks and it was hard and fast and left me totally help-less with no income..I want to g et my kids off welfare and let them see theres more to life, and I want to be able to share this knowledge, training, and wealth with many others, both family and friends…

I want to make up to $100,000 to start my own business

Thank you for helping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, most of this stuff is a whole new language for me but i hope i can learn enough to start making money. I am a pregnant woman of 19 and my fiance and i are having so much financial trouble… i really hope this works out.

this is a nice stuff. well done for this amazing job. you’re a force to ensuring that others live a good life. thanks.


Hi curtis i am planning to make online money through creating a website like fb or orkut .

Hey I like what I see and I would love to hear and see more my goal in life is to make money of course to take care of me and my kids i have three boys and its hard trying to get a job.But my goal is to look for moms to talk with and to help make it easier in life for mothers that are single moms.So thats my goal and to also show my kids that they have to have goals in life because its not easy without them.So I hope what you have for me on the next video will get me there thank you so much Curtis Andrew.

Hi Curtis,

Thank you very much for these videos. It is very nice to see someone lose the hype and actually provide some real lessons. Here are my goals:

I am a complete beginner at all this stuff, but I know I am at the right place to learn how to really make something work.
I’m guilty of jumping from program to program and most of them haven’t even given me the quality of what I already have received from you for free. It is so nice to find someone that is genuine. Thanks for your time. I have try to make web but hmm i fail i am very new on net. I have been to program paid to mail i think you know that program scams i need to get start i need you to help me . step 1 you do that step 2 do that so and so on i really need you help. for peoel there know abort it its simpel but me i am new person …

Martin H.

My vision is to be free of working for someone else. Not have to worry about having enough money to pay all the bills.
And to have enough free time to go anywhere I want to any day of the week.

Hey Curtis,
I really appreciate what you are doing. I’ve always been double-minded about internet marketing because of the numerous scams that surrounds it. But getting on your site and watching your videos have completely re-orientated me. Thanks for all the secret keys released therein.
Now, one of my greatest objectives has been to generate a lot of money with a minimal start-up capital to raise and run the business of my dream. To do this, I resorted to making researches on how to move from where I am to my dream. Therefore, my strategy is to deeply learn from your system and make huge sums of money in 2 months.
I also want to take good care of my family and those around me….especially the poor.

ok,,lets try this…

I’ve been thinking about the very things you were talking about. I can see how out of control it could get without a plan. So far I with you.

I’m interested to run an online bussiness to gain real money.
Tell me how can I change online money to real money in a real bank account?

thanks for your work to help people. What can i do to win this and get money online? my goal is to get some money in the four weeks and celebrate my weeding.

i hope this video is gonna help me,im tired of all get quick scams

I am looking for a way to start a business without using may hands and tools, just with my head.
I am a complete beginner at all this stuff, I want bee ablle to start making money online!
The page strategic plan is a great stuff, this information you talked (focus) is my problem!
Thanks for everything!


Wow, you hit me where it hurts. When you spoke of focus, witch I never really thought about before, For some reason I thought of my children, my grandchildren and even my mother which brought me to tears. We have always been a poor family living from paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes even now not having enough to pay for food. Right now I’m grasping at straws to try and make ends meet. I’m the only one working at the moment as there is a lack of work for everyone else and I think the stress is just getting to me. I need to learn how to accomplish an online business and to have that long term sustainable income so that then I have the ability to be able to teach it to them as well as others. So I would have to say that, that is my main goal. Financial freedom and no more stress. Quality time with the family rather than always stress out, worry about how am I going to pay the bills.

I must say though that at the beginning of your video I had to laugh as you described me so well, like others jumping from one program to another and not making $1. Knowing your business I’m thinking I don’t know. I’m banging my head on the desk.

Back to goals just like everyone else financial freedom. Seeing that 1st sale would be a blessing in-disguised. If I can make one then I can make another.

I have also just gotten into an affiliate website about 3 weeks ago which I think can be very profitable, I just need to learn how to apply it properly, if that’s the right word, how do i get traffic, how do i get noticed on the web. They do have training courses, but what they didn’t tell me is that I would need $2000 which is the cheapest before I can start that. So you can imagine what I said about that.

I would really appreciate it if you could have a quick look and tell me what you think of it so far. I’m so glad I found you.

