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  • Making Extra Money During The Holidays…

    Posted by Internet Income Academy | Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Learn To Earn


    How Would You Like To Make Some Extra Cash During The Holidays?

    The Holidays are fast approaching. Now is good time to get prepared to make some extra money…

    While most people are spending money during the holidays, what if you could be making some extra money?

    Well you can.

    The holidays can be a great time for Affiliate Marketers to make some extra cash. Sales of certain products skyrocket during this time and if you can position yourself to get in on the action, you will reap the rewards.

    I created this little video for you guys to help you make some extra money during this holiday season. Enjoy!

    Comments posted (12)

    I am very impressed by what you give away each and every time. It is better than courses I have paid good money for. You’ve got my attention! I would love to know more about the academy.

    Woppie I am first comment! Excellent video ym friend. I want to get more of your teachings please

    Thank you very much again Curtis. I enjoy your sincere delivery.

    Good vid.

    Been doing this every xmas for 6 years

    A bit different but same idea

    It works people

    I know affiliates that run their whole business this way


    You make it sound so simple, even a dizzy blonde could make some money doing this !

    Sandra x

    @Jason – Thanks, I am glad it’s helping! I’ll send you some more information on IIA as soon as we’re ready…

    Wow that is a great idea. I always am looking for gift ideas and I can totally see how this would make big bucks. I think I can at least make a couple thousand in the next few weeks before Christmas with this idea. My family will thank you when they all get the gifts they want. Thanks a million for the sincere information. It is nice to see someone in the giving holiday season. It is super generous of you to give this info away for free! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!
    Sarah L.

    A very interesting and useful video on how
    to cash in on the holiday shopping! Thanks for
    the helpful tips that you have so unselfishly

    Thanks for sharing, tis a wonderful idea selling during the holidays. Will do what you say and try selling coffee machines and higher priced items. Hope you have wonderful , fun & meaningful time this holiday season.

    Thanks Curtis… I have been selling riding polo boots through Amazon now for two years and if IIA members have any doubts… I can tell you it works.
    Thanks again mate.

    Absolutely love it. Curtis & Ryan are doing a great job here.
    Keep up the good work.

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