Welcome to the IIA No-Hype Zone! – Day 2

:: DAY 2 ::

Welcome Back!

Day 1 Comment Winner: Terry M. Congratulations!

The winner of our comment contest for yesterday was Terry M. She won a $300 Amazon Kindle just for leaving a comment! Thanks to everyone that posted a comment! We have some more great prizes to give away so keep ‘em coming!

Today we will be going over some essential things that you must do first to reach success with your online business. It is important that you know the different ways to make money online, the best way to get started, and how to do some initial market research.

First, watch this intro video from Curtis. Then move on to the first course on Online Business Models. After that, watch the series on Market Research, and then tell us what you learned today for your chance to win a $700 Apple Ipad. Enjoy!

Day 2 Introduction Video
With Your Host: Curtis Andrew

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Take Action Now.

First we want to set you up so that you have an easier time making money right from the start. Here is how we plan to do that today:

  1. Go through the Online Business Models video course.
  2. Go through the Market Research video course.
  3. Leave a comment here on what you learned today.


- Your Online Business Models Video Course -

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- Your Market Research Video Course -

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Keep the comments coming! Let us know what you learned today. One luckily participant will get this brand new $700 Apple Ipad! We will announce the winner tomorrow. Let the fun begin!

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Curtis, I am learning so much from you. I have been trying to make money online for several years now, but I had never been able to put it all together. Just these videos from yesterday and today have helped put things in such better perspective. You are a great teacher and I am glad that I opened this email today!

Good show chap!

I am ready Curtis! When the student is ready the teacher appears – and boom there you were!

I want to know more about IIA. Are you letting new members in? I am ready ready ready!

Good afternoon Mr. Andrew!

Quality stuff here. Substantial, actionable, timely.

I appreciate it and look forward to more.


I haven’t been able to finish all the videos yet, but already I can say this is awesome.

I would really like to win the IPAD – please consider me!

This stuff is awesome…..

i aprreciate this

keep on up date this

best regards

The step by step videos, strategy sheets and lessons are fantastic! Thank you so much…

Being laser focused is the key, but so hard to achieve in an environtment loaded with distractions that we think we may need.


The videos are very informative and give better understanding of the different money making models.

Also it gives me answer to why I am getting overwhelmed.

Thanks for the information.

kind regards

I have been looking at internet opportunities over the past several years and this is by far the best I have seen.You do not complicate things like others you make it simple so anyone even I can understand. Good job.

Love this,, Thanks

Brilliant! learnt a lot from the videos, will take your advice and start with affiliate marketing.
looking foward to the next lessons.

Finally I’m geeting the kind of teaching I need. I need to watch them once or twice more though. thank you

great stuff again, way better than some paid courses.

hey thanks a lot cutis i m just learning many nw things abt internet earnin
really thanks 4 such ideas….

Curtis, Are you sure that you should be sharing this information for free? I am really learning a lot and hope for more.


This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to have an iPad but can’t afford to buy one using my own money yet that’s why I am so glad I clicked on the link from the email you sent to me. But I am more glad I watched your very, as in very informative videos here for I learned about Froogle, a shopping comparison engine which is part of Google. I didn’t know about it before. So yes, I first heard about Froogle here in one of your informative videos which gives specific results on certain products you are searching for. Thank you so much!

I like it ,,it not bad

i really liked this website because of all the information it has on the contest the have so you can enter it and win something

Thank you Curtis for another awesome day of training. Great stuff here and it’s unbelievable in todays internet environment: Every little bit of high quality information was FREE. I like it. Keep on going with more great content.


Hi Curtis,

I think that what you are providing is an excellent way for IM newbies like me to get a handle on the IM game! Hope you have more like this as we can’t beat the price! ;o)

Best Regards!


Thank you Curtis. Your videos are very informative. Thanks for your honest explanation easy to understand basic principles to put every things together. There are so many too complicated and misleading courses on the internet.
You are great teacher, so now I started to understand things in much better perspectve.

That’s really the right way
and the best starting point
for my business at all!


Congrats Terry M.! Thanks again Curtis for all the continued help and support!

As a Home Based Business Consultant, I was extremely impressed with your comprehensive outline of the various Business Models available on the Internet. Your presentation with the use of an excellent Power Point was easy to follow and gave valuable insight to help anyone looking to make money on the Internet. You gave the pros and cons of each business model, providing the reader with a full picture. I look forward to hearing more about the course you are offering which can provide mentoring and coaching to elliminate the learning curve and allow people to have success sooner because of your knowledge.

Thanks Curtis…

You’ve offered some free content here that is far more expansive than many high priced internet marketing courses, and your concentration on showing the big picture before diving into specific methods offers true clarity for anyone wanting to dive into the waters of making money on the internet.

Great stuff.

great information very iintriging stuff

Although I have been on the internet about a year now, I’m learning a lot from you. Thank you for the easy manner in which you speak and explain everything.


Hi Curtis,

Little did know I would be watching 3 plus hours of solid training from IIA today. I thought it might involve a couple of videos and 20 to 30 minutes of training at most. What a pleasant surprise.

Focus, training and action. These certainly are 3 keys to success for anyone just starting out on the internet.

Your videos discussing the 5 monetization/business models provided a helpful framework for hanging the various tactics and strategies that get thrown around on the internet. You did a nice job of showing how training from IIA would help someone considering any or all of these models.

The research videos exploring the golf ball market were quite extensive and in-depth and well worth watching.

Thanks for these quality training videos.


P.S. I found a few tidbits you mentioned in parts of your business models discussion very interesting. I didn’t know that Timothy Ferriss of “The 4 Hour Workweek” fame made his money in the supplements business. It’s also fascinating to me that a “free” dating site like PlentyOfFish.com can generate more than $10 million per year in ad revenue, or that a “funniest videos” compilation site like Fark.com can generate more than $600,000 per month in ad revenue. If IIA training can lead me to develop the next such site, sign me up!

Oh my goodness..thanks for your kind gesture..now i see why i don’t make my money..this calls for celebration..am over excited

Hi, Mr. Andrew:

What a “intense” Market research course but a refreshing “golden nugget”. What I learned most is that Keywords allow us to open the door of opportunity in any market we choose no matter whether we want to sell our own products or promote other people’s products in this market. A keyword only becomes a GOOD keyword when we learn how to do something good with it. How we use keywords is fundamental and to some degree is critical to our success online. I leaned more from this course than all “hype” courses I downloaded. I never realized that google tool bar is so amazing for market research.

As for my future business model, I plan to promote other people’s products first in the niche market I chose ( I think you will help me to select a “golden” market thru IIA) and learn the “process” then build the my own higher level products or service.


your humble apprentice

You present information I’ve heard before and somehow make it sound as easy as it actually is. You take the “scary” out of it. Nice.

You have totally put me at ease with the wealth of information in your video courses. I have tried so many other courses but as you said they leave out info that are needed in your knowledge especially when you are new in the field. I like that very much. Thank you.


I have and am intending to start up an internet business thus the reason for looking for an appropriate course to help me with starting. I learnt and decided that the best strategy for me now is to start up with the affiliate program first while I learn about the “Sell your service” strategy better. Those 2 options seem to represent me best and I will definitely need help in setting up a website. That’s too techno for me.

That was some awesome information to stream for free.
Heck, where is the order button ;)

this is very helpful..thank you Curtis

I’ve learned more in this short amount of time so far than I did from all of the others I’ve tried.
I tend to lean more towards selling physical products, because I’m a geezer and tangible goods are just what I’m used to. However, I’m going to go with Affiliate Marketing as I’m going into this with an open mind and I’m totally ready to listen to you and learn from your experience.

focus!online traveling!take action!

focus!onlilne traveling!take action!

Thank you very much Curtis,what you provide is amazing and your explanation is wonderful,i really hope you great success

The information in your videos is very good. I can see this as the turning point in my IM marketing
career. They are very clear and right to the point.

Thank You very much.