I have been online trying to make money for over 6 month and I have not yet made a dime. I will not give up on this and I will stay focus. “Thank you for your help on this. I need a mentor like this to help me. I will help other as soon as I get that break through because I believe in paying it forward just like you are doing now. Thanks again and I hope I win

I really hope this is not a scam! :) good luck my way would be awesome! x

Like the video.
I do hope that this will work out for me.

Thank you

The videos shown are not only informative but performative as well if they are implemented. I am impressed and will continue to learn’

Thank you and God bless!

These are my goals namely 1. Pay for the education of all my children and grandchildren 2. Provide a decent life for my family meaning my wife and our children 3. pay all my past and current debts and be free financially 4. HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS i CAN 5. HELP MANY PEOPLE TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS THEMSELVES AND ENJOY THE COMPANY OF THEIR FAMILIES’


Hi, ..first I am disabled – I suffered severe head-injury, ..although I have tried many things within my life this sounds like the escape I have searched for. As others have said, this does sound very appealing!
What is my goal within life?
…I suppose thee are many things I wish I could do to change the manner in which I am now forced to live, ..but my main goal is to be able to wake each morning and have reason to smile!
Hopefully you can help me find this gol – …Ok ok, obviously I would like to earn an adequate sum to provide for my family and friends – and as you comment this should be a sustainable earning…so let us see what we can do?

Thank you for providing the method in which we may be able to become more than what we now are!

Cheers!(I’m English!)


Hi Curtis !!!

Thanks for the helps.

Your videos are the best.

i want to make money to help my family pay the bills.
i want to travel and have fun.
i want to donate money to help others

1) Make money to start my acting career in LA
2) Provide for my family
3) Make my family Happy!

Times are hard and have been out of a job for the last year and had gone thru most of my savings. I need to make money online fast and get back on track. I just want to win the I Pad so my 19 month old comupter specialist can do it thru the I Pad.

I would like to make money online so i can take care of my dad cause he is sick right now so i had to stop working and stay home with him. So i have been trying to make money online for a while now but there is one thing that is stopping me is i have no money to try to start anything.

hellow I em from Armenia end i wont to make money online to,will you help me?
Thank you!

Hello have a blessed day Andrew i’ve just watch your coaching regarding internet marketing I’m new in this kind of marketing strategy i want to learn more on how this work.

I would like to make money online to help my husband but there is one thing that is stopping me i have no money to try to start business.

Sincerely thanks to you for the genuine informations. Its an awakening truth in my life and I agreed with you why people failed. Reading your articles and listening to your sharing have given me a great insight to myself on what exactly I really want in life. What do I need to do about it and how to make it happen in a most strategic ways. I sincerely need help a lot and guidances from you, not so much on making money but more on knowing the strategic ways. I need to identify my true passion in life and share it with others.
So much for me to express here, the bottom line is, I thank God for directing me to your page and I do really hope the next steps will lead me to a greater height and more promising and satisfying life.
Once again, thanks for the genuine informations.

I have always been dreaming of starting a business based on the internet. Its not that easy because nobody is available to mentor me. I barely know anyone who’s got experience in doing that. So I think I’m on the right spot.

What I have today is the willingness to start and the determination to do it no matter what it takes because I am committed and want to be successful. I will do this not only for me but for my kids and whole family. Help others is a way to go.

I like what I have heard so far. Long term income stream….helping others achieve their dreams….financial freedom and security…So I think I’m on the right spot to start my baby steps in building my own business online.

First lesson learned…..focus.

If I fail (im expecting that coz this is the first time) I will come back up and do it again. 10 to 1 ratio….expect to fail 10 times and succeed only once. My objective is to succeed so why should I stop when I fail once or twice? i will go for success. One success can erase all 9 failures but lessons learned contributed to my success. I will get going and going learning from my failures. This is how I’m going to learn to succeed in this business.

Good thing is….Curtis Andrew is going to help and guide me.

glad i found you buddy!


As a late generation baby boomer, I’ll be retiring within the next decade. Unfortunately, I don’t want to rely solely on my pension just to get me through the day. I need another source of income so I can truly enjoy my retirement and spend more quality time with my family.

