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  • Willpower As A Skill?

    Posted by Curtis | Posted in


    will-powerBreaking news: Willpower is NOT a limited resource – it can be built!

    As another year closes and we move into 2012, many of us are thinking about our goals and resolutions for this next year. Where do we want to go? What do we want to learn? What do we want to accomplish?

    Closing The Gap

    One simple technique I like to use for reaching my goals is called
    “Closing The Gap”. In this process, you take stock of where you are at now and where you want to be. It is a good idea to be specific and write these things down in detail. Once you have an accurate view of where you are and where you want to be, you can work towards closing the gap.

    closing-bridge-puzzleTo actually close the gap, you can map out all the smaller steps that need to be done or simply take the next action that will bring you closer (like joining IIA to get the training you need to start a profitable internet business ;) ). If you just keep taking that next step towards your goal, you will find that eventually you arrive at it.

    Key Ideas:

    1. Take a realistic inventory of where you are at (Point A)

    2. Create a detailed vision of where you want to be (Point B)

    3. Take consistent action steps to close the gap from Point A to Point B

    Sounds pretty simple – so…

    What holds us back from closing the gap?

    3751870419_8c555c6a8eIt’s that dang thing called consistency and the lack of consistency is a thorn in all our sides. Consistency is powerful. Even very small steps over time can yield a large result like how small drops of water can eventually erode rock and metal.

    Real world examples:

    · One of my students reached a number #1 ranking for ALL their main keywords in 6 months just from working on their SEO strategy for 10 minutes per day. (If you don’t know what it means to be ranked number one for all your main keywords – it’s a big deal that equates to more traffic and more money for you).

    · A friend of mine lost 30lbs in a few months by exercising only 20 minutes per day and eating healthier.

    · A colleague of mine wrote his first book in 9 months by only committing to writing one page per day.

    It just goes to show – small steps over time can yield fantastic results!


    If lack of consistency is what holds us back from closing the gap…

    How can we be more consistent?

    Taking consistent action towards our goals really comes down to our willpower.

    According to the dictionary:

     Willpower is the ability to control oneself and determine one’s actions.

    That’s exactly what we need! If we have the willpower to take consistent actions we can close the gap on all our goals!

    weaklingThis sounds fantastic; however, many of us are not up to par in the willpower department. When it comes to taking consistent actions, we get distracted or give up too early. If we just had some more willpower, we probably wouldn’t have these problems…


    So how do we get more willpower?

    You’re in luck. New studies are showing that willpower can be strengthened like a muscle. A strong will power will be a powerful tool in your success arsenal. In fact, with enough will power, you can do almost anything you put your mind to.

    To strengthen your will power, practice doing small things each day that force you to take control of yourself. Examples of this would be keeping your back straight throughout the day, meditating for a few minutes, or drinking 8 glasses of water each day.

    Anything that you can do that forces you to control or discipline yourself will strengthen your will power over time. It will help if you keep it simple at first – like just work on keeping your back straight. Just like you wouldn’t go into the gym and try to bench press 400 lbs after not working out in years – don’t overdo it when starting to strengthen your willpower either.

    imagesMany people make goals and New Years resolutions, but without consistent action and the willpower to carry out those actions, nothing gets done. The exciting part is that it only takes small steps over time to equal big results and the will power needed to get you to actually take those steps can be strengthened over time! So start strengthening your will power today and maybe by this time next year, you can be the Arnold Swarchenegger of will power!


    You can strengthen your will power by doing something each day that forces you to control or discipline yourself. Start with something simple like just keeping your back straight or meditating for a few minutes. Your small efforts will compound on each other and over time your will power will increase exponentially until it becomes easy for you to finish anything you want to do!


    Comments posted (12)

    I love this -thanks for posting it. This is great for the New Year and my resolutions for this year will include strengthening my willpower to be more consistent – and therefore close the gap! Happy Holidays Curtis to you and your family!

    This makes a lot of sense. Thank you for that. Merry xmas to IIA :)

    Whoa, Arnold is look swoll! Can I trade the will power in for his biceps?

    Thanks – Happy Holidays to you as well!

    Haha, nice one James – but how do you think he got those biceps – by using his will power to take consistent actions :p

    I love the Closing The Gap idea! I’m going to use this in 2012 to make it the best year for sure. Thanks Curtis.

    Hey Curtis, how’d you get a picture of me?

    I would like to wish you and family the best fun, jolly, merry Christmas and good health and prosperity in the New Year.
    Do I feel growth is taking place with what I am doing, I truly want to believe so. To set goals,To meditate, I know but closing the gap is a bit new and I appreciate that thought which will take some practice. Thanks again for the kind person you are and for the inspiration you give me. Merry Christmas!

    Hi Curtis, This is very timely reminder that we can all BE the people we aspire to be, and that it IS possible, and that all you have to do is FOLLOW A PROCESS! Happy New Year!

    Hey Curtis, you have EXACTLY nailed my problem. I will also try to increase my will power this year and take the steps needed to reach my goals.
    Festive greetings and a prosperous year to you and all in the IIA community.

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    The real life examples are powerful. I am using article marketing to drive traffic to my site and sometimes I write a lot of articles and some times I find I don’t write for a week or so. But I will commit to writing a few paragraphs a day, I know this seems little, but I will test it out, like the lady who wrote one page a day and finished her book in 9 months.

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