Phil Blair

focus!onlilne traveling!take action!
I leaned more from this course than all “hype” courses I downloaded. I never realized that google tool bar is so amazing for market research

Thank you Curtis for all the great information and support. I appreciate it and I know that the other people here do as well. Through your videos today I have learned the pros and cons to the various online business models and how to apply them for myself. I now have a direction to start with and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Day two is even better than yesterday and truly builds a strong foundation to success for the future. Thank you!

The best online income opportunity…. Thank You Curtis.

Great stuff!

It helps you position yourself as to how to get where you want to go minimizing unnecessary mistakes.
Clear and concise instructions.

honestly I don’t speak english much and I don’t understand the whole point but I think it makes sense

yes i’m new to all this i need to learn everything about starting a brand new website from starting to ending and about the cost for everything. well this is what going on with me i got charged for a site that i did not even get.

Hi Curtis
I didn’t realise that I was going to watch 3 hours of video tutorial today!
I thought this was very well put together and helps people make the right choice in getting started online.
Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


Okay- you have gone above and beyond! The videos were outrageous…I learned alot but I will be back often. I’m thinking that all of us taking advantage of this sight might have to give you the gifts! I really do have to thank you for caring so much about us strugglers.

Thank you very much Andrew:

It is very common in the field of internet marketing, they teach you step by step how to start from the beginning to plan your business, there are many “gurus” that offer you the education costs much too high, the problem is not the cost of these courses, the problem is that these supposed “gurus” only give you seeds of education and are giving you parts and you go out shopping to purchase to acquire the necessary knowledge and can get started in this great world of commerce.

For my part I am very grateful for the very loose to offer this knowledge, which maybe many people they are familiar, but for those who are newly started tons of gold in our teaching, from the moment I’m taking a gift much larger than the Apple IPAD, I am hungry for knowledge of this type and although I do not speak the English language fluently, I’m learning (my way) but I’m doing.

Thank you very much again, and if you have more information I will be useful, let me know thank you my email.


Its really amazing, i mean its awesome

Holy Cow! The training on research was much more in depth than I expected. And it’s going to take me quite a while to digest it. Ebay is one of those sites that I’ve just not gotten my head wrapped around yet. Learning how to use it as one of the tools for researching was interesting and I’m going to zip on over there and see what I can find in my chosen niche.

Thanks for the intensive training!

Great program…… Love all the videos so far. Almost fell asleep trying to watch them all at once, hope you plan on keeping them up for a while…………

Thanks Much…….David

I found the information though quite basic to be rather thorough. I have been online for several years so that is why I say it was rather basic.

But after my wife taking are 3 children and leaving me. Having to move from my 3 bedroom home into a 24 foot RV. I could use a change of luck. To win an iPad sure would be a sign of my luck turning.


It’s amazing.

I like your teaching,Curtis.Thank you very much. I’m convinced that you will be a great people and your instrctions shall spread across every corner of this planet. I look forward to your new stuff. I appreciate it.


Very Beautuful


thank you for your guidance.

Very well!

It’s great matter, if I can have good friends on

Great videos Curtis!

I have been online for a while, making some money, but I need more. These videos have been great to get me back to the basics and to really understand what I need to do. I feel that with your guidance I can finally reach my goals. I appreciate all that you have done here and I look forward to the doors opening for IIA. Thanks!

You are amazing, already I read so many things about earning money online, but you are like fresh air, comparing to all of the promising gurus. Keep it up, hardly wait for more.
Kind regards.
P.S. I am from one small country, and I am mom of three!

I am some years in Home Business but only spend money

With this service I hope i make real money

Cow!very Beautuful!

It’s great matter, if I can have good friends on

WOW!!!!…..very interesting stuff. I thought i knew everything to make money but there are stuff on these videos that i didnt think of. its all about the little simple things that a lot of us over look that makes the difference.

Sometimes we need someone to remind us about these simple stuff for it to make better sense and to produce better results.

Thank you

its so good it help to internet loveing people thank you for giving thiss chance


very powerful infomation, I hope the coming is better.

Thanks a lot.


Excellent information. I learned a lot, but my problem is with application. Some times i think there is too much information out there, and because of it I can’t concentrate on things how I should.

It’s a simple but clear presentation. What I learned today, Internet business is:
1. Easy to get started
2. Low out-of-the-pocket cost. One can start with little money.
3. Access to millions of people in internet… huge market but big opportunities.

Hi Curtis,
Thanks to info me your IIA
your IIA looks great…
Pls guide me to success

hello I look forward to making some real money soon!!!

thats cool!!!

this a real good thing u started real ppl need real help trying 2 get started wit makeing money on the net ! thank u 4 not trying 2 con ppl like alot of other ppl

This video will help all internet markerters throughout the world to earn more money everyday. There is nothing better then just following this basic and excellent information. I will invite my friends and share with them this great videos. It is simple and easy to follow. The least is to try and you have nothing to lose.

These Videos are great, Thanks for all the information.


Thats great!

Its an incredible place for the beginners and the entrepreneurs who has the thirst of learning, as a kid enter to kindergarten where it learns and gets entertained.
Thank you so much.

I have been looking to get our current business on line with a website again but I wanted to see that this time we got the customers to the site and that they would buy the products. Before the site was there but we didn’t get the people. The company that was handleing didn’t do what they said they where going to do I found out. So when the contract was up with them I said great now we can see about doing this the right way now. And you are realy give alot of good information out here and we are going to be useing to get on the right foot this time.

Dear Curtis:

I was watching your video and you were talking about the way to make money in Internet easily and faster. Sorry but I’m impressed that it exists. I would like to know about anyone that joined your program and got money instantly. If this is so, I would like to join your program. Please, is it possible for you to give me the e-mail of any person or entity that is making money this way so I could contact them?.

Sorry if I offend you but in my country we say ” one has to see it to believe it ”

One last question, does that program work in Colombia?

I’ll be waiting for your response,

Luis Carlos


What I leardned after watching all of your videos is that I want to learn how to become a super-affiliate marketer. I think that if I work dilligently and with proper education and training from you I can achieve this goal. This will enable me to better support my family as well as be able to help these in need in our local community and throughout the world too.

Awesome value here, Curtis. I can’t wait to look back on this day and say “I am an online marketing master because I took the time to focus and take action way back when …” Thanks a million!


Iloved the information is so helpful i need your help ! been to other comcepts but this is all I need. your help.

I’m ready to take action!

your kidding right !!!!! wow …no no no no i must be dreaming C A this this is FANTASTIC WHAT A WONDERFUL SITE
exellently done BRAVO… this has more content then any thing else ive come across of its kind

curtis man you sound like you know what you are talking about. i have been trying to do something to make some money on the net, but all i found was how to make money for them, not me. i don’t normally follow anyone but you are somebody i will follow and let you lead me to financial independance. so teach me i am ready to learn.

That Ipod is a beauitful pad that., neat.

I have been looking at internet opportunities over the past several years and this is by far the best I have seen.You do not complicate things like others you make it simple so anyone even I can understand. Good job.

I have been looking at internet opportunities over the past several years and this is by far the best I have seen.You do not complicate things like others you make it simple so anyone even I can understand. Good job…………………..

These videos are great. They are excellent for beginners like myself. Thank you.

These video allow me to understand the whole picture in the business online using internet. Thanks to the IIA . These saves a lot of time and money after so many entries I made and I did not make money out of it. Now is my time to earn!
More power

I agree that people need to learn more about how the power of the internet will help them to make money.

It is very informative and will be help ful to set business online. Thank you very muchgor producing vonderful videos

This videos are great especially for the beginners….it explains fully the basic.Theres so much courses being sold and no one explained the business models for the interenet. Now we have our choices which direction to pursue.
Very helpful….keep up the good work.

I just can’t believe that my pray has been answer with an Academy where I can learn not just how to do marketing well, but to gain from those who have found that “fountain of youth” experience to be the best. I went through the training, but I am going to utilize these training sites continueously to gain insight on becoming the best in my future business–because it is true, we are learning so much more than what is digital but also the vast majority of ways to succeed. Thanks, Curtis, you are the man!!!!!