So I signed up on several money-making online programs but nothing seems to work. I only ended up making the other guy richer. But this program is entirely different and Curtis seems to know what he’s talking about. He didn’t ask any money upfront and this made me comfortable. Instead he makes us define our goals and find out what our real motivations are for making money online.

By golly, I’ll really stay focused and on track this time!

Hi Chris!
I am a network marketer for years and now I wanna upgrade to online network marketing by inviting people from all walks of life to join me in my business endeavor. How can i manage this, is, hopefully by making the right moves courtesy of your Internet Academy. I REALLY WANNA MAKE MONEY ONLINE so i can retire from my day job securely!!! Guess this is one goal i hope to achieve before this year ends plus of course i want the Kindle ipad :-)

Thanks for your commitment to help networkers like me to start up our business online.

Great coaching Curtis.. So far so good.. :) My only wish is that this is not a scam like those that are out there,they suck up the money and we are left dry..
Anyways im pretty happy about your coaching.. Oh yeah and i hope ill have a shot at that Apple Kindle or the Ipad.. :)

Great information. I was struggling starting my online business and this really enlighten me. Thanks

Hoping that this could help me earn a living. Thanks for this opportunity.

Hoping that you could help me earn a living for my family, thank you for this opportunity.

Many thanks Mr. Curtis andrew!

A great opportunity to watch your video and know you about your ideal business concept in Onine Marketing. We are both in the same field of endeavors but I really focus on one’s client ideal business that I normally do my part as a Coach, doing global online marketing for both clients and their suppliers and their ideal business.

Just keep in touch by replying my comments and I will send to you my One Page Strategic Plan for you to know about business and career right now.

Wish you all the best of your business and I hope we both be part of our client’s future dreams…Online Marketing.

Best regards,

God bless!


it would be a great help, i’d love helping my family, hope this website will be God’s instrument to be able to help more and add more knowledge, im from Philippines , is there an access too here?,,,More power to your website and God bless you…

Curtis, I agree with you about the jumping around from one program to the next. My problem with most programs is I get to a point and I don’t understand how to do what it is that I need to do. Then I frustrated and proceed to the next program and start all over again. What a lot of “gurus” think is that if they explain how to do things is that we newbies will automatically understand what they are talking about. Not so.

My goal is to be able to continue to make a yearly salary equivalent to what I will be retiring from. I have paid into SS from the day I started working and I don’t see much of a return coming from that in the future. My parents and family depend on social security for the majority of their income and I am afraid that it is coming to and end. We need to find a way to take care of the family without depending on our goverment (and thats another story).

I appreciate all you can teach me and hope to hear from you soon.


Chris Howell

I want to see myself succeed in the business that I want to pursue and probably have the financial freedom that I want..

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for being kind enough for sharing your blessings to others. More power and God bless…

Thanks for the information…

One of my immediate goals is to make my website an income generating site, it all starts with a dream and my millions would come if my site would be able to generate income … Thanks

Sounds very interesting… I am going to follow u A-Z.

i would like to have work throught internet, thank you if you teach me what will i do to start

aaa … sorry i dont know what to say exactly but i have know now what its all about a little and i will try to make the page now and i dont know what to do after so am waiting


It’s a great video. I want to be with my family and stop working abroad that’s why my goal is to make money online but my problem is I don’t know where or how will I start. I’ve read a lot of websites already about making money online but I’m scared that they maybe are just internet scams. It’s really hard to find which is really legitimate.

Please help.

Thank you.

I want a Porsche cayman and don’t give a f* how i get it it.

i’m from india and i’m here to expect a change .. i dont have any business strategies at d moment as i’m still 19yrs old .. i just want to clear away d debt my dad has mad for my education .. its around 1million .. and also want to continue earning so that i will have d freedom of everything ..
hope i wud be getting an solution ..thank u..

This is true I have struggled financially all of my life.

i wish you all the best.

How to make more money from google Adsense?

great concepts. my goals are to earn a living online , have more control off my life , and make a 6 figure income online.

