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  • IIA Happenings: Google Plus, Win $500, SOPA…

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in


    Google Plus Tutorial Added
    Google Plus is now an essential part of your social marketing since Google has integrated them in the search results.
    Learn How To Market With The Latest Social Networking Phenomenon Google+ …

    January 2012 Contest – Win $500 (who will win?)
    Only a few days left in this months contest – who will take home the $500 in cold hard greenbacks? click here

    Fiverr.com, Review pages, First page results
    Discussions continue this week inside the IIA Forum with topics ranging from fiverr.com to review pages to first page ranking results. We also have fellow member Dave asking for some help with his new website – check it out and see if you can help him…

    SOPA, PIPA Curbed Due To World Wide Web Strike
    Internet users, tech companies, and non-profits joined together to defend fundamental rights on the internet. To a lot of elites in Congress and the corporate world, the internet is just something that lazy teenagers use to spam people with pictures of photoshopped unicorns. The blackout showed that the peer-to-peer internet is about empowerment, and that when we work together we can defeat the corrupt politics… read more >>>

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