Very solid and good info.
Thank you

Still working through the videos which are terrific and agree that digital products are the way to go! Physical products are costly and time consuming and anything that relies on you doing something is limited by the hours of the day!

I’m definitely curious to see where this is all leading…. that is, how you will be monetising this community you are creating. Your method is an education in itself!!

I had to step back, look into the mirror, and pinch myself! This is REAL! A DREAM COME TRUE! For once, NO HYPE!
This is an academy for a regular person like me!

I’m earning a modest income from Google Adsense but I know I should be earning more than I am. I’m hoping your academy will show me the way. The videos I’ve watched so far seem to offer the kind of info I need. Thank you Curtis.


i have been practicing a internet marketing for a past few days.but your way of presenting the show is so well arranged and i feel i can make out of some few bucks.please elaborate more and more stories or videos so that we people who wanted to follow your footpath can earn a few money and can support our parents and of course stand in our own leg.

Thank you for receiving your mail. Noted the flash back item. Not in a position to deposit any amount with you. I am ready to make agreement with you to kindly deduct the amount from my source of income through you. Awaiting your favourable reply in this regard. Thank you BS Raman Pillai.

It’s good that you take nothing for granted and not assume that most people are not new to internet marketing. Your explanations were simple and easy to understand. I can imagine the wealth of information upon joining, if you’re willing to part with these simple but important data for free, which most internet maketers are selling. Looking forward to being on the inside.

Excellent videos. I now know how to use the wrap around feature on my notepad. I know it’s a small and silly thing, but it’s something I didn’t know. I also learned about how to search for the things that people are wanting right now as well as the sites that provide the info. Thanks again, great stuff!

it is so cool, i really want to jion in it, i really want to be finical independent

Hey Curtis.
Your free videos are so far better than all the stuff I have paid thousands for from the so called GURUS
over the past four years. Therefore the full on training in IIA must be outstanding , Can’t wait to get started


I think its great

Thanks Curtis,

I’ve been looking at a lot of systems and yours seems to be the most complete program I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to looking over your shoulder and begin my own affiliate marketing business.

It looks like you have thought of everything, I don’t have to have separate memberships to get all the pieces of the puzzle.

G – Goals
O – Opportunity

F – Focus
A – Action
R – Results


This video describes the search engine experience for marketer who can use the opportunity precisely.

Thanks for these simple yet so powerful courses,with this trend my struggles for making money online will soon be over,thanks once more

Hi Curtis… This video series is absolutely awesome. I have not seen
anything as in depth and simply explained by any other marketer/coach
out there on the Internet. The information is invaluable to both the
“newbie” and to an experienced marketer. And it is FREE – unbelievable.

Congratulations… I am looking forward to Day 3 with excited expectations.

Curtis you represent a breath of fresh air… a true entrepreneur that clearly
has a focus of providing inspirational leadership to assist his fellowman with
excellent video presentations associated with invaluable information.

Hi I would like to thank You o lot , I’d never meet someone who can actually show me the way step by step how I can earn not spend a money.This few videos gave me a chance that I can find myself in this internet mess.I didnt even know that I have so many ways of earning money,all this programs that I was buying showed me only one way but still not complete way of making money.I never believed that I can earn something very fast, coz every job needs time and good support to get score but I am sure that with IIA this will be easier to achieve. Thanks and I am waiting for more.


Way cool. Many more will be able to say “I stuck it to the man” with this!

Keep it up.


my english is bad:)this is joub its a very good so make my hapy

thanks andrew, you made my daytoday, for my self is very hard me to understand any body, but when iwatched youare both video it was very clear! thanks iwill start the bussines as soon as posible.

Hey Curtis.. You seem dynamic and have the passion to do what it takes make money online.. I must say, what you are saying is nothing new .. I have heard all of this before and have been trying to make money online for over 10 years with no success.. I constantly buy into these plans only to find out I have wasted so much money and time.. I am very persistent and stubborn whenever I try these new programs.. My point is I have the drive and passion to do whatever it takes to make money.. As I said, I have been trying for over 10 years and I have yet to give up. As for your program, I guess I will stick it out until the end. Hopefully, your program doesn’t end up like the others..

Thanks for listening to my concerns…

Very good this to system insider as awesome to blame,fierce,furious for to weapon.Thanks in my to refers training,coaching and opportunity to that watch video like you this share experience.

This is talk about you powerful in to force,ability as you have to lot of large magical wealthy title in your mind.

Finally someone with the total package. A true game changing game plan. IM can change on a dime as you mentioned with Google resetting the algorithms and marketers were literally OB overnight. You provide a resource that can provide the on going education and training to stay ahead of the trends.
My days of buying from the Guru’s and being dissappointed are over.
Knowledge is power and IIA provides the tools and a clear path to a lifelong degree in IM.

Gives me a very good ideas, methods and processes to help in my market research for internet income.
Very good presentation.
I have learned more here than anywhere else concerning the internet.

Hi Curtis, are you sure you covered everything?

Well I can answer that for you – and that’s a big Yes.
If anyone asks – “Well what ways can I make money online?” and I’d have to answer – “Watch these videos. There are 5 main models you can choose from…”

I think you hit the nail on the head in Video 5 where you say that to effectively use any of these methods that you need to have Marketing Knowledge. Which can be learned in IIA!

Your Videos are very informative as you just tell it as it is. Especially your descriptions of what you need in ways of the skills and tools you need and the Pros and Cons of each method. These are sure to help someone decide which one they need to pursue to make an income online.

this info would of been handy to have when i started ,it tells you everthing , it would of saved me 6 mounths of hard work at least……………..keep up the good work………this info will make it easy to get it right this time…………thanks trevor

For first time I see something that helps me to understund what is internet and possibility to make money on line . I am very pleased and I hope on the end I will make some money. Thanks.

Hi Curtis,

Melford & Concetta told me about you.

Yes, I have been trying to make some dosh over a long time!
I filled-in part of your system today…however, my credit card is back-firing! I tried it with another
site and again the card was cancelled.

I don’t know why this has happened….my account is quite okay. I don’t know what to suggest now…
I live in Ireland…so to suggest sending you the dollar by post sounds ridiculous!! I will have to get back
to my server and find out why they are blocking my credit card.

When I get this sorted…I will get back to you and “sign-up” – or what ever system you have.
Best wishes in the meantime,


I have paid as much as $150.00 a month for Dot Bomb Videos that were from a guy who loved to hear himself talk. They were (each) ten times as long as this video and had none of the Impacting power this one has. This is exactly what is needed.

Thanks Curtis,

Dear Curtis ….let me just start by saying thankyou thankyou …..becuse of you and INTERNET INCOME ACADEMY i now know that I can make money on-line , I now know I have a chance just like any internet guru to make money on line.
Most of ll I thankyou for being realistic and honest and teaching me that becoming a multi million dollar earner on the internet does NOT ALWAYS happen overnight and also that is does not happen from only a few hours of work but from continued work and focus on what you are aiming for.
I have also learnt from you how to look at the big picture in making an internet income and knowing what my strategy is or is going to be.
Because I know I will have Internet Income Academy by my side I am certain that with all your realistic advice and explanations of every single area of working for income through the internet that showing me which ways work the best for me …..
i think today is one of the luckiest days of my life …….i have wasted so much money trying all kinds of ventures on line i had stopped believing it was possible to make money online …i am reborn today and thats thnks to you CURTIS

hallo my name is luis mota I from the nederlands antillens.
Curtis, I am learning so much from you. I have been trying to make money online for several years now, but I had never been able to put it all together. Just these videos from yesterday and today have helped put things in such better perspective. You are a great teacher and I am glad that I opened this email today!

Hey, I couldn’t open and watch any of the vidoes or lessons I would really love to know how to make money online. Please email me again on hotmail and maybe we can find out what the problem for the vidoes were. I am really intrested and I want to know more and I would love to know how to make money online.