My business goals are to:
1. make a living from my online income

2. Have a freedom over my life

3. Be more Helpful to others in my family and community

i want to start a new bushiness am territory student and i need income to support my self

Nice…well i want to make my own life not depending of my boss paychecks!
1. start my buisness
2. make at least 5 figures online a month
3. live my life

I work on healing, but i do not have freedom and i would like to have it, so, i want to find the way to earn money on internet and even i continue to work on my business which i like because i help people, and can also have money to have freedom and a better life. My goal is have my website about my healing business and use it to get money too through the many ways we hear on internet, like affiliates, etc. My problem is that i am completely new on this internet marketing.

hope it works…………….:)

my goals is To take care of parents and daughter, to improve my financial needs for studies.

I am probably one of the younger people here, I am 19 years old. I have had quite a few problems with the law in the past year because I have a lead foot. Currently my liscence is suspended and I am unable to pay off my ticket due to the lack of jobs within my economy. I have however applied for an apprenticeship program but I cannot expect to hear back from them until mid Novemember. And seeing how its only September 8th at the moment I have to find another source of income at least until then. I have heard about a million and one of these internet marketing “scams” if you will. (I am extremely skeptical) I decided that I will go out on a limb and give one a shot, I keep telling myself, “maybe this is a legitimate way to make money.”

My goals are simple, I want to be able to pay off my speeding tickets so I can legally drive my car again. I want to be able to maintain my bills while I patiently wait to hear back from said company. Assuming that all goes well and I am able to achieve these goals then my next goal is to be able to use this income as pure spending money.

Had a great time hearing all the business strategies and it somehow enlightened me in doing business in the internet…. thanks for the effort of opening our eyes!

Curtis, I throroughly enjoyed learning from your videos. Thank you very much. And keep them rolling.

ready to get started and making money

Hello Curtis…
Great stuff, the information is calming in a sense to where I can just sit back and think about my goals and aspirations for my business plan and life. So thank you for the time and effort you put forth in making these free videos.

My business goal is mainly to have that peace of mind that one gets when there is no worries, when life is a breeze, and the world is seen as a better place to be.

Can you tell me more about making money on ebay with dropshipping, and some reliable dropshippers in the UK.


It was a nice treat listening to you. I have been trying to figure out how to actually make a life changing living for me and my family. It has been so daunting trying to wade through all the scams and junk for making money online. I have a good feeling from you so far. Looking forward to a great journey.


great website, look forward to getting started


Great stuff. I like your knowledge and your passion to teach. thanks so much.

Bob from Boston

Hey curtis, im a complete newbie, i messed up in life and i had an experience that made me want to change from negative to positive. What i want is to be able to have the freedom to enjoy my hobbies, help out my friends and family which are all struggling including myself. Im tired of seeing everyone i love living life the way they do. I like your videos and they make a lot of sense. What i really want is a clothing/sneaker line because i love fashion and i love looking good, but its hard to do it because i dont know where to start. However, this seems like a good start. Thank you for inspiring me and hopefully things will all come together soon.

My business strategy is :
1. P of P becomes the happiest and most fun way for grown-ups to inspire kids to learn and carry-on imaginative, pretend play
2. We share the best possible information available on creativity-building strategies for kids
3.The progress of our ever-growing community of players is on-goingly updated
4. Everyone can afford this system of ensuring kids’ best possible creative development
5. The P of P community continually supports and connects all members of all ages

Thanks for the great start, Curtis. I will be so happy to learn from an honest teacher!

P.S. It seems the dates are past on the Strategic Plan Example! :+)

Thanks Curtis I have been looking for someone to help me to learn how to make money online witout charging a arm and a leg for the help.

Sounds real and honest.Looking forward to the next video.

Curtis, I loved all of your videos, and I’m ready to make a sizable jump in my financial life. Here are my goals:
1. Earn $600 a day.
2. Buy a new car.
3. Take care of my college debt.
4. Move out of my parents house by June 2012.
5. Take care of my family’s debt as well.

Thanks for the information Curtis, and I can’t wait for the next video! One more thing: You should pick me in the Amazon Kindle giveaway!


I have done sales training throughout the United States and Canada primarily in the housing and recreational vehicle industries. Due to the economy and lack of financing the retailers I have been training have shrunk to mom and pop operations that no longer can afford nor have the additional salespeople that need training. It is difficult for these people to get away to attend sales meetings so I am looking for a way to sell newsletters, books and video discs teaching my training methods. I’m looking for the best way to approach this to get maximum results in the shortest possible time. Given a game plan I can stay focused!

