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  • Google Consolidates Privacy Policy

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in


    thumbnailThe big G has announced that it will consolidate more than 60 privacy policies from all its services into one simpler privacy policy.

    "In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience," wrote Alma Whitten, director of privacy at Google.

    Betsy Masiello, Google’s policy manager, says that the new privacy policy is intended to make "things simpler and we’re trying to be upfront about it.

    Everything seems on the level and having one privacy policy does seem to make it easier for us users while we use Google and their various services.

    However, there has been a response from eight house members in a form of a letter:

    "While Google suggests that the purpose of this shift in policy is to make the consumer experience simpler, we want to make sure it does not make protecting consumer privacy more complicated," stated the letter. "We believe that consumers should have the ability to opt-out of data collection when they are not comfortable with a company’s terms of service and that the ability to exercise that choice should be simple and straightforward."

    So there are members of the House currently making sure that Google is not trying to pull a fast one on us. That’s a good thing. Google must respond to this letter by Feb 16th.

    Massiello had this response regarding opting out:

    "If you are logged in, you can still edit or turn off your Search history, switch Gmail chat to ‘off the record,’ control the way Google tailors ads to your interests, use Incognito mode on Chrome, or use any of the other privacy tools we offer," noted Masiello in her post.

    She also stressed that Google isn’t collecting any more data than it already did.

    In truth, the only way to completely opt-out of Google’s data collection is to not log in and use their services. This is a choice that you will have to make.

    If you have read through the new Privacy Policy you may notice that Google does collect information from you while you use their services. The thing is that they always have done this – its just now they want to use this information across their services interchangeably.

    What does this mean to you?

    Google is taking the information from almost all of its services, including Picasa, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search, and consolidating them so they can know more about what you’re doing. They want to do this so they can start developing more integration between their apps and services. For example, Google will be able to “provide reminders that you’re going to be late for a meeting based on your location, your calendar and an understanding of what traffic is like that day.”

    Basically, they are looking to cater the Google experience to be more personal for each individual. In order to this, they will need to gather and use information from most of their services.

    The bottom line:

    Google has already been gathering this information from you when you use its services. Now they are going to combine that data together to create a more personalized experienced for you.

    As this progresses, and things become more personalized to each individual, it will affect internet marketing and seo on their services like Search and YouTube. However, we have already been moving in that direction. Rather than fight against it, we can go with the flow while we watch and learn how to utilize it to improve our online businesses.

    Of course we will keep you posted if there are any further developments related to this. You can always count on the Internet Income Academy for the latest and greatest information regarding internet marketing, internet business, and making money online. Cheers!

    Google’s new privacy policy goes into effect on March 1st 2012. To view Google’s new privacy policy go here: http://www.google.com/policies

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    I was a bit confused about the privacy policy. I kept getting emails and when I went to check it out, I got even more confused. I was thinking that Google was actually further complicating their privacy policy so thank you for summing it up!

    Hi Lisa – don’t feel bad, there were a lot of people confused by this. Some people simply didn’t want to read through all the jargon (understandable). I’m glad we could clear things up :)

    I wasn’t about to read through that thing so thanks for shedding some light on this. That’s why I love you guys!

    Excellent post. You summed it up nicely.

    Thanks this post it more understandable

    I can only hope that Google’s ability to collect information on their users patterns, will also help in their efforts to separate the bad guys of internet, from the good guys. I have no reason to be concerned about anything they might collect on my use patterns, and if it helps to establish an aura of high ethics and respectability for those who are serious internet marketers, then I look at what Google is doing as helping those efforts.

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