Best Wishes, Kristen

Hi, I appreciate you are doing for the rest of us people who are out there looking for opportunities to make money … And since last year so I could barely English, but learned pretty right now … The video was easy to understand and very interesting … I look forward to learning more from you.

I appreciate all you guys do for us in order to help us succeed, i am a beginner an looking forward to working knowing you will be with me all the way, it puts me at ease, two hours ago i had no idea what i am getting in to, now i can not wait to start a succesful company and change my life….thank you guys

I had an online store and learned the hard way how not to make it work. I have always dreamed of multiple streams of income where once its setup the return keeps coming. The internet is that opportunity and the information you offered here are the tools to make it happen. For me the important lesson is to FOCUS. To find that niche of interest and expound on it. Freelance, digital products and services have been areas I enjoy the most and seeing them listed as business models points me in the right direction to create a goal that for once is achievable.

Thank you.

These are some of the best videos I’ve seen but the content, well it’s even better!
Troy Milligan
The Tradeshow Magician

I would just like to Thank you and let you know, WOW! These videos were really great. I have never learned as much as I did tonight. It was really nice to learn about all the aspects on either running your own business to being an affiliate, too Selling your own product, or doing your own Advertising, to writing your own e-book to Marketing it. I thought your videos were very informative, and very useful and interesting. And the best part of this, was it was FREE to watch. Thank you again for showing them.

Yours Truly,

June M. Picard
Quebec, Canada

this is the best market research i ever seen. it’s true. not like the others that always says promises & later on it will be broken. gosh! can you imagine that? promises are broken. but this site it’s so amazing and true to what they’ve really said. & they are all right. so don’t take a second thought regarding this site because it was the best take it from me. :)

I apericiate it.Thanks and best regard

Thank you very much for the information you are giving. The vedios I listen to, gave me an overall picture on the business world in the internet. I needed that. Thanks and hope to win the ipad, I need that too.

Curtis. you rock!!! I`m a beginner on the internet business, I`ve learned a lot only watching those videos, no gimmicks..straight to the point..I like that!!! see you at IIA.

Hi Curtis, Clap, clap, applaud……You have such an awesome product. I appreciate all the information that was so easy to comprehend, and found genuinely helpful. Your website and video presentations are very professional and user friendly. I have been on line for a long time looking for a mentor that really wants to simplify and give solid and productive information, and WOW! actually build a relaltionship. (What a novel idea) I am looking forward to finally being able to understand the enigma of making money on-line so I can finally get established. Thank you for all your hard work, and the many hours you have put into this product. Looking forward to our future in IIA together.

Internet – Income – Academy could easily stand for…………Individual – Insightful – Application…..

Very informative.

I would like to learn more but I have to go to sleep!


Hi Curtis,

I would just like to Thank you for being able to show me the steps that I have to take to be Better on the Inter-net. It a really eye-opener. This videos are very easy to understand. I look forward to the others ones. Because I’m really learning a lot from them. Thank you again.

I love your video # 2 is very good, THANK YOU…..

Great series. Lots of information and useful too. Having failed already with an on-line business I’ve gotten over the hardest part. Fear of failure. Now, with the knowledge gained from these and future lessons I am prepared and confident I will be successful. Learning to be focused is foremost. If you don’t set a goal, write it down, and build a plan that you’ll follow, all you’ll be doing is wasting time. (and money) The five business models are very helpful in determining what best suites you and with that ability, to choose a better fit model, the rest will be easier and more rewarding.
Thanks for the information.

This is the most impressive training opportunity I have ever seen and I have scoured the universe for good orientation to learn how to effectively be an online marketer.

Thanks Curtis for your genuine demeanor and fantastic site

there is a lot of really good advice. One thing is learning computer lingo.you say alot of things that i dont understand but I will learn.thank you@keep it coming.

WOW! I have been looking at this business for some time now, trying to understand and make sense of how to go about doing this intelligently to be successful, and you find soooo many ideas, views, the best way, the “easiest way”, the simplest way, etc., and all I get is confused. I have never really heard about you before, but what you say and teach really organizes my mind so that I can follow you and really understand what you teach. I even feel smarter now about this business. I plan to join the academy. Thank you.

very good videos. thanks for this online course. i really learned excellent strategies to help start my own internet business.

I just don’t have the time today to watch all the videos’ but after reading others comment, I’m very impressed. will log on later to watch the videos. Hope I can participate.

Hullo Wilton Rodger here. Have to do some interaction with Paypal-to get $1.00 to you.

Bill McRae was chatting with McAndrew and urges me to become completely involved.Since
Bill is my lead mentor,I must follow his instructions-

Pay=Pal are closed for the night. I am hoping to get the $1.00US to you electronically tomorrow
morning. Otherwise I will Fed ex it to you/Either way will post you when means of dispatch is done.
Thanks so much. When Bill says do it!-you do it!..have a great venng and morning,
catch you tomorrow.

Wilton Rodger
New Zealand

So much value in these videos,its well strucrured and i can feel the learning experience from your academy
well done&thank you

I have to be honest, I didn’t finish the entire video… because I needed to take action! Keeping focused on internet marketing is hard, especially working full time. But I need to leave my excuses at the door… and chuck the TV in the trash.

This looks very interesting. I will look forward to all of your lessons.

Amazingly informative videos…easy to understand, well formatted and what I learned exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much for a glimpse into Internet Income Academy.com. This is a great service that I would highly recommend for marketers of all levels.

The whole staff you have said is interesting. I always want to start online business. But i do not know from where to start. I do not have a website or the knowledge to do this. would you please tell the first thing i should do to start my internet business?




this video open my eyes now after several years work online, is lot good advices and usefull , am keep learnin thanks a lot

I learn so much today that I need to take time to rest and think about this. I am excited to be a part of this. I know what I want to do now. Your system is the best that I have come across. Believe me I have been in a lot of them but not learned as much as I have from you in this short time. You are willing to lay it all out and let us see what it is about. Thank you for making it easy to listen too. I am anxious for the next lesson.

I have a site, but it is a cookie cutter site (everyone else has the same however I did add a new picture) and I want to build a website that is more interesting.

I am very pleased to be among the members of your progtamme. beaicoup thank you

je suis tres heureux d’etre parmis les membres de votre progtamme .merci beaicoup

I am very pleased to be among the members of your program. beaicoup thank you
je suis tres heureux d’etre parmis les membres de votre programme .merci beaicoup

c’est un excellent systeme pour s’enrichir à partir de l’internet et au aussi un moyen trés efficace pour que les individus realisent leurs souhaits dans les brefs delais.

it’s an excellent system to get rich from the internet and also a very effective means for individuals to realize their wishes in early

is the application of: LOVE EVERYONE AND HELP EVERYONE


Well worth the time and attention required ….

A lot of great content and thought provoking material. Thanks

Hi Curtis,
Great info on Day 2:
Updated URL’s …
Video #7: FROOGLE Name Change … “Google Product Search” http://www.google.com/products

KELKOO USA : http://kelkoo.com/
UK: http://www.kelkoo.co.uk

NEXT TAG OK : http://www.nexttag.com/

Looking forward to Day 3.
Thanks for all the work you have done to make a fantastic comprehensive educational system,
as I was born in 1932 when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened, I have seen a zillion of changes in our world,
and now with the internet changing at a exponential rate , I am trying to keep up eCommerce, etc.

I have spend alot of money online trying to start my own online business. So I’m tired spend my money to get start so I can make a income.

Wow these are excellent videos….there was a day when I paid a large sum of money for a presentation for this information.

I have learned lots..most important I feel would be to take immediate focused action.

Lets do it!





You have pointed out what I never heard from all those program shills; of course I do not know all the details and the fine print (for lack of a better term). The hype slingers take it for granted people like me know a whole lot more about this business than I actually do. They give me the ‘Table of Contents’ and presume I know where and how to fill up the pages.

I need to make it to across the finish line just once. I have failed so many times I haven’t dared set any monetary goals yet, but now I know that finish is just a little ways down the road.