Hi curtis. I have been messing around online for a long time now. Some amount of years. In the begining i thought i would just find a way to make a ton of money very quickly. Over time i figured out that was not going to happen. What you said in the day one video made a lot of sense. My goal is to become financially free from an internet business. I have not made any money online yet except from survey sites (which has not added up to very much). I am only 20 years old and I have been much more focused lately. Plan to make my first amount of money very soon. Thanks for the free video. Much different then most I have seen.

Hi Curtis!!

I have just watched your video and did find it good. (*FOCUS*) It makes me think about the time I spent in the last three months puzzling myself what to do and what not to do. I now find out that I’m not focused enough.
(moneyreviews.org) This is my affiliate site but I didn’t work on SEO so I think I must start doing something.
Hoping for the better videos in the future!


i wanna make money….

i wanna make money….

I would like to have work through internet; if you teach me that what will i do?

i’d like to know & understand more

This is great stuff this what i have been looking for. I am new to online business. I am convinced that this will give me the freedom i’ve been looking for,i’m from india and i’m here to expect a change .. i dont have any business strategies at d moment as i’m still 35yrs old .. i just want to clear away my debts, It was so nice to listening to you. I have been trying to figure out how to actually make a life changing living for me and my family. I have a good feeling from you so far. Looking forward to a great journey.

Great info Curtis, looking forward to the rest of your material. I wish I had found this type of training a lot sooner….



I just want to make lots of money-for once in my life. I want to do this by writing info. products.
My goals are to improve my quality of life while insuring a better quality of life for other people
less “able” than myself.

thanks for the video

great way to make money
please send me

This is really inspiring…

Hi Curtis. I’ve been looking around on the internet to find a way to make money on the internet. I got fired twice and need money to take care of my family. I’m looking forward to your next video and meanwhile I will stay focussed. My goal is to earn $350 a day so I can take care of my family. Thanks.

i,m intrested u have great mindset i,m so poor i have pc internet i can not pay u some fee but if u give me that thing i,ll workhard on it so plz help me

My goal is to have a income of 3000 per month in order to enjoy my new marriage life :)

Hey Curtis, I am in college and am looking for a way to make some money so I do not have to balance a full time job and schoolwork

great lesson. thanks for showing me a great path of working. i will waiting for your next mail.

my goal is to have the financial freedom to live life and not work 60 hours a week going down the wrong road. great vidio very helpfull (FOCUS)!

well im new to this and i think its graet already……this is the key to success!!!!!!

very interesting your video…thanks for your kindness to explain everything….I will also achieve an incredible success with my website,that’s why I listen to people that already succeeded..

thanks a lot

i wanna make money help me please

My goal is to earn money for the first time. I already completed this first free lesson and I am ready for more. I wish to move forward quickly.

believe am with the best tutor.

Hi, I really apreciate your lessons , I’m a student my father doesn’t works anymore , and my mom is trying to make money away from home meaning over 3000 km distance . My goal is to work online and make real money I do not wish to get rich I just wanna help my family financial , I would like to gain over 100-150 $ a day , a decent income but the fact is that I didnt realised this on the internet , Why because i found a lot of guru money making online trying to sell their fake programs .

I hope that it will work out. Thank you for sharing all this inforrmation with us.

hello , firs of all thanks for the truly easy and clear videos , im zaid from Baghdad-iraq i wanted to start a job of developing application and games for handhold devices so i need money to start that job .

Good day Curtis,

Stand up and walk, I started blog in 2006 which my aim to create income. At that time adsense was so popular back then. I was 19 and too young to understand the keyword concept. I’ve seen people make tonnes of money at age 19 but not me. Then after adsense didnt successful and only manage to get $100 in 1 year. Average $10 per month. How Im gonna make that for living.

Then I move to affiliate. and earn about $200 per year. a bit better but still not enough. I’ve been buying books but nothing work it out. I blame the author, until I’ve purchase one this very book. Still no result but its so obvious the product worth it due to many of his technique been applied by others at google when do keyword searching. So now I realize that, its not the author is wrong. but me myselft. I just dreaming everyday to make money but have no plan and action.

i wanted fast money to jump on me.. I tried to get out of my dreaming but I cant. Everyday I kept dreaming i wish i got super cars big house and good salary per month to quit my current job. unfortunately i couldnt find the key to quit the dream. my affiliates sales are droping with 2011 sales are just $21. it even cant cover my hosting. its all coming back to me now. its all what within me… im lost of guidance what to do next.