Thank you,


I learn t the basis of all businesses from your video’s today, whether it’s a product or service we are selling.
You have so far highlighted the key aspects of building the foundations of an online business, outlined the pro’s and con’s of the 5 business modules and given insight to the potential power of marketing and networking online.

I am excited and look forward to learning and earning a solid income.

I have watched the lesson 1, and I would like to express my grateful for this very wonderful video, which learn me how to build good business strategy through internet. Now i think i will be more qualified to do more business and income through internet.
Good luck for all interested people in that kind of business.

cant wait to watch the second video

Actually it was too much for me, partly because I am struggling with my English – not native
and not of everyday use.
I have some note, though: when you spoke about payment agent I remember that I (as a buyer) strongly
restrain from exposing my credit card to any system except Clickbank and PayPal (with these I relatively
assured). Even when the product is attractive in the other senses I usually decide not to buy it
if I have to pay with unknown (to me) system. Maybe it is my personal fobia but I’ve heard to many
identity theft stories, and maybe there are some another half million cowards like me.
Anyway thank you, great info!

Wow! I’m amazed on the amount of material the Market Search course cover. More courses with this kins quality is definitely what we need!

I just want to say thanks for sharing these videos with me and also I want to say that watching these videos were really useful for me. I am looking forward to see the next videos

So far, this course has left me a bit dumbfounded. I think it has already changed my life. The integrity, breadth and depth of the content has sparked an ambition and motivation in me I didn’t know was there. I already feel utterly focussed on what I ned to do to achieve great success. I take my hat off to you, and thank you!

I think i have learned something already at this early going by unsubscribing to those newsletters sent by those so-called gurus to my inbox who only keeps me sending links to some programs they say i need to purchase to be able to have a decent income on making money thru internet. As what you’ve taught, one should have a focus in order to get going on this industry, get rid of those other information overload and just concentrate more on iia.

i am dieng for this opportunity

Greetings Curtis~

The second day of really well thought out teaching on your part. And for me to hear you say that affiliate marketing is where you would advise someone new to the internet beginning, is perfect because that’s where I’ve wanted to be ever since deciding the internet is where I wanted to build a business. Just one more check mark that I am at the right place at the right time.


really good videos.

so how can i get access to my money

thats great i will try something of that

IIA is great!!! These fire up my imagination! Thanks, though i am late.

great and reasonable!!! just patiently giving and receiving! having costumer and a product.

hey.realy good sujests…

i loved the video it is amazing and inspiring,able to unlock one’s potential both physically and economically..


Hi Jasmine – yes, I have truly found that we are our own worst enemy – making things more complicated than they need to be. I do an over the shoulder training inside the members area of IIA and I already got a sale on my website just with basic stuff. I am glad to see you here and I hope that I can help you reach your goals. Cheers!

my comment for eey day is the same ebok websites are a thing of the past! you ned real products that you can make a profit on not thes wolesale (so-called tha only take their prices down a few bucks and call it wholesale. eboks are outdated and fulll of nothing worth anyone spending their money on. i’ve been burnt bad by both!

Hi Curtis,
Watching the videos are addictive – Just like a book you do not want to put down.

In relation to the online business models, I have learned that you have many options but it is imperative to make a
start with one business model and go from there – albeit take action.

The Market Research Videos also highlighted many options of gathering information on any niche I am interested in.
I was previously not aware of Ebay Pulse & Hot Items. Viewing the page source of pages that rank is a bit sneaky but why reinvent the wheel right? In fact it aligns with my goal of working smarter, not harder.

Thanks again for your generosity.


I wish i had learned this stuff when i first started.

Great info! Thanks a lot for the guidance.

I am not leaving a comment because I want to win an I-Pod but, rather, I need to do for you what you have consistently done for me. I have been at the top of my game in the business world, but this internet endeavor has caused me great anxiety and many hours of work. I am on my third go around of your Affiliate Blueprint series and could have easily just given up after making several mistakes and starting over. You, however, gave me support, support, and encouragement. Do you really think the other “gurus” out there would bother with the kind of support you provide? I am getting far more from you than I am paying for, and you need to know how much your members need an appreciate you. Now, here you are providing marketing schematics to continue to help members become successful. I look forward to the day when I have my site up and running promoting IIA and then start with other niches. I don’t know exactly where your watershed is, but I hope you don’t reach it while I am still an active member. Thank you for the great job you continue to do, and I will strive to become a successful member.

This really one of the rare websites I have ever encountered since I started to search for a way for getting into online business. I have certainly been honoured to garner considerable experience in how to go into this extremely lucrative business. Many thanks for you guys for this free, generous service. Now I know that I can easily take a decisive decision to start my business, focusing on the most lucrative market. With Best Regards, Agoyom

After floundering around on the internet for over three years, I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found Curtis and Internet Marketing Academy. I can only be grateful that I stumbled upon this valuable – and easy to understand – info rather than wasting my time bemoaning all my previously wasted efforts.

FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on selling physical and digital products in my chosen (market researched) niche.

Thank you, Curtis!

het curtis, these videos are awesome, please e-mail me as to where i can pick up my i-pad!1 thank’s and GOD bless sincerely BOB SCHREINER

I’m late for the raffle but I know that the knowledge gained will be useful for me in my online business. I have an online store which I built by myself (I am an IT enthusiast) but my sales is erratic… sometimes good, sometimes none. I now understand why.. that some of my practices are right but most are wrong. I can see that I need to implement changes in my current methods.

Thanks for these great videos. Very practical. I hope the next ones will prove helpful as well.

well the most effective where to do is to uncover gold opportuniites every now in the hidden varoius markets .
so that segements of your markets for the funds are diferent evertime that you seek varoius investment .

The varoius markets will keep giving you now opporunities that responds to your needs everynow .

markets are divce and they give people diferent returns at diferent time so that the income flows assist you to plan you next investment since you have seen the income stream .

it is only the less serious markets researchers who get less returns , since doing market research give you the opporunity to be an informed online marketer

The segment of each market can only be learned by doing more research on each , since that is how you learn each markets risk martix that enable you to alot your investment ratio accordinly

I can only be grateful that I stumbled upon this valuable – and easy to understand – info rather than wasting my time bemoaning all my previously wasted efforts. I WILL FOCUS ON IT through so that l do benfit on it through out .

thanks, its good information

I’ve been paying for courses for over a year now and this is more concise and usable. I’m lovin’ it!!

hi curtis ,

awesom videos , yes i have learned how can i browse and search the infos of the product that im going to sell or resell ,

and different search engine , and affiliation plateform .

but i need some exemples and some explications about “” clickbank ” how can i choose the best product that have few competition ok ,

please Don’ forget ” commission Junction ” ;)

thank you alot curtis these videos give me the key to go ahead , see you next time

and for the second thank you alot ;)

Well, it’s almost 2am. I have finished today’s lessons and fell very enlightened. I am really enjoying this course.

Not only can I see light at the end of the tunnel, but I can see a whole gleaming new world.

I look forward to tomorrow’s lesson.


I’ve only watch the first 4 videos so far but il say this i have 7 pages worth of notes already.

Some of the major things that i have learned is what business model I’m going to start off with and how to be successful in it.

Looking forward to tomorrows lesson plan, cheers to creating a better life for myself and all your other students.

Thank you

Matthew H.

Am feeling better all the time about this course.

Hi! Thank you for your video. I liked video about business’s models very much. Now I really know what to do. And I desided to take your advise and to start from affiliate marketing. Waiting for your next lessons. See ya.

Thank you ! thank you! thank you!!!

Learned about the business models. Look forward to affiate marketing!

Hi Curtis

Thanks for the videos..
It’s really amazing and giving a great knowledge..

Hello Curtis,
finally someone is providing the training I have been searching for. I always knew I could make an income online but have never, untill now, found the right platform.
Here with IIA I have found what I have spent months (actually years) scouring the net for.
Thank you so much and please allow me to buy you dinner once I’m making a profit.