Hi Curtis,

Thank you very much for these videos. It is really very nice to see someone actually provide some real lessons how to make money online . My goals are

1. By the end of this year I want to make enough Money, so that I retire from the Job and Pay my Debts
2. I want a regular Income for my Family.
3. I want to Help other People to make good money through online.

I am a complete beginner at all this stuff, but I know I am at the right place to learn and help other people to eran enough money.

Thanks for your time and Good Advice.


Sam Gupta

i am very happy for this video thanks
yes i need money

hi there curtis!!!

u know i like your market strategy, and you encourage people focus what they are doing not jump to opportunity to opportunity. thanks curtis i learn so much, thanks man, more power.

Hello Curtis,

Thank you so much for your honest and practical advice.

My goal for the future is to make $4,000 per month by creating a website that provides truly useful links and information for Canadian parents, such as:
-Where to get help for your disabled or ADHD Canadian child
-How to create easy and delicious recipes using ingredients available in Canada
-How much exercise should you get and how do you find the time?
-Which supplements you should take, which ones you can skip, and where you can buy them in Canada
-How to develop peace of mind through meditation
-What depression is and where to get help for it in Canada
-Using supplements to help your dyspraxic/DCD child and where to buy them in Canada
—and much, much more.

My problem IS LACK OF FOCUS. You nailed it Curtis. Thank you. I’m one month new to this business and trying to do everything on my own. I taught myself how to create a website using youtube and my website looks just like that. Amateurish. I’m a widow of 8 years, not looking to marry, and don’t want to work for someone else the rest of my life.
I’ve been chasing too many shiny pennies and not making one sale. I found a friend of my son’s who’s been in the business for two years now and making money and he referred me to you! Thank you for your great information!

ples what is next

Great Video! Made a lot of sense because i need more focus on my goals!

i want to make it out of life but pick me never had noting good in my life

I hope you are the real deal. I am not a materilistic person, i do not care about material stuff. but in this
world that runs on money, you need money for everything. Before i did not care about money , but like o not
it is necessary, not for my my material needs but to help family and people in need.

Thanks for been honest and give your best to help others to get into business and make money.


I’ve had the desire to start an online presence to generate income for quite some time.
The main reason things haven’t got off the ground is one of the major topics covered in your first video above, “FOCUS!
It’s so easy get overwhelmed with all of the information that is available, as well as juggling in your personal responsibilities.
Thanks for the reminder. You’ve already taught me a lesson in managing my time better. Looking forward to learning more!

nice and accurate….thank you for the information it can help me a lot…

All of the comments were positive – but what are you selling? Cost?? I don’t understand how you are making money here – and you must be looking for income yourself – or else what is the catch??

hi curtis.
Am a student of University of Nigeria Nsukka,am 22 yrs old , in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 300 level, capable of designing web pages, but i really need assistance.
its a pleasure to be on this page,writing to you Curtis. Really, i need money to assists myself in my academics, which i believe you can . Actually i need to invent and transform people gearing dear mindset towards achieving their goals/aims in life by putting mine first as a witness with this program . Finally, from what i have seen you people are really doing fine in helping lives. I appreciate the good work. THANKS.

I’ve had the desire to start an online presence to generate income for quite some time.
The main reason things haven’t got off the ground is one of the major topics covered in your first video above, “FOCUS!
That’s me. I am getting better warding off other offers but I’m still working on three opportunities all in affiliate marketing.
Thanks for the reminder. You’ve already taught me a lesson in managing my time better.
Looking forward to learning more. I am convinced that continuous learning is essential to everyone in all endeavors of life.

Thanks and God bless you and your loved one’s. You’re really a nice son of the Father, God.

I enjoyed listening to all of the pertinent information you have disclosed and am definately curiously interested and can only say, “if a child can read it,its a dam childrens book!” Lol …just a little humor, Semper Fi till we die. OORAH!