Beat regards


Curtis! you are the best ever!!! Can’t be better!!! Go on and good luck. Thanks.

The videos are mostly usefull for the beginners on the online. And videos are telling the safe and security ways.
so the people can earn more money on the online.

Thanks for all the step by step videos, I have learned alot from them.

awesome videos n tips curtis

Thanks Curtis ,I really enjoyed the videos,as they certainly concentrate the mind.

“WOW the funnel you have set up here is amazing, anybody who is even remotely interested in internet marketing will sign up for this. I have two websites ready to market. NO EXCUSES now – this is fantastic, I am proud to be a part of this and will be promoting it like crazy. Thanks a lot for hooking me up.”

can a 19 yrs old student can do this? i m so excited to do this

Yes of course – any age really and 19 is a great age for this!

I Hate it how i’m all late, and wasted my time surfing through the internet looking for ways to make money on the internet. Then I find your blog and i miss all the good Stuff. But now i learned ALOT of things from you. Like laser focus. Thanks…i wish i really did have money..I can hardly pay my bill…I’m getting laid off at work..This is just terrible and embarrassing.



Yes, i can see value in this course. I Like your 5 income streams you described in the videos
and LASER focus explanation why people lose their way on ITmarketing journey

how do you feel about Internet marketer with some experience joining you, would that be OK ?


@marc – Thanks!

@Davor – Of course my friend, we have many members that have experience. ;)

keep it up .. ty four your help

I personally enjoyed listening to the pros and cons of marketing technique. It gives the entrepreneur a realistic view of what to expect. Thanks so much for this service. It is an incredible way to help others who are wanting to actually make a comfortable living.

Hi There!
You Have Given Me Lot’s Of Advice!
I Am A Nepali Guy Who Would LIke To Make Money!
Hope More Things Are Agead!

Hi Andrew,

The lessons was fantastic, and feel that learning online is better than go and stay classroom. By this video am rooted for doing my MSc online distance learning.



I am really impressed.

The Business Modules is a concise overview of Internet Marketing. The IM industry is divided into 5 sectors, and the essence of each is presented in such plain language that anybody can understand.

The Market Research course has really opened my eyes. Even though I have already followed a few courses, I think I knew less than half of what is presented. Some of the materials might be a bit dated, e.g., Google’s keyword Tool, ClickBank, but it does not affect the whole research methodical approach.

I have been ‘trying’ to learn/do internet marketing for about a year, but so far the result is very poor.

I find everything is so confusing. I know the importance of ‘focus’ in order to suceed. However, because one does not know if the knowledge (course materials) in hand is reliable (there are so many gurus and experts giving conflicting advices), doubts sink in as soon as problems encountered, and so the natural reaction is to ‘jump’ to another course that seems ‘better’ or ‘promises more’.

I’m sure all newbies have this problems and wasted lots of money. I really hope there is an industrial standard about IM courses.

I learned about freelancing, which is my business model since I already have good services to offer.

fantastic,it’s great idea..thanks for that

Thanks for offering free videos for those pepole who want to make instant money online:)After watch your videos,I think the most important thing is to focus and don’t give it up easily.My major course is Business English,however I don’t think it can provide some very useful information on how to start my own business.Although I don’t know whether
I can make achievement on business or not,yet I think it’s also an oppertunity to learn more about business.I regard it as my course,and I can get more knowledge about business.I am expecting to the other videos and I can learn more.Making instant money requires those peole who are capable and never give up,it’s also a great task for people to make great efforts on concentrating on.I am a 19 year old student from Shanghai,and my goal is to learn more about business.If I can do that well,I think I will be good.If I can’t do that,I can also get more knowledge about bussiness.Anyway,whether I can do that or not,I will still keep postive thinking and find another ways to make life and to be independent.Thanks for your videos:)

truly like this it sounds too good to be true i realy truly like to do this hope i win that ipad price never had one befor thanks

There are many ways to make money online.
But there is only 1 thing you need to do if u want to see money flowing into your pocket.
That is to become a specialist in the field which you have passion in.

Stay focus. Keep faith. and Take action.

Wow, I must say I’m really surprised by the quality of content here. I know I missed the chance to win the raffle but I feel the need to comment anyways. In this section alone I learned new tips and tricks that I could use to improve my seo and blog related business by using the various tools they show in the marketing research videos, but also got a crash course in business models and how to run each one.


This series of videos was absolutely outstanding! My wife is CEO of an internet company that offers graduate courses for K-12 teachers, and she is also a “big picture” thinker. Since I don’t tend to be your presentation was most helpful. I’d like to see some web sites of top people in each of the five areas that you mentioned.
Keep up the good work!

Grate, from now on I will know how to start making money, without letting me fouled by others people selling their products and convince me to buy they product because it’s new and it will generate lots and lots off cash. This videos are the best:)

Cool lessons, have really gained a lot from them, and I look forward to the lesson of Day 3.

hello, thank you

i have learned today that we need customers and products to make money.

You have put together an amazing package of how to build a blog business.
I appreciated all your efforts and time.
Thank you my friend. Curtis!
(p.s. and it is amazing you have thought to put together the comment box at the end of your email)

WOW!!! Who knew so much information could teach an indivdual! Are you guys going to hand out diplomas? After the information I learned all I have to say is WOW! Where do I sign up for the next IIA videos? Please continue to teach me, Curtis and finally, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

I like all your lessons because they may me learn a lot about how to make money. it’s good that you provided search lessons for people like us. i am very much grateful for your lessons, they are very educative. in fact today i have learnt to promote my products.

I have learnt how to make a decision and how to promote my products. thank you very much for your lessons

Hi Just gone through the first seven lessons and learned quite a bit more than I did before. I have been trying to make money online for sometime and have a few things going on and trying. But it is the understanding of some of the stuff is so complicated to figure out and not much out their to help and show you what to do. And I have Amazon account and Google account also have Clickbank to. I think these videos will help me finally get some where and get some kind of money coming in for me. I really hope this helps me as I am at my wits end on this. But this is some interesting stuff. I still have the other videos to go but I will continue tomorrow. Thanks Tani

Really awesome :)

i am looking to learn something useful to start my own business online…….
keep it up cur…


I am homeless in Key West, Florida. I have over 40 Twitter accounts with over 50,000 followers between all of them. I have tried affiliate marketing through Clickbank and have yet to sell ONE thing!! But I feel that IIA can and will help me in the future to help me get past my hurdle. It seems genuine and honest so far. I must admit I am waiting for the sales pitch after dealing with other websites. I hope that is not the case, I feel good about learning here and am going to look into your affiliate program. Thanks.

Hi Curtis, the videos were awesome! I learned so much already! Thanks again.

According to my analysis, billions of persons all over the world get the loans at different banks. Thus, there’s good chances to receive a short term loan in every country.

i must say.. this website is awesome.. the helper is indeeed soooo helpful.. i would never leave this website..i would die but i wont unsusbscribe this website..
and for the apple ipad..! wow..! u rock guys.. this website is really good.. i gonna promote this on facebook..!

will you be selecting two winners? or more? cant wait really excited..
well i only earn cents.. nothing else so i have left my job..

hello curtis andrew..! thanks for sending me the link ..i am glad i made my account..!
well.. i learned alot that we should be focused.. and all that..
its so interesting.. instead of using facebook i switch onto IIA and then i am learning how to make money..!
thanks for this interesting information..
i will be looking forward for you to choose me for the ipad.. because i am young.. i am a teenager less than 16 so.. i love to do my own job and earn money via home working..i also love to get cool gadgets..~
regards.. and love your website :)

These Videos are amazing!

I have learnt that success starts with a single small business. Is like a long journey starts with a single step! If the business is good handed, will lead to a big business.


The videos are very informative and give better understanding of the different money making models.

Also it gives me answer to why I am getting overwhelmed. Looking forward to tomorrows lesson plan,

cheers to creating a better life for myself and all your other students.

Thanks for the information.

best regards

I am trying to do affiliate marketing now, and wait for your specific video about affiliate marketing . Thanks for sharing.

hi curtis good video

Great informational and inspiring work from IIA and Curtis Andrew. For last two 3 months i am searching for a reasonable job in the market but couldn’t found any call from any. Now i inspired from John chow and Internet Income academy, Great work done by both guys. The best thing about Andrew his way of teaching to minimize the tension and frustration level of his readers thanks Andrew

Good stuff!! decide how you are going to promote what you are going to promote based on extensive market research

Curtis Andrew. I have enjoyed the information. What i’ve learned so far are 5 ways a person can make money.
From selling products, selling digital products, selling service, selling through a website of your own. Im just starting out on the internet finding some work to do. So far i’ve done some surveys, get paid email, watch videos, and looking for other opportunitys to find. As you mention finding my notch in making money and making it last long. Keep the information and videos coming, i’m listening. And by not jumping from one program to another make sense to me.

Really am loving the information man, thanx. cant wait for you next e-mail.

oh and for the ipad i would hope you would consider me because my wife would absolutely love it.

These ideas are very straight forward and simple. I admire how easily you laid out the blueprint to financial freedom. Thanks for the videos… keep’em coming!!

Hello Cutris,
this is the best video i have ever seen on the internet. Thank you for giving us advice your great man.

werry cool dezine.good for using. pocket size

This is well done. I’m excited to keep going.
Thank You

hi Andrew,first of all,thank you for all this useful information.
I own a T-shirt printing shop in the Philippines what is my main target of getting some income,besides that i have a lot of spare time witch i wanna fill in with some online business.
I am listening confident to all what you are saying,trying to get all the right information straight up into my mind.
How could you get all this information so quickly absorbed in the tiny mind we humans have?
As you know(i think you do) here in the Philippines making enough money to support your own family and help others is very hard.
That is why i am trying to learn this internet business,to help my family and others like charity homes.
I wanna thank you for all the trouble you make to learn us this useful information.

most regards
Augustinus Tel

dear curtis listening to this has really opened my eyes ,I have been involved in some of these businesses in the past,that have asked me to do things without really explaining how or why.Now things are so much clearer.I know this time i will really make money onlin and know what i’m doing. Thank you so much

Fantastic. hope to see more.

thanx you

i like what you do

Thanks for all the great information! I will continue to look forward to your emails and education information. Thanks for the help in bringing my business perspective into “laser focus”.

i learned a lot today can’t wait to learn about affiliate marketing.

UNFREACKING Believeable!
Super-useful videos. I’m learning a bunch from you!
You r one of the best I’ve seen

Hi Curtis,
Nice videos..good teaching and above all,you have proof..!! I have paid more than $1000 i guess just to get information that you convey… Downloading that e book and this e book etc.. But nothing had what i wanted except taking my money..
Got to say this man,Classy vids and i hope you will continue helping people like us make an income online..
God bless u

hi Curtis…you’re really a blessing to others by sharing your knowledge to us. I have learned many strategies on how to make money and for me to be able to have the financial freedom that I wanted. I really do have huge plans ahead of me and it’s good to know that you are there to guide us in venturing into business that will succeed esp thru online business. Keep it up. God speed…

Thank-you for doing what u do and helping people on how to make money
Keep doing what u do best keep your head up hi just like I will
Try to succeed
Thaks Rick Marquez


Wowww….. Here is tons of informations . But… i don”t know english suficiently… . Good luck to all from here , and ALL THE BEST.

Ive not seen such an educational material. This is superb. I can start from here.

hi mr.curtis today i was brouwsing looking how can i make money online and i come across your program haven’t had the time to go thru all as yet but from what i see i find its a wonderfull way to make money. am a single mother of two and unemployed and looking for a way to support my kids. I will be honest as ever if i do when this i would sell it to get the money then i would sign up then i would be on the road.

Excellent stuff…i’m glad that you help people like us to get into online buisness..and to make money online…keep the good work!

now fully belive u………..

all the best for ur future………

This is serious business you introduced me to here. Since I have been searching for a way to earn money through Internet marketing I mostly met with scamers or little information which could not get me off the ground.

Thank you for your willingness to share these videos for free. I really would like to get into one of your programs for newbies. Be blessed.

its one of the great ways to earn money


best way to earn money,thanks

I have been online for around 2 and a half years. Initially, started clicking for ptc scams until I got enlightened. I have jumped from one place to another. ptc, traffic exchange, safelist, af, cpa, blogging, etc. But really earned few hundred dollars. I am just 19 and I have been criticized badly by my colleagues, parents and neighbours. Only thing which makes me hang around is the possibility of making money online. Now I have found the missing thing “FOCUS” and I need to focus on a thing which will work for me.

curtis andrew thank you so much,product+customer=cash.good teaching

Hello Curtis,

Fabulous information here. I can’t wait to learn more! I already have an online jewelry business and a service recruiting company. I know how much work they can be so I’ve made up my mind to be an affiliate marketer for now and digital next. I was thinking how great it would be if I could be an affiliate marketer for you and then, YOU SAID I CAN! So, that may just be my next move.

Looking forward to reading more and again, many thanks!

I love these videos, you’re awesome. once again thank you so much for this opportunity. you’re amazing.

I hope that this will bring to my sucsess.

Well thought out and delivered. Extremely comprehensive course. Thanks.

Hey Curtis,

Well Day two was basically an overview of the fivemost popular ways to make money online called “The Five Main Business Models”. Which are:

I.) Sell Physical Products
II.) Sell Digital Products
III.) Sell a Service
IV.) Promote Other Peoples Products/Services (Affiliate Marketing)
V.) Sell Advertising space

Thanks for the lesson,


Hi, Firstly by stating that this takes TIME & WORK you won my respect.There is no majic wand as some want us to believe.The bottom line is if you could earn $1,000,000so easy then they would keep it to themselves & be billionaires! I had an idea for my direction already,but you filed it neatly in my head & confirmed my idea.One freeky bit came when I thought to myself ¨this is like t.v¨.2 seconds later thats what you said! Last but not least happy thanks giving to you all & your families.

Phenomenal content Curtis. If this is what you give away for free, I can only imagine how good the Academy content is … well done.


The videos are preety helpful… Would like to go through the full tutorial. Thanks curtis…

One suggestion please, I felt the videos could be made a lil short, just felt that some points where stressed upon too much. I mean its ok but it was over and over again.

Thank you.

This is from a quintessential newbie who has spent the last year or so flitting like a butterfly from one “can’t miss” opportunitiy of the week to another. The net result has been a depleted bank account and a stiff neck.

What a breath of fresh air your materials have been. I spent my first career in law and I have been searching for some credibility on the Internet in those who whould teach me how starting an intenet business with sound business fundamentals, methods to identify lucrative markets, methodolgies to create and or find goods and/or services to sell into sushc markets and manage and grow the resulting business.

The quality of materials made presensted in these first two days have exceeded my expectations by any measure and I am eagerly looking forward to learning all that you have to teach. So, thanks for everthing so far and keep it coming.

This is a refreshing honest approach that I really appreciate

After months of research online and almost coming to the stage of pulling out my own hair I found that these quick rich schemes and how start your own business are always looking for money, money i don’t have. Why else would you look online on how to make money or start your own business. I also found that the information these sites where giving is complete rubbish and they where always constantly repeat themselves on how successful it is, but believe it are not you still haven’t a clue what your getting yourself into. To find a collection of videos of this high quality for FREE is a Godsend, it makes sense not to charge people who haven’t any money and who are trying to better themselves, all I can say is Thanks.


Nice videos! Just need to make 2012 one of the BEST YEAR EVER online internet marketing-wise! I’m starting from scratch, so please be patient with me. I’m really looking for the step by step process in building an online marketing business, whether affiliate programs or product creation, that will continue to earn money every day!

Hopefully, you’re the one that will help me with this process!

You are constantly giving us what we need to succeed, with teachings that capture our attention and always with something more. However, I must conclude that you exhibit a certain passion for your work, clear and precise and you deliver it “rapturously.” Thanks.

king of the true content of the real guru!