Curtis, this is a very good lesson. I am new here, and i really want to make money online. Am studying in china and here you cannot work unless you are here with a working visa. I don’t want to be depending all the time on my parents. I want to be able to support myself and my family.
I am ready to learn from you curtis. you’re really doing a nice thing and am very sure you will get back what you sow 10 times more. Thanks

i am struggling alot to earn money online.you guys gave hope to me to earn money online.. thanks…

i want to do it

I’m a chinese,English is not my mother language.So I can just get your infomation not more than 50% in your video,even that, you video is awesome!!.So, could you subtilte your video that I can get your information with translate tools.thank you.

This is great. I’m not exactly employed due to that fact I’m a teenager but this will help me make money on the side and I always wanted to make app so this will help a lot.

Very good video. I am prepared to move through this process diligently to elevate my business and meet my goals.

I can hardly wait to get started! Thanks.

Thank you for this information. I can hardly wait to get started.

The information presented is easy to understand and reassuring that finally I will have the keys to making money online.

My achievements:

Create a steady income to help my parents as the family can’t even make it through 1 month without borrowing money my family has always been poor and all i want is for us all to live a good life i have been unemployed for 3 years now after leaving school as i suffer from anxiety and have been trying to create an online business for over 5 years when i turned to game making and now i want to make money with it and another achievement is to treat my fiancee who truly deserves a break and my mum who does everything and works 2 jobs just to feed us she deserves the most. sorry for no punctuation
Edward Jay Bacon owner of mirrorgaming

My main goal is to stop procrastinating and actually focus on one concept by accepting your core principle of developing an overall strategy that is congruent with a proven business model.
I plan to publish information products that deliver value while utilizing my journalism background and video skills.
I choose to be optimistic about my future, my abilities to contribute to society and believe that the financial rewards will follow.
I pledge to provide for and educate my family, friends and the greater community.
I accept the fact that I need a mentor and must work diligently if I plan to achieve these goals in a 12 to 18 month time frame. Let the process begin. Thanks.

Hi Curtis,

I am new to the world of internet marketing. It seems interesting and promising to me.

I live in India. Internet is growing at a fast pace over here. So there is a great potential for internet marketing here.

I am in no rush. Just take small steps till I get it.

Right now I only have a blog where I write about my passions. I am understanding the basics about the internet.

I am looking forward to the other videos in the series. First one was really good.

Major Business Goals :

1) Find a particular niche. (Will have to take a decision. )

2) Find a partner in “dime”. (I already have a day job.)

3) Make the website as automatic as possible.

4) Create loads of value to the customer.

5) Make my first dollar in my self owned business.

And finally, thanks Curtis for the Amazon Kindle. You rock. :)

hello Curtis. Am Chisom and am from Nigeria. I want to thank you for opening my eyes to the real truth about making money online. through your teachings, i have come to learn that i need to be focus and to be serious about what i do.

all my life i have wanted to make money online but every time i tried, i only end up wasting my time. but through your teachings, i know what i need to do to make money.

thank you Curtis.


What a wonderfully refreshing presence you are. Your approach to helping people is a breath of fresh air in a very stale Forrest of Hype. Out of the millions of websites, that create the internet quagmire. My first 5 minutes of watching you and “truly listening” to your message, you have emerged as a person who has already done, what my focus is to become.

I cannot thank you enough that you have presented yourself and your philosophy to the Internet Marketing World for good people to emulate. I hope you do not have a problem if I become a self regulated protege of yours as my strategies seem eerily similar to yours… Only problem is… I am an internet Newbie . Thank you :)

Hey Curtis,

Well the site that I’m in the middle of creating is a site where I write comments on movies and other things I’m sure if the idea arises. I would like for my site to be somewhere people go to to find out if a movie is worth seeing or not. I’ve always hated going to a movie and being tricked. I would say, “Boy the previews really made this movie look good… Because it sucks” lol. I want to warn people about sucky movies so that they wont waste their time and money on them. And from this making the world a bit less stressful. We shouldn’t be upset by something the our culture very much depends on uplifting us. Wether its in a way of scaring the mess out of us or wowing us with action pack explosions, romance, ect.. I want to make difference and for people to really benefit from it.

Thanks A Lot,


Hello Curtis the video I just saw now is very useful for me. I have left my job and now I am in home searching to make online money making websites but this is the first website I have saw it is likely to be a use full from this video I will focus on this website that how to make money. Curtis when I will win I will return all my loans my loans is approx.($1500).If you help me Curtis my life will become easier. And from this loan my wife has also left me alone shes in India and I am in Pakistan if you help me she will come back soon please help me please pick my name Curtis. I am all alone without my wife please Curtis because of you she will come back please help me pick my name pick my name please. Thank You. :(

My business goals for Internet Marketing Strategies with Hypnosis are
1. launch my website http://internetmarketingstrategies.withhypnosis.com on our before by January 30th 2012
2. Recruit a minimum of 20 super affiliates as affiliates to promote my first ever launch on the internet
3. Recruit a minimum of 50 affiliates on tier two, as affiliates
4. create a minimum of $100,000 in revenue for the launch
5. Build a list of a minimum of 3000 subscribers
6. Create such value in my product that my subscribers will be customers for life
7 I will create over $1,000,000 in revenue from my internet Marketing business in 2012
8. I will launch stages 2 through 5 of Internet Marketing Strategies with Hypnosis during 2012
9 I will complete every module of Internet Income Academy with Curtis Andrews as his course is awesome
10. to recruit Curtis Andrews as on of my first Super Affiliates to assist me with my product launch

Curtis Andrew, very wise man. My aim and drive in life is just as you,have rightly said, it is to enjoy total freedom and liberty. To be my own boss and have total control over my life whilst being finiancially sound. I would also like to change my life around and help give back to my family and charities.

hi, curtis

thank you for the video and i can’t wait to see the second video.

just as you said, i’ll do this to achieve the financial freedom for myself and family.

hope it will work and i’ll be focused and work hard.

I will be interested to see where this is heading

Hi all,
I get really moved when I hear honest reviews from someone who knows what he is talking about. I live in Africa and have been in a suspicious romance with online opportnuties….” suspicious because there is a lot of hype and as I get to read everyday I discover that somehow the information given is limited probabaly for a purpose… the Gurus give the impresion that clickbak for instance is the only way whereas there are hundred of other affiliate opportunuties…
My immediate goals is to master affiliate marketing techniques and start profiting…. My long term goal is to quite my job in under 24 months, have my 50 year old mom retire and spend quality time with her grand children and then start develompent/education oriented organisation to give back to my community, travel the world, learn new things and SHARE with others

Thanks for helping many of us who are finding it hard to make any head way in the net.

Afternoon Curtis,

First of all I have several blogs and I am very new to Internet Marketing. My goal is to become financially independent in the next 3 years as I approach retirement age. I want to make at least a figure compared to my salary by next year so that I devote more time to my marketing businesss. That means I need to make at least $3,000 a month or be making $40,000 by this time next year in order to quit my full-time job.

Hi Curtis,

I m completely new to this online business.Please help me how can i proceed through it.Also tell me If I earn online how will the dollars be converted to rupees since I m from India.
Please send me ur reply in my email id


Yes, you can do this. Places like Paypal will convert the money for you. Just keep learning and it will all come together ;)

This is a great goal and definitely achievable. Keep learning and keep building your internet business and it will happen ;)

Good morning Curtis from New Zealand. I have tried a lot of programs on line and paid for what they offer to make money on line. So far all I have got out of it is Ziltch & also, with other programs I have to join up with I have needed to join up with a lot of other programs as well as theirs putting it far out of my reach. I am 67 years old and the internet is full of programs to make money that it is hard for my old brain to keep up with.
I was going through my email and decided to take one more try with what you could offer me.
My goal is to be able to make enough money to make the rest of my life more comfortable. I do not want millions just enough. After so many let down I believe that maybe just maybe this one time could be for me. Oh by the way this is not a sob story I have learnt to accept what god has given me. I wish you a very Merry Xmas, Kindest regards Lyn

Excellent content Curtis. I’m currently in the process if simplifying and narrowing my focus, so your message really hit home. The Strategic Plan is powerful in it’s design! Very impressive …

My business goals are simple:

To create massive value within my niche, and in the process become an authority site that generates $10,000 per month in net revenue.


Hi Curtis,

Loved your video. Was very insightful for me, a beginner.

Before I found you / your website / your information. I had already decided that I would like to earn online. As I am more preferential for work