I’m a beginner and this is a big help! Thank you!

Thank you for the valuable information and promoting creative thinking!
This is the best I have found

Thank you for your time and information. I can’t wait to watch more of your videos. It would be great if all of your videos started out like the first one, with fresh information. It seamed like the second video covered most of the first videos ideas and topics.

wooooooooooooooowwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Finally somebody that tells you the truth about how to make money online, Thanks you so much Curtis for this great course you’re my new hero, jackpot baby, I feel like I won the lottery, if all the internet marketing people out there was like you, this world would be a better place, you’re changing people life with this material, you’re the best, keep it coming I can’t wait for the other learning courses.

Thank you so much

I learned the most important lesson in my life.That is having laser type focus.
Thanks Curtis

Very good training! I am currently building Amazon Websites… so found the Amazon video particularly interesting. The Movers and Shakers was a very good tip.


Nice one man… :)

I Feel Very Lucky Today After Watching Your video.Thanks For Creating Such An Idea To Help The People Like Me.I Have Two Small Restaurent In Very Beautiful Tourist Places Goa And Manali In India.This Time I Was In Hospital And Lost One Of My Business.Therefore I Was Looking Online Business Since Two Month.After So Many Days Long Surch So Many Scam I Thought Opt Out Until I Found You As Light In Dark.Now I Think Can Go Further With Your Guidence. Thank you.

thank you so much.It seems I finally have found what I have been looking for several years.I wait for your next lessons.thank you.

its like next one will be an interesting one,i am waiting with excitement what to come next!!!


HI Curtis

My name is Vaughan Testa, I have been looking for ways to make money online for the past 2 years. I have wasted a lot of money on systems that don’t work or that work to a certain extent and that’s it. I came across your system and I have to say that I’m quite impressed. The things you offer and the things you say is what you mean, no BS. You are among the few who deliver and for that I have to say thanks, Because of you I have seen the difference between what I have done and what I must do.

I wish you the best

Kind Regards

Vaughan Testa

Thank you sooooo muh!! you have been such a great help! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

The videos are very informative

Great Course!
I knew all a long my goal was to sell other peoples products. You’ve shown me there are more options than just linking.
Great job!

Excellant finding. Thanks for your superior advices.

Hi Curtis,

I definitely look forward to your videos…Not only are they very informative, but I feel more positive all ready…. Thank You

Hi Curtis..
If your strategy works.. the 1st $700 i will gain i will buy you Apple Ipad

I’m researching on internet marketing to decide if its something I could go into. Iv got a lot of info from the videos and I don’t see the need to keep running around…I think I’ll just stay here…thx for all the efforts

This is like drinking from a fire hydrant. I was very thirsty, but jeepers! It takes some time to view and digest all the information in lesson two. It took me two days to get through it. I don’t want to fall behind. This is better than anything I was taught in college, they waste your time and memory space with information that is unlikely to ever be used. This is the stuff I’ve been thirsting.

@Tamer – Me too!

It’s a great idea: train people into making money and the only thing you should ask in return should be compensation in the event of success. The more successful the more money they should give back (up to a certain point).

P.S. If I were to make 100.000$ in my first year, to a one time 10.000$ reward for Curtis I would never say no.

Great stuff so far, this is day 2 for me. thanks..

Hey Curtis! Am learning so much about what you’re teaching and looking forward to what you have to teach in the next videos. I have learned a very important thing that matched with me, and is the #1 rule you said, to be (Focus). Thank you very much and God bless you :-D .

Hi there,

very interesting videos..so let’s just follow them and see what’s happening…

Very interesting, I really liked the videos especially the first ones.

The videos let me start thinking about other strategies and improve my income. Really inspirational!

These video is really helping me thanks alot….cant wait to see more

Hey Curtis:
I have just completed t he 5+2 videos on day two. I have learned more about affiliate marketing in 22:34 minutes than I have in four years. Thank you and looking forward to the rest of the course. I might even try Squidoo or Hub pages.

To the future

i love this place, Andrew, it is awesome. I also love your videos

Hi Curtis, Wow!!! awesome info. My brain is on fire right now and spinning. I”m going to watch these over again and again. The 5 Business Models being broken down and explained is extremely helpful. Thanks! I really like the one on selling digital products because I’m writing some digital ebook tutorials for games. I also liked the intro video where you talked about Fast Buck vs Entrepreneur. It’s all good and you really know your stuff. I also liked the Private Label segment

This is just the best video tutorial I have ever seen. Mr. Andrew has taught us what is the thing that really works?? He clarifies you about Direct cash, creating a system, diversify his strategy according to the system. I am really thankful to him for showing us the right path and becoming our savior. Thank you Sir. I believe that my days as a straggler has ended now.

Good videos,
I have learned a lot how to do market research.

Hi Curtis!
What a great job my friend.
I’ll definitelly start studing with you.
You are clarifying my thoughts about internet marketing.
I’m a newbie from Brasil and I’ll do my best in order to learn and implement your strategies.

Keep this sincerity and honesty.
We need a person like you.
Thank you!!!

Really great video series. Can’t wait to continue with the IIA course

Wow, amazing video course. Thank you so much for doing all this. After wasting so much time and energy running around and trying to figure out what works, it’s nice to there’s still sincere stuff like this out there.

Please keep it up and thanks again.

Froogle is defenetely something new for me.All the videos are full of new informations for me…so i learned how much i actually have to learn if i really want to make money and build an internet business.This videos are for free wich is pritty amaizing …so i am gratefull for that.I would love to win the Iphone because i always wanted one but i can;t aford it…well i did at a certain point but i had to pay school for my little sister so…mabe i win one now..:)

i think i will try it

i wanna say that this video is a very good medium to understanding the truth of money making..i listen to this and i am filled with hope of a better life.. i rarely think of my financial problems especailly coupled with the fact tha am a self paying student… it a very good video and i wish to receive more of this…curtis, you are doing a great job and you will definitely be rewarded….Can’t wait to continue with the IIA course…..

Great videos sintesized information i already know most of the stuff but i will try out what you recommend.Cant wait for tommorows video.

Hi Mr. Andrew: Thank you very much for the valuable info. Your video is just so wonderful to me. The five strategies are the most helpful thought provoking guidelines for me to put myself together for the next success of my life. For quite sometime in the past few years I have wondered what would be the best for me to do as my own business. Now I got a good help to answer that question. I will visit your web more in the future to come. Thank you again.

Really great information. Being an absolute newbie, this is really eye opening for me and I find it enormously refreshing that I haven’t had to pay a cent for it.
Thank you.

6:30 AM Washington, DC. Burning the midnight oil here. The video courses are golden. I am replaying them to get all the details. I deeply appreciate your guidance. You have put me on the right track and I am forever grateful!!! I anticipate a long term, sustainable relationship with IIA. OK, time to get back to my lessons. Take care & thanks millions $$$.

These are excellent training videos. The speaker is very clear and the material is very well organized. thanks for creating these wonderful videos and willing to share the info.

Mr. Andrew, I am so grateful that I found you on the internet. Your information is priceless. You are identifying the problems that I have been experiencing all along. It is as though you are talking directly to me. I plan to put your steps into practice. Thank you so much. Very well done.

Wow, this is really great! Finally, clear and concise information! Thank you for making it happen. I am finding myself eagerly awaiting each new video series and am amazed at what a wealth of information and inspiration is contained within them. I’ve also found it much easier to focus and understand fully all the aspects of IM you’re covering due to the style of presentation. Great stuff! (focusfocusfocus)


Wow! Iam just short of words because, i just can’t imagine that people are making millions online. The videos, to me is an eye opener towards becoming a millionaire. Infact i have just gotten a clearer picture of online marketing. its a great job so, keep it up. hope to see the next videos

I can’t bring up the videos at all…. what am I missing? I want to listen to them but I can’t.

WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH. Looking for the next lesson!!!!!!!

Just amazing I realy learned a lot.THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!!!!!

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